The Deity of War – Chapter 101

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Translator: Johnchen
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Chapter 101: Young Master Qi Ying

On the vast Tian Luo Continent, there were six major kingdoms and nine major tribes. The Yun Xiao Kingdom was situated to the North of the Southern Alps, and to the West of the East Sea. Its territory stretched for a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, and was split up into eighty-one counties. Even a Spirit Martial Stage warrior riding the fastest horse would require a few years to explore the entire kingdom.

At the core of the kingdom was Yun Xiao City, the most prosperous city on the entire continent!

The most powerful warriors could be found there, as well as the Yun Xiao Academy, which was home to the top young prodigies of the kingdom.

It had to be said that the ancestors had left behind a massive inheritance to the current generation.

The current king was a very mediocre and complacent one, with no ambitions nor any urge to better the state of the country. Even so, the Yun Xiao Kingdom was still no weaker than any of the other kingdoms and tribes on the Tian Luo Continent, and that could be directly attributed to the prodigious talent that came out of the Yun Xiao Academy on a yearly basis!

All of the most dazzling prodigies in the kingdom were gathered there.

At the same time, prodigies were what the Yun Xiao Academy lacked the least of!

Many new faces had turned up at Yun Xiao City during recent times, and the entire place seemed to be a lot busier than usual. Even though Yun Xiao City had always been the city with the highest population density in the entire continent, the many curious faces on the streets were quite apparent to see. Most of them were quite young, and many of them were staring at the tall and lavish buildings in the city with awe and veneration. They would even stop and stare at the massive wolf steeds being ridden by people on the streets.

The autumnal equinox was to arrive in three days, and it was also the day when enrolment into the Yun Xiao Academy would begin!

Two horse-drawn carriages traveled along a wide street in a single-file formation

“Wow! The buildings here are all massive!”

Qi Ying was uttering the same words that had come out of the mouths of countless first-time visitors to the capital.

They passed by a restaurant, and it was over three hundred feet tall! There was even a thousand-feet-tall building in the distance that extended all the way up into the clouds!

‘That’s no building; it’s like a mountain!’

“Hehe.” Master Thirteen was a lot more composed and he chuckled nonchalantly, “The population of Yun Xiao City had reached the tens of millions, and only such tall buildings can house so many people.”

“Such tall buildings would be difficult to climb, even for Energy Martial Stage warriors; wouldn’t normal people exhaust themselves to death before reaching the top?”

“Hehe… Yun Xiao City is not some rural place like the Celestial River County. There are spell formations everywhere, and they can all be accessed using crystals. For example, if you want to get to the top floor of that restaurant we just passed by, you’ll only need to get onto their Cloud Scaling Steps on the first floor, and you’ll be at the top floor in less than twenty seconds.”

“That’s amazing!”

Qi Ying’s gaze was soon attracted by something on the street, and his eyes widened with incredulity. “Holy sh*t! Is that guy riding a black bear?”

Out on the street, there was a brawny man riding on a black bear that was about twice or thrice the size of a normal black bear!

The bear exuded a vast aura, and was clearly not a normal beast. At the very least, it had to be a Yellow Tier beast.

Using a bear as a steed was very strange in Qi Ying’s eyes, but what was even more peculiar to him, was that no one else seemed to find that to be a noteworthy spectacle…

Master Thirteen was also quite unperturbed. “He’s only riding a Yellow Tier beast; it’s nothing to be surprised about.”

“So that bear really is a Yellow Tier beast!” Qi Ying was taken aback by Master Thirteen’s response, “Won’t it hurt people?”

“Beasts can be tamed to become spirit beasts that follow human instructions. It would be just like if you were to keep a pet dog. You can train a dog to not bark at people, just as how you can train a beast to be docile and obedient. However, it’s much more difficult to raise a beast into a spirit beast… I was only able to set up the Colosseum at the Celestial River County, as I had experience with taming beasts from back when I was in the capital. There are also colosseums here, but they only pit beasts against one another.”

Qi Ying nodded with a thoughtful expression. He was thinking that it would be really awesome to have a spirit beast of his own. It would preferably be something that wasn’t as dumb as a bear, and much cooler to look at…

Right at that moment. 


A massive shadow suddenly appeared overhead.

Qi Ying looked up, and his jaw almost dropped to the ground. “Whoa! That carriage is being drawn by a massive dragon…”

In the air above, there was a huge golden winged dragon flying just below cloud level. From Qi Ying’s perspective, he could only see the dragon’s underbelly, wings, eyes, and a pair of claws so large that they could pick up horse-drawn carriages with ease.

That golden dragon was drawing a carriage!

On the carriage was a flag, upon which one could faintly make out the character “Chu”.

Master Thirteen also peered up at the dragon-drawn carriage and said, “That’s the Chu family’s Golden Dragon Carriage. The one sitting in the carriage must be quite an important figure from the Chu family. It looks like they’re on their way back to the Chu mansion from the imperial palace.”

“Master Thirteen, you know so many things!”

“Er, it’s pretty common knowledge.” Master Thirteen chuckled with a meaningful smile, “Did you hear what I said? That is a carriage that belongs to the Chu family!”

Qi Ying was stirred upon hearing that and asked, “The Chu family… Which Chu family is this?”

“Which other Chu family in the capital could I be referring to?”


Qi Ying felt like he was going to encounter many hardships in the near future.

Back when he had saved Qin Susu on the Nameless Mountain, he had killed someone! It was the first time he had ever taken a person’s life!

The one he had killed was Chu Kaolie, the sixth young master of the Chu family!

At the time, the Qin and Yan families decided that Chu Kaolie was up to no good, and deserved to die. However, the most powerful warriors from the Chu family had already been slain by the Heaven Tier at that point, so they were forced to accept the judgment delivered by the Qin and Yan families, which was why they didn’t do anything to Qi Ying…

However, it was almost unavoidable that he would come into contact with members of the Chu family in the Yun Xiao Academy…

‘Let’s just take things one step at a time!’

Qi Ying consoled himself.

Beside him, Yan Thirteen looked out into the distance with a meaningful smile on his face.

‘Mistress Yu Xuan… How long are you going to keep Young Master Qi Ying’s identity a secret from the Qi family? I look forward to seeing the big reveal!’

A sense of nostalgia welled up in Yan Thirteen’s heart. He had been away for fifteen years, and upon his return, he discovered that he had really missed the place.


The two horse-drawn carriages made their way to a large courtyard, and Qi Ying had only just gotten out of the carriage, when he was greeted by the sight of a group of men in black uniforms falling to their knees. “Welcome Master Thirteen, Young Master Qi Ying!”


Qi Ying had never received such a welcome before, and he was at a complete loss for what to do.

‘Did they just say young master?’ 

Never did he think that a time would come when he would be referred to as such.

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