The Deity of War – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: I’ll Kill You

“Elders, please inspect this strange badge!”

One of the instructors flew into the sky, and handed Qi Ying’s badge over to the elders in the sky.

All of them gathered around with intrigued expressions, before drawing sharp breaths in unison. The elders passed the badge around, and each of them inspected it for a long time.

“How strange! His True Energy manipulation is black, so how could his affinity with the vital energy of heaven and earth be white? At most, I’ve only ever seen someone with a disparity of two levels between those two aspects, but he’s teetering off both extremes!”

“His basal properties aptitude is also white? But he’s a fifteen-year-old Fifth Energy Martial Stage warrior… That’s not a low cultivation base by any means, so he should at least have red aptitude there; how did he end up with white?”

“Could it be that the spell formation malfunctioned?”

“That can’t be; no one else has received any strange results… You guys have to notice as well, that his bloodline aptitude is grey!”

All of the elders’ brows furrowed at the mention of that.

Grey aptitude!

That was only a color that could appear during the assessment of one’s bloodline aptitude. The Yun Xiao Academy took in over a thousand disciples each year, and among those batches, there were always over ten that had black bloodline aptitude. However, grey aptitude was something that they had not seen for many years!

Grey didn’t represent outstanding aptitude; instead, it indicated a special case.

The case was so special that the spell formation on the Cloud Steps was unable to gauge the nature of the bloodline.

There were a few disciples in the history of the academy that had grey bloodline aptitude, and almost all of them awakened mutated Battle Spirits after reaching the Spirit Martial Stage. However, the mutations could be good or bad. Some mutated Battle Spirits only received special traits, some mutated into useless trash, and some transformed into extraordinarily powerful Battle Spirits!

One of the elders stroked his long beard and contemplated with narrowed eyes. “We have to have an in-depth discussion about this boy!”

Qi Ying was feeling very nervous. He didn’t know which class he was going to be assigned to. If he were allocated to the Black Class, then he would be taking a significant stride toward her! But if he were put in the Purple Class or below, then it could entail many difficulties for him in the future!

Gradually, more and more people reached the fifth platform, and were allocated to different classes. One could tell from a quick glance that over eighty percent of the disciples were put in the Jade and Crimson Classes, leaving less than a twenty percent split between the remaining three classes.

All of the classes had estimated potential caps.

The cap for the Jade Class was projected to be at the Third Spirit Martial Stage, while for the Crimson and Green Classes, those caps were at the Sixth and Ninth Spirit Martial Stages respectively. As for the Purple and Black Class disciples, they were projected to reach the Earth Martial Stages!

The disparity in power between warriors of different ranks in the Spirit Martial Stages, was significantly larger than that of Energy Martial Stage warriors. In the Energy Martial Stages, it was relatively common to see warriors defeat opponents of higher cultivation bases. However, that became a lot rarer in the Spirit Martial Stages. It was said that Earth Martial Stage warriors possessed extremely terrifying power, and that they were capable of extraordinary feats; the magnitude of which only belonged in fictional stories to the average person.

Generally speaking, the warriors’ final cultivation base limit was not far away from the projected cap of their respective classes. As such, the academy could ensure the most precise allocation of resources possible, reserving more resources for those of higher classes with greater potential, and vice versa.

That often made a significant impact in a warrior’s future, as resources were a vital part of cultivation. For example, if there were two warriors with the same potential, and one of them was put in the Green Class, while the other was in the Purple Class, that could result in a future disparity of one reaching the Sixth Spirit Martial Stage, while the other would reach the Eighth Spirit Martial Stage.

Soon, Feng Hemu and the others also arrived at the fifth platform.

Among the nine of them, seven were allocated to the Jade Class. Feng Hemu received three reds and two whites, with red bloodline aptitude, thereby placing him in the Crimson Class, while Sun Changyu received four red and one white, thus putting him in the same class.

The two of them had both performed above their expectations, and were very excited.

They all gathered around Qi Ying and asked, “Young Master Qi, which class did you get assigned to?”

Qi Ying shrugged and replied, “My case seems to be a little special, so the instructors are still working on delivering a verdict. Who knows which class I’ll get put in?”

Even though Qi Ying was quite optimistic, he didn’t dare to brag.

If he told everyone that he could get into the Black Class, only to end up in the Jade or Crimson Class, then he would die of embarrassment!

In uncertain times like those, it was best to say as little as possible!

In the air above. 

“I think this is the best verdict for that disciple.”

“I agree.”

After a round of discussion, the elders finally made a decision on Qi Ying, and informed the instructors accordingly.

The fat instructor flew over and took Qi Ying’s badge, before landing in front of him with a smile on his face. “Qi Ying, after consulting the elders, we’ve arrived at a conclusion.”

“Which class am I going to?”

Qi Ying’s heart thumped with anticipation and nerves.

The nine people around him were also waiting with bated breath. They were praying with all their might that Qi Ying would get into the Black Class, thereby giving them an unfathomably powerful ally in the academy!

“Your situation is very special; as you know, you have two very mediocre results, an exceptional one, one that is well above average, and one that is ambiguous… As such, it would be unreasonable to place you in the Purple or Black Classes, but sending you to the Jade or Crimson Classes would clearly be a waste of your talents. So…”

“Green Class?”

“Green Class.”

The instructor nodded with a smile.

“Wow! As expected, Young Master Qi really is the most talented among us Celestial River County disciples! Getting into the Green Class is a really good result!”

“Congratulations, Young Master Qi!”

Feng Hemu, Sun Changyu, and the others immediately offered congratulatory words. At the very least, the Green Class placed Qi Ying above over eighty percent of the disciples, which was certainly nothing to be scoffed at!

However, Qi Ying himself was feeling slightly disappointed.

After all, he was hoping to make an impact as soon as he entered the academy. The Green Class was in an awkward position where it was not good, but not bad either, and it made him a little disappointed.

The Green Class disciples were still very far away from the true core disciples!

Light flashed from the fat instructor’s hand, and Qi Ying’s jade badge slowly changed color and shape. Soon, it transformed into a green jade pendant with golden characters inscribed upon it.

He handed the jade pendant over to Qi Ying and said, “From this day forth, you will be an official disciple of the Green Class! Oh, by the way, I just so happen to be an instructor from the Green Class; my name is Liancheng Ying. Would you look at that? I’m going to be instructing you AND we both have the same Ying in our names!”

Qi Ying hung the jade pendant from his waist, and bowed to the fat instructor. “Qi Ying pays his respects to Instructor Liancheng Ying!”


Liancheng Ying laughed heartily as he patted Qi Ying on the shoulder. “Go join the other Green Class disciples!”


Qi Ying strode toward the designated Green Class area, and as he was passing by Madam Butterfly, he heard a faint voice. “I know how you are. Don’t try to cause any trouble in the academy, and don’t even dream about trying to get closer to Qin Susu, or I’m going to kill you!”

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