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The Deity of War – Chapter 111 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 111

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 111: Rules of the Green Class

It was the first day, and almost all of the disciples in the entire Yun Xiao Academy were gathered at the summit of the Cloud Staircase.

There were over ten thousand of them, and Qi Ying felt like he was a little dizzy just from the sheer number of people around him. If everyone had been gathered on the plaza down below, then he most likely wouldn’t have really noticed how many people there were. However, all of them were above the clouds, at such high altitudes that normal people would find it difficult to breathe… Never did he think that he would witness such a grand spectacle in his life!

At the same time, there were countless flags and banners waving in the breeze, as well as a myriad of unrecognizable beasts flying in the sky.

There were too many people! Trying to find a specific person within such a large crowd would be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

As one of the four hundred new Green Class disciples, Qi Ying joined his fellow classmates in swearing an oath of loyalty to the kingdom, before following the instructors of the Green Class to one of the five peaks; the Qing Xiao Peak.

The five mountains formed a near semi-circle formation, and the Qing Xiao Peak was situated right at the apex of the semi-circle. Qi Ying finally reached the mountain with all of his fellow classmates after walking for half an hour.

The Qing Xiao Peak was quite a tall mountain, but it wasn’t difficult to navigate.

The instructors had introduced all of the buildings and facilities on the mountain to the disciples before afternoon had arrived, and they had also laid down some ground rules.

Furthermore, the new and current disciples of the Green Class also had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with one another.

Soon, the instructors led the disciples to their living quarters.

The Green Class comprised the entirety of the mountain peak, and most of it was farmland for medicinal herbs, stables for spirit beasts, and lush forestry.

There were only a few dozens of courtyards available as lodging for the four hundred new disciples, and more than ten of them had to live in each courtyard.

“We have to live with other people?”

Some of the disciples immediately began to complain.

Instructor Liancheng Ying pursed his lips and scolded, “Stop complaining! The conditions for the Green Class are already very good. At the very least, everyone gets a room of their own. If you go to the Jade Class, many people have to share a single room! If you don’t want to live here, then why don’t you go to the Jade Class?”


All of the disciples fell silent, but there were still a few whiny ones who were grumbling under their breaths.

Liancheng Ying harrumphed, “I’m a lenient guy, so I’m letting all of you off with just a scolding. If you dare to complain in front of Instructor Qi Hudie [1. Hudie means butterfly in Chinese, so this is referring to Madam Butterfly.], she would have you facing the cliff for several days as a punishment! Back when she was teaching the Green Class, there were several dozens of disciples facing the cliff every single day! She still comes back to teach at our Green Class from time to time, so all of you better watch yourselves!”

In response to his warning, some disciples took it to heart, while others brushed it off and paid it no heed.

Qi Ying faltered upon hearing that.

‘Qi Hudie? Is that Madam Butterfly?’

No wonder Qi Shun was referring to her as auntie; so she really was a member of the Qi family. Furthermore, she seemed to be of a higher status in the Yun Xiao Academy than most instructors.

Liancheng Ying waved a hand toward the disciples and said, “Go to your rooms! Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be attending classes and doing missions! The academy has tests and trials every month. If you fail in too many subjects, you would be expelled; if your overall score is too low, you would be expelled; if you don’t do enough missions, you would also be expelled!”

Liancheng Ying’s expression suddenly became quite strict, in stark contrast to his usual amiable smile. “Everyone has to follow the academy’s rules, no matter who you are!”

Qi Ying arrived at his designated room. All of the furniture there was brand new, and the decor wasn’t bad either. It could be seen that disciples of the Green Class were still treated quite well. The conditions at the Jade and Crimson Classes were far worse, and apparently, servants and maids were assigned to everyone in the Purple and Black Classes…

‘However, back in the Celestial River Academy, disciples didn’t have to do many things for the academy, but the new disciples of the Yun Xiao Academy have to complete a lot of missions!’ 

From the earlier introduction, Qi Ying learned that ordinary new disciples like them had to complete missions in accordance with academy requirements, and that it would be the only way for them to obtain resources.

Only core disciples were exempt from having to complete an obligatory quota of missions, but if they wanted to secure more resources, they would still have to do more missions.

Resources weren’t given out for free; the more one worked, the more resources they would earn!

Of course, the system wasn’t completely fair.

Underprivileged disciples obviously received different treatment compared to high-born disciples. As such, disciples like Qi Ying had to give more for the same rewards.

Those rewards included things like gaining access to the Vital Energy Tower, which sped up one’s rate of cultivation, the Astral Wind Tower, which helped to refine one’s body. On top of that, there were also pills, battle techniques, cultivation methods, treasured tools, and many other types of resources that were available… In order to get them, one would either have to use crystals, or spend Yun Xiao Points, which they received from completing missions.

Missions of different levels of difficulty and contribution gave out different numbers of Yun Xiao Points.

In any case, if one didn’t have enough money, many many Yun Xiao Points would be required to be able to cultivate in the Green Class!

The tests and trials that were held each month were also very important.

Those who failed would receive warnings, be required to take remedial lessons, or be forced down to a lower class, to even be expelled in worst-case scenarios.

That night, Qi Ying had a quick meal at the cafeteria before returning to his room, to practice his Purple Energy Cultivation Method.

The environment on the Qing Xiao Peak was beneficial to cultivation, as vital energy of heaven and earth was more abundant there than in other places.

Of course, there were some special places in the Green Class that one could only access using Yun Xiao Points; those were the truly sought-after cultivation spots!

After cultivating until around midnight, Qi Ying went to sleep and got up in the morning before heading to the Qing Xiao Hall, where he would be attending his first lesson in the Green Class.

Different disciples had different timetables.

Most of the Green Class disciples were already Spirit Martial Stage warriors, and there were less than a hundred Energy Martial Stage warriors like Qi Ying. Furthermore, his cultivation base at the Sixth Energy Martial Stage was at the bottom of the pack!

The content being taught to Energy Martial Stage disciples was naturally a bit simpler.

After arriving at the Qing Xiao Hall, Qi Ying and the disciples were greeted by the sight of a thin man with dark skin, wearing a set of beast-skin robes. “I will be one of the instructors for you Energy Martial Stage disciples; my name is Li Yanlang. Today, I’ll be taking all of you to the Wind Treading Valley to cultivate!”


Li Yanlang flashed out of the hall like a lightning-fast wraith. “Keep up as much as you can. The last ten disciples to get to the valley will be punished!”

Li Yanlang disappeared as soon as his voice fell.




All of the disciples immediately gave chase. In order to not be punished, all of them unleashed their acceleration battle techniques, and galloped like a pack of wild horses toward the Wind Treading Valley.

‘I can’t allow myself to be left behind!’

Qi Ying was close to the rear of the pack, and purple True Energy erupted from the soles of his feet as he picked up speed.

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