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The Deity of War – Chapter 112 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 112

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 112: Li Yanlang’s Rules

Half an hour later, all of the disciples had made it to a valley.

Within the valley, there were many tall stone pillars, each of which was twenty to thirty feet tall, and thick enough that three to five people had to link arms in order to encircle the whole thing. Qi Ying wondered if they were natural constructs or artificially created.

When he arrived, there were already many disciples who had gotten there before him.

On a patch of higher ground between the stone pillars stood Li Yanlang.


There were still a few more disciples who were rushing to the scene.

The last few disciples were clearly a little uneasy at the prospect of the punishment they were about to receive.

“Those last ten to arrive, get over here!” Li Yanlang instructed with narrowed eyes, “I can sense all of your identification badges, so don’t try to fool me!”


A burst of resigned sighs were heard, as ten disciples made their way over to Li Yanlang. Among them, there were nine men and one woman.

“There is a pile of rocks over there, each of which is one thousand five hundred kilograms in weight. Bring them over here; one rock per person!”

Everyone turned to discover that there really was a pile of extremely massive rocks several hundred feet away.


The ten disciples drew sharp breaths upon seeing that.

Energy Martial Stage warriors had refined their bodies through the Strength Martial Stages, having attained powerful True Energy as a result, thereby giving them strength that was not inferior to Yellow Tier beasts. However, one thousand five hundred kilogram rocks were still very difficult for them to move at all, let alone carry for several hundred feet.

That task was especially difficult for the female disciple among them.

“Hurry up!” Li Yanlang yelled with a stern light in his eyes, “If you don’t bring them over to me within ten minutes, I’ll be handing out new punishments!”


The ten disciples hurried over to the massive rocks, and picked out one each. All of them then proceeded to strain with all their might, pushing or towing the rocks toward the forest of stone pillars.

As expected, moving such heavy rocks was a very arduous task for the ten of them, and the female disciple was progressing at the slowest rate.

Ten minutes later, eight of the rocks were successfully carried to their destination.

Li Yanlang rose into the air, and landed beside the two remaining disciples.


He thrust his palms forward, and the two giant rocks were sent flying like rubber balls, before thumping heavily beside the other eight rocks.


The ground tremored as dust and debris flew in all directions.

Li Yanlang glanced at the two tardy disciples with a cold expression. “Song Yunabi, Lin Yin. After our morning lessons, go to Instructor Liancheng’s Spirit Medicine Pavilion in the afternoon, and help him with general duties there!”


The remaining two disciples appeared quite unwilling, but they could only accept their punishment.

The other disciples were appraising Li Yanlang in a different light. Many of them were unconsciously standing up straighter, and had adopted more serious expressions.

It looked like Li Yanlang was not as mild-tempered as the chubby Instructor Liancheng!

Qi Ying also gulped nervously.

He had heard from his upperclassmen the day prior that Instructor Li Yanlang was a retired army general, and was quite strict with his disciples, handing out punishments on a regular basis.

It looked like the rumors were indeed correct!

At that moment, Instructor Li Yanlang clasped his hands behind his back, and turned his attention to everyone else. “I will be organizing similar punishments in future lessons! The objective is not to dish out punishment for the sake of it, but instead to spur and motivate you. In this world where the strong survive and the weak perish, the first thing you have to do is to become stronger than your classmates!”

Qi Ying nodded upon hearing that.

Li Yanlang was right… Back when he was hunting on the Nameless Mountain, the prey that was targeted by the hunters were always the ones who were weaker than their companions.

Competition existed everywhere, and was not just limited to Li Yanlang’s lessons…

The disciples were split randomly into six groups, each of which contained seventeen or eighteen members.

“Disciples in the first group, get onto the stone pillars!”

Whoosh whoosh! 

The disciples did as they were told, and some of them leaped into the air after a run-up, while others materialized their True Energy at the soles of their feet, thereby allowing them to walk up the vertical surface of the pillars. In any case, all of them managed to climb onto one of the pillars.

“I trust that all of you have learned movement techniques. You all made it into the Green Class, which tells me that you’re all capable of mastering a movement technique to the initial success level in a short time. Movement techniques are not just useful in single battles, but they’re actually even more useful in melees!

“On the battlefield, there is a type of weapon known as the Crystal Cannon. It gathers an extreme amount of energy, and its cannon blasts can essentially insta-kill Energy Martial Stage and warriors of the lower Spirit Martial Stages! As such…”

Li Yanlang suddenly raised a hand, and the five massive rocks were enveloped by green light, before being lifted into the air.

“The first lesson I’m going to teach you is how to survive on a battlefield! Those ten rocks will be the equivalent of Crystal Cannonballs, and I will use them to attack you while you stand on the stone pillars. Whoever can last the longest in each group, or can last over ninety seconds, will be rewarded a hundred Yun Xiao Points, while the first three to fall to the ground will have thirty Yun Xiao Points deducted!”

As soon as his voice fell.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

The ten massive rocks hurtled toward the disciples on the stone pillars like shooting stars. Under Li Yanlang’s control, they whizzed through the air at an extremely fast speed, displaying agility and completely belied their weight and size, leaving a series of afterimages in their wake.

In order to evade the rocks, the disciples had to make snap judgments and leap onto other stone pillars in an extremely short time.

After the first round of attacks, two disciples had already been struck, and they plummeted to the ground.

In the second round of attacks, a disciple had just leaped onto a stone pillar, but he had made a misjudgment and jumped into the path of another rock, thereby resulting in him being blasted flying as well.


Thump! Thump!

The rocks began to fly more and more quickly.

Less than fifty seconds had passed before all of the disciples were knocked down.

Li Yanlang declared the punishment for the disciples with the worst results, while giving a reward to the final disciple to be knocked down.

All of them had their Yun Xiao Points recorded in their jade badges.

Instructors like Li Yanlang could deduct or add to those points at will.

“Second group!”

Whoosh whoosh!

Another group of disciples undertook Li Yanlang’s test. In that group, the disciple that lasted the longest was a Ninth Energy Martial Stage warrior, with great success level movement techniques, and he persevered for eighty-three seconds.

“Third group!”

‘It’s my turn!’ 

Qi Ying leaped onto the stone pillars with the other disciples in his group.

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