The Deity of War – Chapter 113

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 113: The Unspoken Rules of the Green Class

The ten massive rocks were like predatorial beasts as they flew toward the disciples on the stone pillars!

Qi Ying sprang into the air and quickly landed on another stone pillar. He then immediately shot forth again, just as a rock glanced over the stone pillar he had been standing on before.


Whoosh whoosh!

The other disciples also unleashed their movement techniques to evade the oncoming attacks.

However, most of the disciples were either struck down just as they landed on a stone pillar, or crashed into other disciples in mid-air, leading to both falling to the ground below.


Qi Ying’s body transformed into a black shadow as he evaded one rock after another.

The level of mastery in one’s movement techniques wasn’t actually the key to the exercise.

In comparison, prediction and judgment were far more important.

Only thirty seconds had passed, and half of the eighteen disciples had already been struck down.


Qi Ying didn’t have time to look at anyone else. He had to concentrate entirely on evasion, and even the slightest lapse in concentration could make him fall prey to one of the hurtling rocks. At the same time, he had to make sure not to crash into any other disciples.

Compared to everyone else, Qi Ying’s main weakness was his absolute speed.

The Green Class disciples were far more powerful than the Energy Martial Stage of the Celestial River County. All of them had mastered their movement techniques to the initial success and great success levels, and their cultivation bases were also higher than Qi Ying’s. As such, his speed could only be ranked about average in his group.

After about sixty seconds had passed.


Qi Ying had just landed on a pillar, when someone suddenly rushed over and crashed into him. Warriors built up a lot of momentum during flight, and both of them were knocked down.


Qi Ying looked up at the figures that were still springing from one pillar to another in the air, and lamented his rotten luck.

If that disciple hadn’t crashed into him, there was a very good chance that he would have been the last one remaining in the group…

Qi Ying turned to that disciple with a dirty look, only for his expression to abruptly stiffen. The one who had bumped into him was the female disciple that Li Yanlang had just punished; her name seemed to be Lin Yin.

‘So be it… Girls are always lacking a bit in their spatial awareness…’ 

Qi Ying shrugged.

It was just a hundred Yun Xiao Points; he would have many more opportunities to earn them in the future!

After a while, all six groups completed the trial, and many had had their Yun Xiao Points deducted amid dejected sighs. All of the Green Class disciples were only given five hundred Yun Xiao Points, so thirty was quite a bit to be deducted!

“Hmph!” Li Yanlang’s voice erupted like a clap of thunder, “Thirty Yun Xiao Points is nothing! On the battlefield, there will be hundreds, even thousands of Crystal Cannons firing at you at the same time! If you can’t evade, then you will die! Cultivation is not just about training whatever battle technique or movement technique to the great success level, or perfect level; without the ability to make good judgments, you’ll only be cannon fodder in battle!

“Continue! Same thing this time; thirty deducted for the first three to fall off, and a hundred given for the last one standing or if you endure more than ninety seconds!”

The groups began to undertake the same trial again. All of the Green Class disciples had great learning abilities; most of them received a green aptitude in that area. Thus, they gradually learned how to predict and make sound judgments, as well as how to evade other disciples.

Even Qi Ying felt like he was learning quite a lot during the process.

Just predicting the trajectory of the rocks wasn’t enough. He had to think about what the disciples around him were going to do, and how to stay out of their way.

All of a sudden. 

The rocks became stationary in the air.

Qi Ying’s expression lit up with glee as he stood on a stone pillar.

He had lasted ninety seconds!

After the morning lessons, the five hundred Yun Xiao Points in his identification badge had risen to a thousand!

‘With a thousand Yun Xiao Points, I can go and exchange for a Yellow Tier battle technique!’ 

A thousand Yun Xiao Points really wasn’t much.

Yellow Tier battle techniques weren’t very valuable either. After all, most of the academy disciples were at the Spirit Martial Stage, so Yellow Tier battle technique tomes were like toilet paper to them.

Qi Ying estimated that if he wanted to maintain a stable foundation, it would still be quite a while before he progressed to the Spirit Martial Stage. At the same time, the Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw and the Flowing Shadow Strike simply weren’t enough for him anymore.

Cultivating in suitable battle techniques could improve the rate of cultivation base progression, as well as control over True Energy.

As such, selecting higher level battle techniques was a must for him.

Qi Ying strode into the Green Class Cultivation Methods Library.

In the Green Class Cultivation Methods Library, there were large amounts of Yellow Tier cultivation methods and battle techniques, but most of them weren’t very useful to Qi Ying.

In reality, the Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw and the Flowing Shadow Strike he was using weren’t actually very suitable for him, either.

Cultivation methods and battle techniques had to be suitable for one another, in order to form a synergistic relationship, thereby providing the warrior with the greatest cultivation benefits.

There were five levels of the Cultivation Methods Library, and many disciples were in the building.

Qi Ying strode over to an elderly instructor who was a guardian of the Cultivation Methods Library, and said, “Instructor, I want to pick a Yellow Tier battle technique that is suitable for me.”

“Show me your True Energy.”

The instructor could sense that Qi Ying was only at the Sixth Energy Martial Stage, and as such, he didn’t have much patience.

‘A new disciple trading for a battle technique on the first day; and a Yellow Tier one at that… This must be some hillbilly from some tiny county.’ 

Qi Ying could sense the instructor’s displeasure, and he didn’t know why the elderly man was in such a sour mood, but he still did as he was told and showed him his True Energy.

A ball of purple True Energy appeared on Qi Ying’s right palm.

“Purple Yang-type True Energy… Yellow Tier battle techniques suitable for you include the Scorching Sun Fist, the Purple Sun Eye, and the Purple Sun Astral Finger…”

The instructor was clearly very familiar with all of the battle techniques in the library, and he rattled off a long list for Qi Ying.

Qi Ying nodded with a thoughtful expression before asking, “Instructor, may I please ask which of those battle techniques is best for me?”

“How would I know?!” The instructor snapped with furrowed brows as he waved a dismissive hand at Qi Ying, “Go in the library and look for yourself! You’re holding up all of the other disciples who want to ask questions!”


Qi Ying backed off sheepishly, but he was internally furious.

‘Other disciples? I’m the only f*cking disciple here! What a crabby old b*stard!’ 

Qi Ying grumbled internally.

His rage was only compounded when he saw the very same instructor put on a fawning smile, when greeting another disciple who had made his way out of the Cultivation Methods Library. “Young Master Bixue, which battle techniques have you chosen this time? Let me have a look for you!”

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