The Deity of War – Chapter 114

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 114: Special Treatment

‘F*ck, what a slimy old suck-up!’

The instructor had appraised him as if he were a piece of trash, but he was giving that Young Master Bi Xue the VIP treatment instead. The sheer injustice of the situation filled Qi Ying with rage, but he could only repress it as he strode into the Cultivation Methods Library.

‘So be it, it looks like all of the instructors are different. There are benevolent ones like Liancheng Ying, strict ones like Li Yanlang, venomous ones like Madam Butterfly, and also suck-ups like this one.’ 

In a place as large as the Yun Xiao Academy, there was sure to be a diverse range of people.

The Cultivation Methods Library had no windows, but its interior was very bright. There were small crystal lamps positioned at ten-feet intervals, and the light spilling out from them gave one the sense that the library was very spacious.

Furthermore, there was barely anyone on the first level aside from Qi Ying.

There were many cultivation methods and battle techniques stacked onto the rows of wooden shelves.

All of the battle techniques and cultivation methods Qi Ying had seen in the past had been recorded on paper, but the ones in the library were carved onto jade tablets.

All of them had special restrictions placed upon them in the academy, and disciples had to redeem them with their Yun Xiao Points before the instructors lifted those restrictions, thereby allowing them to access the content within.

There were several dozens of shelves that were stacked with battle techniques, and each shelf held several hundred jade tablets.

Thankfully, the battle techniques in the library were ordered according to their rank and properties, and Qi Ying quickly found the battle techniques the instructor had earlier recommended.

The Scorching Sun Fist, the Purple Sun Eye, and the Purple Sun Astral Finger…

‘Hmm, let’s make a comparison.’ 

On the jade tablets, the main portions of the battle techniques were sealed, but one could still access the introductory section.

Scorching Sun Fist, Yellow Tier Supreme Rank battle technique, can be exchanged for six hundred Yun Xiao Points. After unleashing the technique, it will create True Energy fist projections with explosive power, and can also inflict burns upon the opponent.

Purple Sun Eye, Yellow Tier Supreme Rank battle technique, can be exchanged for a thousand Yun Xiao Points. After cultivating the technique, one’s eyes would slowly change, allowing them to gather True Energy in their eyes, enabling the user to unleash purple beams of light imbued with devastating power.

Purple Sun Astral Finger, Yellow Tier Supreme Rank battle technique, eight hundred Yun Xiao Points. A peerlessly powerful battle technique with extreme penetrative power. After training it to the great success level, Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors would be able to unleash a finger projection, that could even puncture Yellow Tier Supreme Rank treasured armor.

All three battle techniques had pros and cons.

The Scorching Sun Fist was the easiest to cultivate, the Purple Sun Astral Finger was the most powerful, while the Purple Sun Eye was the most expensive of the lot, and was quite difficult to cultivate.

After some contemplation.

“I’ll go with the Purple Sun Eye!”

Qi Ying decided as he picked up the Purple Sun Eye jade tablet.

He didn’t require battle techniques that were powerful and easy to cultivate. In contrast, the Purple Sun Eye was rather difficult to cultivate, but it could enhance his Purple Energy Cultivation Method.

Furthermore, the difficult aspect of the Purple Sun Eye was its requirement for highly accurate True Energy manipulation. However, that was not a significant hurdle for Qi Ying to overcome.

After all, he had a black aptitude in True Energy manipulation!

Thus, he carried the jade tablet and strode out of the Cultivation Methods Library.

There, he discovered that the elderly instructor was still sucking up to that Young Master Bixue, churning out relentless praise, “As expected of Young Master Bixue, you’re at the Fifth Spirit Martial Stage already AND you’ve cultivated several Dark Tier battle techniques to the perfected level; there aren’t many disciples like you in the Green Class at all! In fact, you would be considered to be remarkably outstanding even in the Purple Class!”

The elderly instructor rambled on and on, answering one question after another from that disciple, and he didn’t look like he was planning on stopping anytime soon.

“Er, instructor, I want to exchange my points for the Purple Sun Eye.”

Qi Ying interjected.

If he continued to wait, the old suck-up looked as if he could talk late into the night! Qi Ying couldn’t afford to wait that long.

However, the instructor pretended not to hear him, and continued to converse with the ‘Young Master Bixue’ with a fawning smile on his face.


Qi Ying urged again. The instructor finally turned and snapped, “Can’t you see I’m talking? Wait your turn! Go stand over there!”

‘F*ck off!’ 

Qi Ying was about to explode with rage.

The instructor’s job was to attend to disciples who were exchanging points for cultivation methods and battle techniques, so what was this man doing, sucking up to that Young Master Bixue the entire time?

“Who are you glaring at?” The instructor chuckled coldly at the sight of Qi Ying’s furious expression, “Piss off!”

‘Does this kid think he can compare to Young Master Bixue? What a stupid hillbilly; looks like he needs to be taught a lesson!’

Qi Ying did his best to suppress his rage, and said in as calm a voice as he was capable of mustering, “Instructor, I won’t take much of your time at all. I still have other things I need to do, so can you please do your job before fawning over your young master?”

“Shut up!”

The instructor’s eyes immediately narrowed. The last part of Qi Ying’s words were clearly an insult directed toward him. He swept a palm through the air, and a wall of energy crashed into Qi Ying’s body.

Qi Ying didn’t expect an instructor to be ill-tempered, and he was caught completely off guard. He was sent flying into the air, and his internal organs churned from the impact.

The academy instructors were all at least at the Seventh or Eighth Spirit Martial Stages, so just a casual palm from them was not something an Energy Martial Stage disciple could handle.


Qi Ying flew through the air for over thirty feet before plummeting to the ground.

At that moment, a burst of gentle yet firm power suddenly caught Qi Ying from behind, and allowed him to make a stable landing.

A portly figure emerged with a smile on his face. “What’s going on here, Instructor Jiang? What has he done to irk you? To think that an instructor like you is attacking our new disciples now… Hehe…”

“Cocky brats like him need to be taught a stern lesson!”

Instructor Jiang was clearly not on very good terms with Liancheng Ying.

“Alright then…” Liancheng Ying had caught sight of that Young Master Bixue whom Instructor Jiang was speaking with, and he immediately figured out what must have happened. He pursed his lips and turned to Qi Ying as he said, “You’re Qi Ying, right? You’re here to exchange for battle techniques?”

“Yes.” Qi Ying replied, “But this instructor seems to be too busy talking, and is unwilling to do his job.”

Liancheng Ying chuckled and his eyes narrowed into slits. “Chu Bixue is a young master of the Chu family, so it’s only natural that Instructor Jiang will give him some more attention… Instructor Jiang, please do me a favor and allow Qi Ying to exchange his battle technique. He is a disciple that was allocated to the Green Class by the academy elders, and he’s on probation at the moment, so please afford him some special treatment.”

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