The Deity of War – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Chu Kaolie

Seeing as Liancheng Ying was standing up for Qi Ying, the elderly instructor was no longer interested in making a scene, and he glared at Qi Ying with a disdainful expression. “On probation, huh? So he might get kicked out of the Green Class soon! Give me your badge!”

Qi Ying handed over his badge, and the instructor quickly deducted a thousand Yun Xiao Points, before undoing the seal on the Purple Sun Eye jade tablet.


The instructor tossed the badge to Qi Ying in a dismissive manner.

Liancheng Ying smiled and said, “Thanks for your help, Instructor Jiang.”


Instructor Jiang harrumphed coldly.

After Liancheng Ying and Qi Ying left, a thought suddenly occurred to Young Master Bixue.

‘Did Instructor Liancheng just call him Qi Ying… Could he be Qi Ying from the Celestial River County?’

A cold light flashed in his eyes and he said to the elderly instructor, “Jiang Yuanping, investigate that Qi Ying for me!”

“Chu Bixue? A young master of the Chu family?”

Qi Ying also recalled what Liancheng Ying had just said, and he asked to confirm.

Liancheng Ying nodded with a smile. “That’s right. On top of that, he’s of direct lineal descent! However, the Chu family has many young masters of direct lineal descent, and he’s one of the more peripheral ones… That Instructor Jiang was once a servant of the Chu family, and he was only able to come and work at the academy as an instructor due to that connection. He doesn’t really have any substantial jurisdictive power, so you don’t have to worry about him getting back at you!”

Qi Ying asked, “Instructor Liancheng, why did you help me? And what were you saying about special treatment and probation?”

“As a man of justice, it is my duty to help out disciples who are being treated unfairly!” Liancheng Ying chuckled, “As for what I meant about probation, that’s referring to your ambiguous aptitude. The academy decided to put you into the Green Class, and observe your potential. Your performance during this probation period will determine whether you drop down, or ascend to a higher class. As for the special treatment part, I made that up, hahaha!”

“So that’s how it is…”

After receiving the Purple Sun Eye, Qi Ying didn’t immediately return to his living quarters to cultivate. Instead, he went to the Spirit Medicine Pavilion with Liancheng Ying.

In the Green Class, there were many rare pills that couldn’t be found in the Celestial River County.

Pills like Energy Blast Pills and Energy Explosion Pills were very commonplace, and were suitable for consumption to all warriors. However, a truly exceptional pill refinement master would be able to create different pills that catered to different warriors, in accordance with their unique properties, thereby creating a far greater effect.

The pills in the Spirit Medicine Pavilion naturally had to be exchanged with Yun Xiao Points, but they could also be purchased with crystals.

Under Liancheng Ying’s guidance, Qi Ying purchased some pills that were suitable for him, and used three hundred thousand crystals to exchange for three thousand Yun Xiao Points.

Back when he was at the Celestial River County, Qi Ying had obtained close to a million crystals from Master Thirteen, as well as people like Xue Yuesha and Duan Lang. 

He was trading quite a large proportion of those crystals for Yun Xiao Points, as they were far more convenient to use in the Green Class.

“Thank you.”

Qi Ying accepted the pills he had purchased from the female disciple, Lin Yin.

Li Yanlang smiled and said, “You look really familiar. Did you also attend Instructor Li Yanlang’s insane lesson this morning?”

“Er, I did. My name is Qi Ying.” Qi Ying nodded and asked, “How many Yun Xiao Points do you get for working at the Spirit Medicine Pavilion per afternoon?”

Lin Yin shrugged and stuck out her tongue in a spritely manner. “I should be getting a hundred Yun Xiao Points, but because I’m here as a punishment, I’m forced to do free labor.”


Lin Yin suddenly asked, “By the way, Qi Ying, you bought so many pills, so you can’t have that many Yun Xiao Points left, right? We don’t have classes tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow, so how about we put together a team to do some missions in the Beast Valley?”

Qi Ying contemplated her offer for a moment before replying. “Alright.”

Compared to others, Qi Ying had a greater requirement for Yun Xiao Points. His left hand was burning through tens of thousands of crystals a day, which was the equivalent of several hundred Yun Xiao Points. It was simply too expensive for him to maintain!

Furthermore, Liancheng Ying had told him that he was on probation in the Green Class, and his future would depend on his performance during that period of time.

If he improved very little, then there was a good chance that he would be relegated to the Crimson or even Jade Class.

However, if he progressed at a remarkable rate, then there was hope of him advancing to the Purple or Black Class!

“I’ll come to find you tomorrow; where do you live?”

“C row, third courtyard.”

“Alright. My name is Lin Yin. Make sure you’re well prepared on the day! There are all types of vicious beasts in the Beast Valley, so be on your guard at all times, and make ample preparations.”


That night, Qi Ying sat on his rooftop, and swallowed a Scorching Purple Sun Pill before activating his Purple Energy Cultivation Method.


A large expanse of purple mist appeared around him.

Scorching Purple Sun Pills contained around the same amount of energy as Energy Explosion Pills, but that energy was imbued with powerful Purple Yang type properties. After consuming the pill, it could speed up the rate at which Purple Energy was drawn into his body.

The greater the affinity he had with heaven and earth, the more apparent the effects of the Scorching Purple Sun Pill would be.

Sure enough, Qi Ying’s cultivation was more than thirty percent faster than usual!

For normal warriors, an increase of ten percent was quite good, and twenty percent was outstanding.

“My aptitude trial results really were incorrect…”

Qi Ying sighed with a wry smile on his face.

At his current rate of progression, his performance should allow him to be elevated to the Purple or Black Class.

Qi Ying was quite confident in his own aptitude.

However, there was one thing that was rather concerning to him.

Chu Bixue!

He was from the Chu family and he was in the Green Class.

Even if Chu Bixue hadn’t taken notice of him, other people from the Chu family definitely would have been alerted to his presence in the Yun Xiao Academy.

He could still recall the sixth young master of the Chu family, Chu Kaolie, whom he had met on the Nameless Mountain.

On the day when the Heaven Tier beast had appeared, all of the Earth Martial Stage powerful beings from the three major families were severely wounded, and the Spirit Martial Stage warriors had also suffered heavy casualties. The Nameless Mountain had become an infernal hell, and beasts were wreaking havoc everywhere.

Coincidentally, Qi Ying bumped into a young master of one of the major families as he was fleeing for his life. That young master was forcing himself upon Qin Susu, and both of them were injured at the time. Qi Ying didn’t know what came over him just then, but he picked up a sword from the ground, and somehow managed to take the young master by surprise before killing him.

It was exactly because of that event, that his story with Qin Susu began, and the two of them spent two arduous days together deep in the Nameless Mountain, before finally escaping with their lives.

After the event, the Chu family launched an investigation and determined that Qi Ying was the one who had killed Chu Kaolie.

Qi Ying then left with Xuan Yu for the Celestial River County as he wanted to find an opportunity to see Qin Susu again, and he was also trying to avoid being hunted down by the Chu and Qin families.

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