The Deity of War – Chapter 117

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 117: Assailants From the Jade Class

Qi Ying woke up quite early the next day, and traveled to the entrance of the Beast Valley, while practicing his movement techniques along the way.

The instructor at the Beast Valley smiled upon seeing Qi Ying. “Are you in need of Yun Xiao Points? I’ve seen you two days in a row already, and very rarely will disciples come to the Beast Valley two days in succession.”

Qi Ying replied with a smile. “Not particularly. I’m mainly doing this to train myself. I’m surprised you could recognize me.”

The instructor indicated to Qi Ying’s left hand and said, “Your glove is very special, so it’s easy to identify you.”

“Er, haha!”

Qi Ying chuckled as he scratched his head before entering the Beast Valley.

The instructor looked on at Qi Ying’s departing figure as he murmured to himself. “More and more disciples are beginning to enter the Beast Valley. There was a small group of Jade Class disciples that went in not long ago; it’s going to be hard to remember faces from now on!”

Without Lin Yin and the others with him, Qi Ying’s performance was completely different from that of the day prior.

He used the experience he had gained from hunting in the Nameless Mountain, searching, hiding, and ambushing prey, before striking them down as fast as lightning. His techniques were extremely clean and concise, and he was killing beasts faster than the entire group had the day before.


A purple and golden fist projection about the size of a washbasin hurtled forth, striking a Yellow Tier Eighth Rank Five-Colored Cloud Cow on the waist. A charred black wound was immediately struck into the latter’s body, and it let loose an anguished moo before falling to the ground.

Qi Ying pulled out a Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank treasured dagger, which was a lot sharper than the Ink Scale Dagger, and quickly slit the cow’s throat. He then skinned it, cut off its horns, and extracted a few large bones from its body, before putting all of that into his spatial ring.

As for its flesh, it was worth too little Yun Xiao Points, so Qi Ying just left it.

His hunting trips had progressed extremely smoothly up to that point, and even Yellow Tier Ninth Rank beasts were quickly dismantled by him.

Just as noon drew close.

‘A Divine Wind Falcon!’ 

Qi Ying raised his head and suddenly discovered a large flying beast with green feathers.

The Divine Wind Falcon was a Yellow Tier Seventh Rank beast, and its feathers could be used as fletchings for armor-piercing arrows. Furthermore, its beak and claws could be used to create small weapons, or to create arrow tips for armor-piercing rounds. Those body parts were quite valuable but it was also very difficult to hunt down.

Under normal circumstances, Qi Ying wouldn’t have considered that beast as prey.

He was a skilled archer, but he didn’t have any bow or arrows that could shoot down a flying beast.

However, the Divine Wind Falcon had something that Qi Ying really wanted; a pair of falcon eyes.

Those eyes could be ground down into liquid, which could then be refined into his own eyes, thereby assisting in his cultivation of the Purple Sun Eye, as well as working to enhance his eyesight.

Thus, Qi Ying was quite tempted.

Even without a bow and arrows, he could still hunt down that falcon!

There was more than one way to skin a cat.

Just as Qi Ying turned to leave in order to make preparations to hunt down the falcon, a group of a dozen or so white-robed warriors suddenly made their way toward him.

‘Jade Class disciples?’ 

Qi Ying took a glance at them, but didn’t think much of it.

It was quite common for Jade Class disciples to appear in the Beast Valley.

However, after taking a second glance at them, Qi Ying discovered that something wasn’t quite right.

All of those people had killing intent radiating from their bodies!

The feeling they gave him was akin to that of the Duan family warriors back in the hunting grounds!

The white-robed warriors quickly approached Qi Ying.

“Is that him?”

The one walking at the forefront of the group asked with narrowed eyes.

One of his companions confirmed, “There’s no mistaking it! See that silver glove on his left hand? He’s definitely the one the young master was referring to!”

“Kill him!” The man at the forefront immediately commanded, “The young master has promised a reward to all of us if we kill that kid! There are no instructors in the Beast Valley, so no one will know anything!”


Whoosh whoosh!

The fifteen warriors immediately charged forward!


Qi Ying figured out what was going on as soon as he saw the white-robed warriors converging toward him.

They were trying to kill him!

He didn’t know what their motive was, but he knew that they were quite powerful, and definitely harbored ill will toward him. There were at least five Spirit Martial Stage warriors among them, and the rest were all Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors. Furthermore, their auras were far more fearsome than the warriors he had encountered in the hunting grounds.

It was time to run!

There was no way he would be able to beat them in a direct confrontation. With five Spirit Martial Stage warriors among them, there was a good chance that at least one of them had awakened their Battle Spirits, so he would definitely be no match.

Thinking back, he only managed to survive that ordeal at the hunting grounds as all of his enemies were weak and cowardly, and they pissed themselves just by the sight of Qi Ying killing a few of their companions.

However, that group of warriors was clearly different. Qi Ying could tell that they were all seasoned warriors that had undergone rigorous training!


Qi Ying quickly rushed toward one of the dense forests in the valley, attempting to make use of the advantageous terrain there to shake off his pursuers.

“Follow him!”


The fifteen warriors gave chase with relaxed expressions.

They had heard reports that Qi Ying had defeated Spirit Martial Stage warriors in the past, and had once killed several dozens of warriors on his own. However, all of them were disciples who had been trained by the Yun Xiao Academy; any one of them could easily replicate the same feats in a rural county like the Celestial River County!

Furthermore, they had a crushing advantage in numbers.

All of the warriors used advanced movement techniques, and were constantly closing in on Qi Ying.


Qi Ying cursed himself for not wearing his Feather Tread Boots when he came out. Without the speed enhancement those boots provided, there was no way he could outrun his assailants.

A direct confrontation would most definitely spell death for him. He wasn’t even wearing his treasured armor, so a bombardment of battle techniques would immediately put an end to his life.

However, if he continued to flee, his inferior speed would result in him being caught sooner or later.

All of them had clearly come prepared, and if he wanted to survive, he would have to find an academy instructor. The problem laid in the fact that the Beast Valley instructor was at the entrance, and if he wanted to reach him, he would have to go in the opposite direction, which was where his pursuers were coming from.

As such, he had to get out through another exit.

After consulting his mental image of the Beast Valley’s map, Qi Ying decided to go to one of the more obscure entrances that laid over five kilometers away from the forest. That was an entrance prepared for Purple and Black Class disciples, and very few people used it, but there was still an instructor stationed there.

‘Hopefully the forest will hold them off!’


When the white-robed warriors were less than three hundred feet away from him, Qi Ying charged into the forest, sending countless startled birds flying into the air.

“He’s going to the third entrance!”

One of the pursuers immediately caught onto what he was trying to do.

The warrior at the forefront commanded, “Keep chasing! Li San, take a few people and cut him off from another direction! Disciples like us from the Jade Class are far more familiar with the Beast Valley than he is!”


One of the white-robed warriors led a few of his companions and rushed toward another direction. There was a shortcut that they had found, which was not recorded on the map.

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