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The Deity of War – Chapter 118 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 118

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 118: Counterattack in the Forest

After running into the forest, Qi Ying began to dive headfirst into the densest bushes he could find. At the same time, he was intentionally startling a few beasts, making the forest an extremely hectic place.


Qi Ying picked up a rock and threw it right into a Yellow Tier Ninth Rank Iron Arrow Boar’s head.

The latter was taking a nap, and it was furious after being awoken from its slumber. Its eyelids abruptly sprung open, while its iron fur stood up on end. It was then immediately greeted by the sight of a bunch of humans rushing toward it, and it immediately attacked.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Iron fur short forth like arrows from the Iron Arrow Boar’s body.

The fur was extremely hard, and every strand was enveloped by a layer of condensed True Energy, allowing them to puncture even the bodies of Spirit Martial Stage warriors, provided they weren’t taking any defensive measures!

“Look out!”

The Second Spirit Martial Stage at the forefront roared and at the same time, he launched a fiery dragon from his palm.

Dark Tier Low- Rank battle technique, Fire Dragon Slash!


The oncoming arrow-like strands of fur were instantly incinerated by the scorching flames. All of the other warriors had also unleashed their spell techniques, creating a torrential downpour of terrifying attacks, and before the Iron Arrow Boar had even figured out what had happened, it had been cooked into a roasted pig.

“Get him!”

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior waved a hand, and the warriors behind him immediately continued in their hunt following that false alarm.

Scuffles of a similar nature were constantly taking place, and Qi Ying had also discovered that the number of pursuers behind him had suddenly decreased significantly. However, he didn’t have the time to ponder the reason for that, as he continued to flee through the forest.

He couldn’t afford to slow down even in the slightest. Otherwise, he would be instantly caught and killed.

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior didn’t get too far ahead of the pack either. Instead, he stayed close to the rest of his companions and cleared up all of the obstacles in their way. Having everyone together in a tight group was the safest way to progress; if one or two people charged ahead, they could easily fall prey to the traps Qi Ying was setting up.

The first lesson they had ever learned in the Jade Class was to never underestimate any opponent!

Thus, their group continued to give chase, closing in to a distance of just over a hundred feet away from Qi Ying. Just as a massive tree began to loom up ahead, they saw Qi Ying transform into five black shadows, each of them running off in different directions.

“The middle one!”

After a brief hesitation, everyone heard the judgment delivered by the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior, and they immediately continued straight ahead.

Just as they were approaching the massive tree, a figure suddenly emerged from behind it!

Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw!

Two bursts of fearsome claw projections hurtled forth, aimed directly at the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior.


The warrior chuckled coldly. A surprise attack from a Fifth Energy Martial Stage warrior was nothing to him. His hand immediately shot through the air.

Fire Dragon Slash!

His Spiritual Energy transformed into a fiery dragon, which engulfed the claw projections before rushing toward Qi Ying.

Qi Ying gritted his teeth and clenched his left fist, before throwing a punch.

Scorching Sun Fist!

However, he was lashing out at the massive tree beside him as opposed to the fire dragon!

He managed to reflexively evade the lethal fire dragon, and at the same time, his fist struck the tree, causing it to crack before toppling over, sending dust and debris flying through the air.

Everyone was engulfed by the resulting shrapnel.

A sharp light flashed through the smokescreen, and the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior raised his hand to pluck the oncoming dagger out of the air, before snapping it in half.

“Get him!”

Following the fall of the tree, a brief period of turmoil ensued, but no casualties were suffered.

As long as they didn’t lose track of Qi Ying, the other six warriors would soon converge upon him from the other direction, leaving him with nowhere to run!

Whoosh whoosh!

They could just barely make out the silhouette of a figure up ahead, and they persisted in their chase.


Qi Ying sped through the forest while pulling out a vial of Energy Breakthrough Pills from his spatial ring. He poured the entire vial of pills into his mouth; some of which he swallowed, while others were kept in his mouth, awaiting later consumption.

He didn’t have that many pills left, so he had to be more sparing with how many he took.

After a brief analysis of the situation, Qi Ying realized that the missing six people had most likely diverged from the group to cut him off from another direction. That was why the nine warriors behind him were content to just keep him in their sights, but not overreach with their pursuit.

However, nine people weren’t as dangerous as fifteen.

He may as well use the terrain advantage of the dense forest to strike down some of them, thereby lifting some pressure off his shoulders.


A red scimitar appeared in Qi Ying’s hand.

It was Xue Yuesha’s Blood Moon Scimitar!

Master Thirteen had allowed him to keep it, and it was the most powerful weapon he had. Even though he hadn’t attained Spiritual Energy yet, he could still inject his True Energy into the weapon and it would pose a threat to even Spirit Martial Stage warriors.

After reaching another tall tree, Qi Ying stomped a foot violently into the ground, and he ran vertically up the tree, as if he had suddenly been exempt from the effects of gravity.

The group of pursuers quickly also reached that tree.

“He’s on the tree!”

“Cut it down!”


A powerful sword projection was unleashed by one of the warriors, and the tree was felled. At that moment, Qi Ying sprang into the air, drawing a parabolic arc, before descending right in the midst of the warriors behind him.

“What a fool!”

“Cut him down!”

Several battle techniques flew directly toward Qi Ying.


Qi Ying gripped his scimitar tightly in his hand, and at the same time, a wisp of his True Energy latched onto a portion of what little remained of his Blood Moon Plasma.


The blood in his entire body was set alight. A True Energy Protective Barrier materialized around his body, and it was twice as resolute as his usual barrier.

Bam bam!

The True Energy Protective Barrier was inundated by battle techniques, but Qi Ying soon emerged from the explosion of energy. He used his drastically enhanced strength to throw himself at a warrior, and his Blood Moon Scimitar swung through the air, before slicing into that Ninth Energy Martial Stage warrior’s neck with unerring accuracy.


His head was detached from his body.

“Tian Qi!”

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior roared with rage and the other warriors were also given a fright.

They were not expecting Qi Ying to be able to break through their combined attack, and take down one of them with such ease!


The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior produced a thin and long saber, which he abruptly swung toward Qi Ying. Its blade was enveloped by red Spiritual Energy, which shimmered like spritely flames.


Qi Ying immediately directed his True Energy toward the soles of his feet, upon which his body sprang into the air while contorting at an incredible angle. He was able to evade the saber strike through what appeared to be nothing short of a miracle, and he sprang forth as his saber struck another warrior in the waist.


The crimson blade pierced through that warrior’s body, and blood intermingled with fragments of internal organs splattered through the air. The warrior let loose a blood-curdling cry as he fell to the ground. He didn’t die immediately, but he was clearly not going to live for much longer!

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