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The Deity of War – Chapter 121 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 121

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 121: Collapse

The Ice Fire Ants were a fearsome force due to two factors: their massive numbers, and their lethal poison. Even if a warrior was far stronger than all of the individual ants, they could still get swamped by sheer numbers, before succumbing to the toxic mist they emitted.

However, after discovering his immunity to ant poison, Qi Ying did not need to fear the ants at all!

“You want to eat me? I’ll f*cking crush you all to death!”

Qi Ying stomped around like a furious giant and soon, a massive number of Ice Fire Ants had been reduced to pulps beneath his feet.

The toxic mist emanating from their carcasses was then absorbed by Qi Ying.

‘The energy contained within the toxic mist of each ant is comparable to that of an Energy Explosion Pill!’

Qi Ying was ecstatic.

He had certainly made the right decision to seek refuge in the Ice Fire Ant nest!

A thought suddenly occurred to Qi Ying, and he slipped off his silver glove, before pulling out the Dark Tier Low Rank treasured armor awarded to him by the Green Class from his spatial ring.

The items he commonly used were placed in a spatial ring that he wore on his right hand, whereas the more precious and rarely used ones were put into the spatial ring on his left hand, so it could be protected by his silver glove.

The Dark Tier Low Rank treasured armor he received was apparently the same model worn by Yun Xiao Kingdom army officials. It was light yet sturdy, and could produce quite a powerful defensive barrier.

The only drawback to Qi Ying was that he still couldn’t generate Spiritual Energy, and using True Energy to forcibly activate the armor was going to result in massive energy expenditure.

Aside from that, Qi Ying also put on his Feather Tread Boots, and pulled out his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff. He also hung his Blood Moon Scimitar from his waist, so he could use it at any moment.

More and more Ice Fire Ants converged toward him, and there were some husky-sized soldier ants among them.


He swept his staff through the air, and a large horde of Ice Fire Ants was reduced to pus and toxic mist.


Qi Ying inhaled as much of the “lethal” toxic mist as he could, and his blood automatically converted it into pure energy.


His Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff struck a soldier ant, and purple fluids splattered onto Qi Ying’s body.


A large patch of his green robes was eroded away, creating a hole that was roughly the size of a plate.

‘Looks like the soldier ants still pose some threat to me.’ 

After making that observation, Qi Ying was more careful when dealing with soldier ants, and materialized his True Energy Protective Barrier again.

Rustle rustle rustle!

Waves upon waves of Ice Fire Ants emerged.

However, simply piling on more numbers was ineffective.

Killing those Ice Fire Ants was an extremely easy task for Qi Ying. He could kill countless ants with a swipe of his staff, and even soldier ants perished to a single strike with no exceptions.

Ironically, the toxic mist that those ants were most feared for only worked to replenish Qi Ying’s energy.

The Ice Fire Ants were basically bringing food to Qi Yings doorstep!

‘Amitabha, you are the ones who wanted to eat me first, so don’t blame me for eating your toxic mist… I didn’t ask you for this; you’re forcing yourselves upon me…’ 

At that moment. 

Qi Ying heard a burst of human voices erupting from nearby.

“The Ice Fire Ants are all rushing in that direction!”

“That kid must be fighting all of the Ice Fire Ants!”

“Is he still not dead yet?”

“It doesn’t matter; we can just put him out of his misery if he’s not dead yet!”

“I reckon he’ll be dead for sure before we even get to him!”

The sound of footsteps drew closer and closer.

Qi Ying’s eyes narrowed, as a cold expression appeared on his face. 

‘I have nothing against any of you, but you’re all trying to kill me, so don’t blame me for killing you… I’m such a kind and generous person, so why is there always a bunch of stupid c*nts trying to kill me? Why can’t all of you be like Young Master Qi Shun? He’s a man of such supreme pedigree and prestige, but he still smiled at me!’

Qi Ying’s seven pursuers had already been searching within the ant’s nest for a while, and had killed a few Ice Fire Ants in the process. However, they were able to use the Panacea Powder to repress the effects of the poison, and to obscure the scent of the deceased ants’ internal fluids, so they weren’t being attacked by ant swarms like Qi Ying was.

When they saw all of the Ice Fire Ants erupt into a frenzy and collectively rush toward one place, they realized that someone must have triggered an ant swarm!

Aside from their target, there was no one else in the nest with them.

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior led the group, followed by two First Spirit Martial Stage warriors, and four Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors; they soon found the location that the ants were converging toward.

“Haha, I’ve found him!”

They rounded a corner, and saw countless Ice Fire Ant carcasses littered all over the ground. At the same time, hordes of ants were jumping onto a humanoid figure, tearing his robes into shreds.

Someone wanted to charge forward and land the killing blow, but the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior held him back. “Wait until he’s dead for sure. We can then take his body back as proof that we successfully completed our mission!”


The passageways in the nest were extremely narrow, and it was difficult for even two people to walk side by side. At that moment, they suddenly saw Qi Ying on the ground, crawling toward them.

“What a poor kid; but you deserve to die!” The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s face lit up with a twisted sense of satisfaction, “You wouldn’t have had to suffer like this if you had just surrendered and allowed us to kill you! But you had to kill Tian Qi and Jiang Lin, so dying a painful death like this is exactly what you deserve!”

Just as he was delivering a spiteful eulogy to Qi Ying.


Qi Ying suddenly sprang up from the ground!


The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior was completely caught off guard. In such a narrow passageway, there was nowhere for him to evade or hide!

Qi Ying clenched his left fist, and unleashed an almighty punch.

Scorching Sun Fist!


A purple and golden fist projection crashed into the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s body, sending him flying back and knocking over his six companions in the process.

“Stupid c*nts!”

Qi Ying wasn’t going to actually engage them in a direct battle, as he would be no match for the three Spirit Martial Stage warriors. However, he could cause some trouble for them in such a congested ant’s nest.


Thud thud!

Qi Ying raised his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff and thrust it toward the ceiling.

Large clumps of shattered rocks immediately fell from above.

Dust and debris flew in all directions, burying the seven people who had yet to climb back onto their feet.

Qi Ying didn’t engage in any more demolition after that. If he did so, he would be in danger of burying himself as well.

He immediately rushed deeper into the nest. The path from which he had come had already collapsed from his staff strike, so he could only advance further into the nest and search for another way out.

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