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The Deity of War – Chapter 122 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 122

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 122: Get Back Down 


Shards of sandstone flew in all directions as a few figures emerged from the dust and debris.

The pursuers’ white robes had been stained with soil and sand, and from the expression on the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s face, it was quite apparent that he was at the height of his rage.

“Get him!”

There was a trail of footsteps leading away from them, and they followed that trail as they set off in hot pursuit.

All of them were thoroughly humiliated and infuriated.

Never did they think that they would be embarrassed to such an extent by a Sixth Energy Martial Stage brat!

“What a slimy little b*stard!” 

“He must be carrying some Panacea Powder with him as well, and he must have quite a bit of it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to enter the ant’s nest so recklessly.”

“We have to hurry up and find him; we don’t have much Panacea Powder left!”

They followed the trail of footsteps deeper into the nest, and a mocking expression appeared on their faces.

The ant queen was located at the deepest part of the nest, so Qi Ying was heading straight toward his death! All they had to do was to exert pressure on him from behind, then recover his body before their Panacea Powder ran out.

Thump! Thump!

Qi Ying continued to destroy the sandstone passageways in his wake, causing them to collapse, thereby creating obstacles for his pursuers. It wouldn’t be able to completely stop them in their tracks, but it would at least stall them for a while.

Qi Ying had lost his green fluorescent stone at some point during the earlier scuffle, so he could only materialize a ball of True Energy around his hand, and use its purple light to guide him.

His entire body was stained by the internal fluids of countless Ice Fire Ants, and the scent attracted countless more ants to attack him.

Of course, their attempts to kill Qi Ying were completely futile.

Their toxins were ineffective, so no matter how many of them there were, a few sweeps of his staff would get the job done.

Furthermore, as he killed the oncoming Ice Fire Ants, the toxic mist they emitted replenished his expended True Energy, to the extent that not only had all of his energy reserves been restored, even his cultivation base was beginning to inch forward a little! 

Even though the rate was very slow, and was greatly inferior compared to when he used his cultivation method, he certainly couldn’t complain as any improvement at all was an unexpected bonus in his current situation.

Qi Ying continued deeper and deeper into the nest, leaving a trail of Ice Fire Ant carcasses in his wake.

He couldn’t even be bothered to make the passageways collapse anymore, as the sound of footsteps coming from behind him indicated that his seven pursuers were gradually closing in. Even if he stopped to create an obstacle for them, they would be able to break through it very quickly anyway, so it would just be a waste of time and energy.

His top priority was to find another way out.

All of a sudden, he heard a peculiar sound coming from below him.

“Qi Ying’s just up ahead!”

“We need to pick up the pace!”

“Be careful; we’re deep in the ant’s nest now, and it’s very dangerous here…”

Fortunately, their pursuit had been quite smooth thus far, as they hadn’t been attacked by that many Ice Fire Ants. It made sense as almost all of the ants they came across were already dead.

At the same time, they were getting quite curious. Could it be that Qi Ying wasn’t carrying Panacea Powder, but some type of specialized antidote instead?

Otherwise, how could he have remained immune to the poison even after killing so many Ice Fire Ants?

Soon, the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior at the forefront of the group caught sight of Qi Ying.

“Battle Spirit, Sinister Fire Python!”

He couldn’t allow Qi Ying to keep running. It would become very dangerous for them if they were led any further into the nest.


A fiery red python that was several dozens of feet in length, with a circumference comparable to that of a bowl shot forth. Its entire body was burning with Spiritual Energy flames, and it opened its cavernous mouth as it pounced viciously toward Qi Ying.

“Piss off!”

Qi Ying could sense the burning heat hurtling toward him, and he immediately threw a punch!

Scorching Sun Fist!


A powerful explosive force permeated throughout the nest, and chunks and shards of sandstone rained down from above. Qi Ying’s body fell to the ground, while a cloud of dust and debris was swept up around him.

“You’re not getting away now!”

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior chuckled coldly, and he manipulated his Battle Spirit to attack Qi Ying again.


Qi Ying activated his Dark Tier treasured armor in an instant, and a vast amount of his True Energy surged forth, creating a shimmering green barrier that encapsulated his body. The Sinister Fire Python Battle Spirit exploded after striking the green barrier, and the shockwaves resulting from the explosion pressed Qi Ying even more firmly into the ground.

At that moment, Qi Ying suddenly launched a powerful punch into the ground below him. Condensed purple True Energy enveloped his silver glove, and he shattered the sandstone beneath him with his fist, sending him plummeting into a cavernous area down below.


Qi Ying’s body fell onto another layer of sandstone.

“Don’t let him get away!” 

“Get him!”

Within such a massive ant’s nest, it was inevitable there were some more vulnerable areas. Qi Ying had taken advantage of one of those areas, and punched straight through the ground, allowing him to escape from his pursuers again.

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior continued leading the group, and the seven warriors jumped down after Qi Ying in quick succession!


The warriors landed one after the other, but when they raised their heads to survey their surroundings, all of them were stunned by what they saw!

In contrast to the narrow passageways outside, the place they had found themselves in was very spacious, with a radius of around two hundred feet, and there were over ten thousand red and blue eggs lining the walls.

However, the most eye-catching thing was a massive creature that was the size of an elephant!

Scree scree…

At the center of the cave was a gargantuan monster that appeared to be a massively enlarged Ice Fire Ant. It had a pair of semi-transparent wings on its back, its stomach was enormous, as if it had been stuffed full of something. Bright blue flames seemed to be burning on the giant ant’s six feet, and those flames created a particularly harrowing sight in the dark cave.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock and horror.

It was the ant queen!

The queens of the Ice Fire Ants were all at least Dark Tier beasts, and judging from the aura exuded by the colossal ant in front of them, it appeared that it was already a Dark Tier Third Rank beast!


The exact same thought welled up in everyone’s minds, as they scurried toward the opening up above, from which they had just fallen through.

The ant queen wasn’t actually very powerful in battle. It was very heavy and maladroit, and its defenses weren’t very powerful either. However, its poison was insanely lethal. Spiritual Energy and True Energy Protective Barriers were completely ineffective against it, as was Panacea Powder.

Spiritual Energy flames were already burning on the ant queen’s limbs, which indicated that it was about to release its toxic mist. If they couldn’t escape in time, then they were as good as dead!

Thus, all of them frantically rushed toward the opening in the ceiling. A First Spirit Martial Stage warrior unintentionally blocked the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s path, and the latter immediately unleashed a fire dragon, sending the former crashing down below again.

At that moment. 


A vast expanse of purple mist was already permeating within the cave. The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior instantly arrived at the overhead opening, but just as he was about to escape, a powerful hand suddenly latched onto his ankle with a vice-like grip.

“Get back down!”

Qi Ying roared as he tugged violently with his left hand, dragging the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior right into the purple mist.

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