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The Deity of War – Chapter 123 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 123

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 123: Completely Wiped Out

A plan had already hatched in Qi Ying’s mind back when he noticed the peculiar sounds coming from beneath him.

There was no way he would be able to defeat a Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior in a direct battle, and to top it all off, he had six powerful companions with him as well, so he had no chance whatsoever.

However, there was the powerful ant queen in the nest, which was something he could use to his advantage!

The hollow sound that he heard while running indicated that there was a vast cave beneath him.

The most spacious location in the ant’s nest… it had to be the ant queen’s den!

Thus, Qi Ying immediately devised a plan to use the ant queen against his pursuers.


Bam bam!

A series of figures fell back into the purple mist.

“None of you are going anywhere!”

After dragging the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior back down, Qi Ying swung his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff at any warrior who was approaching the opening, swatting all of them down into the toxic mist once again.



Howls of anguish erupted down below. The four Energy Martial Stage warriors only lasted a few seconds before falling dead to the ground, with blood flowing from all of their orifices, presenting a very harrowing sight… Even in the instant before they died, they were still unable to comprehend how the Sixth Energy Martial Stage Qi Ying could thrive amid such lethal poison.

In contrast, the Spirit Martial Stage warriors were able to use their Spiritual Energy to repress the poison.

Spiritual Light erupted from a First Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s body, keeping the poison mist at bay as he charged toward a passageway behind the ant queen.

He was mere meters away from an escape, when all of a sudden…

“Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw!”

A black shadow suddenly flashed past, and several claw projections instantly struck him on the back. As a result, he momentarily lost control of the Spiritual Energy he was using to keep the poison mist at bay, thereby allowing the mist to envelop his entire body.


The First Spirit Martial Stage warrior fell to the ground, and began to spasm uncontrollably.


Qi Ying swung his staff to bash his skull, and intracranial fluids splattered through the air.

Thus, there were only two warriors left in the purple mist, one of which was the Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior, while the other was his First Spirit Martial Stage companion, whom he had just knocked down with his fire dragon not long ago.

The latter had almost reached the opening before his escape attempt was foiled by a sneak attack, so he was naturally very angry. “Huo Da! How could you do that to me?”

The Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior by the name of Huo Da didn’t have time to quarrel with his companion. Some of the ant queen’s toxins had already made their way into his body, and he was in quite a dire situation. There was only one way he could survive: he had to kill the ant queen!

His scorching fire-type Spiritual Energy was the natural bane of poison.

If he could kill the ant queen, the toxins in his system wouldn’t be enough to kill him.

“Battle Spirit, Sinister Fire Python!”


The long fiery python shot through the air and chomped down viciously upon the ant queen’s stomach. At the same time, it wound its body around the ant queen, thereby completely immobilizing it.

“Scree, scree…”

The ant queen struggled with all its might. However, even though it was a Dark Tier Third Rank beast, only its lethal toxins posed an actual threat. It had led a completely sedentary life in the nest, making it completely unfit for battle, to the extent that it was barely able to move. At the same time, it was in an incubation period, and was weakened further by it. As such, it was no match for the Sinister Fire Python Battle Spirit, and it couldn’t break free no matter how much it tried.

“Battle Spirit Technique, Flaming Waterfall!”

Huo Da spread open his right hand with a twisted expression, before abruptly clenching it to form a fist!


A vast expanse of flames cascaded down from the Sinister Fire Python’s body, completely engulfing the ant queen. Large plumes of black smoke rose into the air amid the sound of sizzling flesh.

The ant queen struggled and screeched, but Huo Da was not extending so much as a single shred of sympathy toward it. Either the ant queen died or he would perish; it was an easy choice for him to make.

The massive ant queen was soon reduced to a pile of ashes, and a gentle breeze blew past dispersing the ashes into the distance.

“Huff… Huff…”

Huo Da was panting heavily as he half-knelt on the ground.

He had done it!

He turned to his final remaining comrade to find that he had also fallen to the final plume of toxic mist the ant queen had unleashed. Thus, he was the only one who had survived.

However, a figure suddenly appeared beside him, and his heart jolted with shock!

“Qi Ying?!”

Huo Da was in utter disbelief as he looked at the young man standing before him. His clothes were in tatters, his hair was in disarray, but his treasured armor and golden staff were shimmering with radiant light.

Qi Ying was still alive.

‘How is that possible?!’

Even with the best antidote, there was no way that a Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior would be able to survive the ant queen’s poison.

Huo Da soon recovered from his shock as a vicious expression appeared on his face. “I don’t care how you managed to survive, but it’s time for you to die now!”


His Sinister Fire Python Battle Spirit shot through the air toward Qi Ying.

Right at that moment, Qi Ying drew upon his final drop of Blood Moon Plasma, and his True Energy was ignited as he sprang forth like an arrow. He displayed incredible speed for an Energy Martial Stage warrior as he evaded the Sinister Fire Python. At the same time, he raised his golden Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff high into the air, before bringing it down with devastating force.

Peerless Staff Strike!


The staff struck Huo Dao right on the head. His body was still virtually paralyzed from the toxins he had absorbed, so he was unable to evade. His eyes widened with indignant rage before glazing over as he fell dead to the ground.

The Sinister Fire Python Battle Spirit that was hurtling toward Qi Ying was also abruptly snuffed out.


Qi Ying supported himself using his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff as he panted heavily. He looked around and counted seven bodies, so all of his pursuers had been completely wiped out, with the exception of the six that had diverged from the group.

Qi Ying went through the bodies to confirm that they were all Jade Class disciples.

‘I have to find out who is trying to kill me!’ 

Even though the Chu family seemed to be the likeliest candidate, he couldn’t be completely sure.

After all, there was no lack of Qin family members in the Jade Class as well, and Madam Butterfly had revealed to him that she knew who he was. As such, there was a chance that the Qin family was behind all this.

However, he was not going to find the answer just by thinking about it.

There were still six Jade Class disciples in the Beast Valley, and he had to find them.

Qi Ying didn’t take anything from the deceased disciples. Such a large number of disciples disappearing at once would definitely lead to an investigation from the academy. If he were caught carrying any of their belongings with him, he would definitely be in a lot of trouble.

However, when he reached the body of that Second Spirit Martial Stage warrior; the one named Huo Da, a familiar feeling suddenly welled up in his body. It was the same feeling he had when he came into contact with Xue Yuesha’s dead body.

He placed his left hand on Huo Da’s shattered head.


Something abruptly flowed into Qi Ying’s body.

“This is…”

Qi Ying internally inspected his dantian, to discover that the depleted Blood Moon Plasma had been replaced by a ball of fiery red substance. It looked a little like blood, but it contained extremely abundant and powerful energy.

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