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The Deity of War – Chapter 125 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 125

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

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Chapter 125: I’ll Thrust You to Death

“Haha! Now’s our chance!”

“Come here, little kitty!”

The group of six were extremely excited at the sight of Qi Ying rushing out from the forest.

He had clearly been severely wounded, and somehow managed to escape from Huo Da and the others. However, that only made him the perfect prey for them!


All of them charged toward Qi Ying as quickly as they could.

Li Rulong hung back at the rear of the group as he discovered that something was amiss. Qi Ying appeared to be running in a frantic and wobbly manner, but his speed was extremely fast. ‘How could a severely wounded person run that quickly?’

He then caught sight of the purple light that had enveloped Qi Ying’s fist, and he knew that something was definitely not right. He hurriedly yelled, “Look out!”

However, it was already too late.

Just as the five warriors were about to close in on Qi Ying, the latter abruptly raised his hand; a purple and golden fire python erupted through the air.

Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!


The fire python instantly engulfed the five pursuers, reducing them to five balls of fire.



Howls of agony erupted.

After combining the Fire Python Energy with his Scorching Sun Fist, Qi Ying created the Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist, which was virtually just as powerful as a fire python attack unleashed by Huo Dao himself. Energy Martial Stage warriors without their True Energy Protective Barrier set up in advance, had absolutely no chance of survival.

Thus, the three Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors were all incinerated into charcoal!

There was still a First Spirit Martial Stage warrior left, and he managed to activate his Spiritual Energy just as the fire python reached him, thereby allowing him to barely keep the flames at bay.

“How could this be…”

Just as he was caught in a stunned stupor, a black shadow abruptly appeared before him.

Qi Ying drew his Blood Moon Scimitar, upon which purple flames burned.


A saber projection flashed through the air.


The First Spirit Martial Stage warrior was decapitated, and a vertical geyser of blood erupted from the cross-section of the wound on his neck.

“Looks like there’s still one left. How convenient…”

Qi Ying turned his gaze toward Li Rulong.

The latter’s face was immediately drained of all color.

‘This is no Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior! In the Jade Class, only Second Spirit Martial Stage warriors would be capable of unleashing such a powerful attack!’ 

He had seen prodigies from the Purple Class before, but none of them were as fearsome at just the Energy Martial Stages.

When he saw the feral animalistic killing intent shimmering in Qi Ying’s eyes, Li Rulong immediately relinquished all thoughts of resistance.

He finally understood why Huo Da and the others had been delayed for so long.

They weren’t trying to steal the rewards… They had most likely all been killed by Qi Ying!


That was the only thought in Li Rulong’s mind as his Spiritual Energy erupted forth, carrying him straight into the air.

He was a Spirit Martial Stage warrior so he had the ability to fly. As long as he could rise to a high enough altitude, Qi Ying wouldn’t be able to do anything to him, no matter how powerful he was.


Li Rulong rose into the air like a massive bird.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

Qi Ying sprang up from the ground, reaching a height of over twenty feet, and at the same time, he began to draw upon his Fire Python Energy again.

Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!


The purple and golden fire python covered a distance of over a hundred feet in the blink of an eye, before striking Li Rulong with unerring accuracy. However, the latter was prepared and had already unleashed his Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier. Even though the barrier was shattered by Qi Ying’s attack, thereby causing his body to sway unsteadily in the air, he was able to stabilize himself in the end and continue to hover in the sky.


Qi Ying raised his other hand, and flung his Blood Moon Scimitar out like a boomerang, in an attack reminiscent of how he would strike down prey with flying knives back in the Nameless Mountain.


The red scimitar struck Li Rulong on the calf, and blood splattered through the air.

Spirit Martial Stage warriors were only able to fly as long as they could guide their Spiritual Energy to the soles of their feet, essentially allowing them to tread on air. After being struck in the calf, the meridians there were severed, so Li Rulong was unable to continue circulating his Spiritual Energy to his feet. As such, he immediately fell like a dead weight and plummeted to the ground.


A painful expression appeared on Li Rulong’s face. He knew that he would be unable to escape, so he raised his hands above his head before Qi Ying could attack him again.

“Please don’t kill me! I can give you anything you want from me, I can tell you anything that I know!”

Li Rulong begged for his life.


Qi Ying’s halted in his advance upon hearing that.

He wasn’t intending to kill Li Rulong anyway, as he still had to interrogate him for information.

Qi Ying picked up his Blood Moon Scimitar and approached Li Rulong. “Who sent you to come after me?”

“It was…” Just as Qi Ying drew closer to him, Li Rulong abruptly adopted a vicious expression, and he brought his hands down violently, summoning a series of wind blades that rushed toward Qi Ying. “Die!”


Qi Ying immediately hurtled back in a retreat, and at the same time, his Blood Moon Scimitar flew instinctively out of his hands toward Li Rulong.

He used his left arm to protect his head and simultaneously injected his True Energy into his Dark Tier treasured armor.

One wind blade after another fell upon Qi Ying’s protective barrier, quickly slicing through it so the remaining wind blades struck Qi Ying’s body.


A dozen or so wounds were inflicted upon Qi Ying, and his clothes were completely ruined. His entire body was stained with blood, but thankfully, none of his vital regions had been ruptured.

He circulated what little remained of his True Energy to regenerate from his injuries, while quickly pulling out and swallowing a healing pill from his spatial ring. After doing all that, he turned his attention to Li Rulong again.

‘Phew, he’s still alive.’ 

Qi Ying heaved an internal sigh of relief. He was instantly struck by a sense of remorse after instinctively throwing his Blood Moon Scimitar at Li Rulong, but thankfully, it had only chopped off one of his arms and didn’t take his life.


Li Rulong howled and his body spasmed as blood gushed from his severed arm.

Qi Ying strode forward and locked Li Rulong’s neck in a vice-like grip. “Tell me who sent you after me! Otherwise, I’ll make you die!”

“Heh, I’m not telling you anything.”

Li Rulong knew that if he told Qi Ying what he wanted to know, then he would most definitely die. If he refused to disclose the information, there was a chance that he could still survive.

Qi Ying chuckled with a sinister expression, “Listen carefully. I’m not saying I’ll kill you; I’m saying I’ll make you die. Do you know the difference there? Killing you would be decapitating you with this blade here, while making you die is a little bit different. I’ll be stripping off your clothes, then I’ll have a wolf or a dog in heat to vent its sexual frustration on you, and then I’ll find a bear… They’ll keep thrusting you in the as* until you die!”


Li Rulong harrumphed and still refused to talk

“You don’t believe me?”

Qi Ying’s eyes narrowed as he brought out his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff, before proceeding to take off Li Rulong’s pants.

“What are you doing?” Li Rulong yelled in panic.

Qi Ying chuckled, “I was going to find some animals in heat, but that’s going to take a lot of time and effort, so I’ll have to shove this staff into you instead… I wonder how many thrusts it’ll take for you to die…”

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