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The Deity of War – Chapter 126 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 126

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 126: Death Injunction

Li Rulong’s pants had been pulled down to his knees, and he almost pissed himself at the sight of the thick staff in Qi Ying’s hands.

‘What a freak!’ 

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”

Li Rulong finally folded. In the face of Qi Ying’s nightmarish threats, the loyalty to his masters was tossed straight out the window. Even if he were decapitated, it would be a quick death, but being thrust to death by a staff had to be one of the most painful and tragic ways to die!

“Hurry up! Otherwise, I’ll stick this in you right now!” Qi Ying had his left hand locked around Li Rulong’s neck as the threatened with narrowed eyes, “And don’t try to play any little tricks either. If I sense even the slightest hint of Spiritual Energy circulation in your body, I’ll snap your spine!”

“Alright!” Li Rulong’s face was turning purple as said with difficulty, “The ones who sent me are… are…”

All of a sudden, Li Rulong began to cough violently. Even though his neck had been clamped by Qi Ying in a vice-like grip, he was still coughing irrepressibly, and his back and chest spasmed simultaneously, as if he were going to cough up all of his internal organs.

‘What’s going on?!’

Qi Ying’s brows furrowed.

He could sense that Li Rulong’s aura had suddenly become extremely chaotic. Qi Ying immediately let go of his neck, but he thumped to the ground, and his body was racked with even more violent spasms. Blood began to gush from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth; he only struggled for a few moments longer before falling completely still.

Qi Ying placed a finger under Li Rulong’s nostrils, and a confused look appeared on his face.

“He’s dead…”

He hadn’t done anything, but Li Rulong was dead… It didn’t look as if he had committed suicide either.

After further investigation, Qi Ying could confirm that Li Rulong was truly dead, and could not have possibly been faking his death.

Furthermore, there were signs in his body to suggest that his meridians had been scorched. It was as if they had been incinerated by his own Spiritual Energy, thereby resulting in bloodline reflux, which had eventually killed him.

It was similar to energy deviation, which often resulted when warriors attempted to practice overly powerful cultivation methods.

Qi Ying suddenly recalled that some powerful beings could set up injunctions within another warrior’s body, and if the latter were to breach some sort of condition—like betraying the former—the injunction would bring death by blood reflux upon that warrior.

It was most likely the case that Li Rulong had had one of those injunctions placed upon him.

As such, he was immediately killed as soon as he tried to reveal the identities of his masters.

‘No ordinary Spirit Martial Stage warrior would be able to set up such an injunction! Only a warrior with an extremely powerful divine sense would be capable of this!’ 

Qi Ying shuddered to imagine the enemies that were pulling the strings behind the scenes.

To think that they would deploy fifteen Jade Class disciples at once, AND place such powerful injunctions upon them… Even Qi Ying was beginning to feel like he was being overestimated.

‘Looks like I’ll have to keep searching for leads another time. I have to clean up this mess first.’ 

He was a Green Class disciple, and killing those fifteen Jade Class warriors was a justified action, but if word of his feats were to spread, it would still bring him a lot of trouble.

It was just like back when he was at the Celestial River Academy; the situation had begun to spiral out of control, right after Duan Tianshan and his group of lackeys were killed.

Qi Ying looked at the pile of bodies on the ground, and heaved a faint sigh. “Even though all of you tried to kill me, you were only doing someone else’s bidding, so I’ll burn some paper money [1. Burning paper money for the deceased is a Chinese tradition. The idea is that the burned money will manifest itself as wealth for the deceased to spend in the afterlife.] for you to spend on the other side…”

The way he dealt with their bodies was quite simple; he simply tossed them onto the grasslands, which were frequented by many carnivorous beasts. Qi Ying didn’t have the heart to see them being eaten, so he departed soon after depositing their bodies.

He had already secured a large haul of beast-based materials, and the only disappointing thing to him was that he was no longer able to find that Divine Wind Falcon.

While depositing the bodies of his pursuers onto the grasslands, Qi Ying tried to make physical contact with the Spirit Martial Stage warriors’ bodies using his left hand. However, no further energy was absorbed from them.

‘I’ve already got the Fire Python Energy in my body, so perhaps I can’t absorb anything else until after I’ve expended that?’ 

Qi Ying could only speculate.

From those findings, Qi Ying could roughly guess the abilities of his left hand in conjunction with his bloodline.

Engulfment and plunder.

Upon coming into contact with deceased Spirit Martial Stage warriors with Battle Spirits, his left hand would absorb the power of their Battle Spirit, and reciprocate it to him.

He wasn’t able to use those Battle Spirits as a result, but he could use abilities that were similar in nature.

There were two main flaws with that ability. Firstly, it appeared that he could only house the power of one Battle Spirit in his body at a time; secondly, that power was an exhaustible resource that dwindled with usage.

Even so, it was still an insane ability!

‘I have to work harder in my cultivation! I wonder what kind of Battle Spirit I will awaken with my special bloodline, once I reach the Spirit Martial Stage…’ 

“Hoho, you sure got a lot of stuff today! Did you take some other disciples’ materials back with you?”

The disciple at the Missions Pavilion tallied the materials Qi Ying was submitting, and a surprised look appeared on his face.

“Ahaha, I was pretty lucky.” Qi Ying gave an ambiguous response.

There was no way a normal Sixth Energy Martial Stage disciple would be able to secure so many materials from one trip, especially when there was no lack of materials from Yellow Tier Eighth and Ninth Rank beasts.

Qi Ying decided that it was important to show off from time to time, so the academy would view him as a worthwhile prospect, and therefore extend more resources and protection toward him.

“One thousand two hundred and fifty Yun Xiao Points have been deposited into your badge.”

“Thank you.”

After leaving the Missions Pavilion, Qi Ying quickly arrived at the Spirit Medicine Pavilion.

It was quite unfortunate that he wasn’t able to secure the eyes of the Divine Wind Falcon, but with his Yun Xiao Points, he would be able to purchase some pills that would have a similar effect.

Instructor Liancheng Ying wasn’t on duty in the Spirit Medicine Pavilion that day. Instead, it was a benevolent-looking middle-aged female instructor. Qi Ying inquired about which pills would be beneficial to his cultivation of the Purple Sun Eye, and she provided him with some information.

In the end, Qi Ying spent three hundred Yun Xiao Points for two Eagle Eye Pills, and a packet of Fire Eye Powder.

The Eagle Eye Pills contained the ocular essence of many types of falcon beasts, and when used in conjunction with the Fire Eye Powder, it would greatly benefit his cultivation in the Purple Sun Eye. At the same time, that combination of medicine would also work to enhance his vision.

After that, Qi Ying went to the Cultivation Methods Library.

“Instructor Jiang, I want this Purple Sun Astral Finger!”

Qi Ying handed the Purple Sun Astral Finger jade tablet over to Jiang Yuanping in a nonchalant manner.

“Eight hundred Yun Xiao Points.”

The latter took Qi Ying’s Yun Xiao Points expressionlessly, before undoing the seal on the Purple Sun Astral Finger tablet.

Qi Ying took the battle technique and left.

‘He didn’t exhibit any abnormal reaction when he saw me, so could it be that the Chu family isn’t behind all this? No, the fact that he was so willing to help me is abnormal in itself! I have to find another way to confirm this!’ 

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