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The Deity of War – Chapter 127 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 127

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 127: Engulfment Monarch Constitution

That night, Qi Ying took the Eagle Eye Pills and Fire Eye Powder.

The two types of medicine couldn’t be refined straight into the bloodstream like normal pills. Instead, they had to be converted into a special type of substance using True Energy as a catalyst, then sent into the meridians, where they would then flow into the eyes to be absorbed.


A ball of green substance appeared in Qi Ying’s meridians before splitting itself into two equal parts, which flowed into both of his eyes.

His eyes were then immediately struck by a painful burning sensation.


He began to circulate his True Energy in accordance with the Purple Sun Eye, thereby speeding up his absorption of that green substance.

Gradually, the scorching effect began to recede, and was replaced by a smooth and cool sensation.

Qi Ying opened his eyes, and his pupils exuded a burst of purple and golden light in the night, as if there were two balls of purple flames burning in his eyes sockets.

‘Night vision?!’

Qi Ying was both shocked and elated to discover that even though it was late into the night, his vision was almost the same as it was during the daytime, when looking at things within a two hundred feet radius.


Two beams of purple light erupted from his eyes.


A charred black hole was blasted into a tree in the courtyard.

‘I haven’t reached the elementary level yet, so the power output is limited. However, I should be able to reach the elementary level with a bit of practice!’ 

Qi Ying was very pleased.

Ocular battle techniques were among the most special battle techniques, and produced relatively significant changes in one’s body. They had very stringent requirements on one’s True Energy manipulation skills and learning ability, so they were very difficult to cultivate. 

As such, Qi Ying was extremely excited by his rate of progression.

Furthermore, when cultivating his Purple Sun Eye, his Purple Energy Cultivation Method was also greatly enhanced.

Thus, Qi Ying began to progress even more quickly toward the Seventh Energy Martial Stage.

‘I’ll cultivate the Purple Sun Astral Finger next!’ 

The Purple Sun Astral Finger was far more powerful than the Scorching Sun Fist, when it came to damage output in a small focused area.

After the events that had transpired earlier in the day, Qi Ying felt that it was necessary to master many battle techniques. Even though they did expend a lot of his Yun Xiao Points to purchase, he had to ensure his personal safety, so it was a necessary sacrifice.

After some cultivation.


Qi Ying extended a finger, and a purple finger projection shot forth.

Knock knock!

An extremely deep hole with the same circumference as his finger was drilled into the hard ground.

That battle technique was a lot faster to cultivate than the Purple Sun Eye!

The next day, Qi Ying woke up and headed to the Qing Xiao Hall for his lessons.

Similar to last time, all of his classmates were all new Energy Martial Stage disciples.

However, the lesson was being taught by Liancheng Ying rather than Li Yanlang.

His amicable and benevolent personality presented a stark contrast to Li Yanlang’s strict demeanor.

His lesson was also a lot less strenuous, as it was a theoretical lesson teaching disciples how to identify different spirit medicine, as well as some basic knowledge on pill refinement.

During the course of the lesson, the disciples also learned that Instructor Liancheng Ying was married into the Shui family, which was a vastly renowned pill refinement family in the kingdom. As such, he was a master in the field of spirit medicine identification.

Following the conclusion of the lesson, all of the disciples left with a lot of new knowledge with regard to spirit medicines and pills.

For example, which pills had to be consumed in tandem to achieve the best effect, or which medicine had to be taken in advance before a certain spirit medicine, in order to prevent one from being struck by the paralysis side-effect.

The information was all quite new to the disciples, and it was sure to be very useful in their future cultivation!

After all, as their cultivation bases progressed, they would come into contact with more and more types of pills, particularly after reaching the Spirit Martial Stage. As such, warriors had to learn to identify medicines and their uses.

Qi Ying was naturally greatly enlightened as well, and he sought out Liancheng Ying after the lesson, to inquire about which pills were best for his future cultivation.

However, Liancheng Ying replied, “I don’t recommend taking pills as a shortcut to quickly improve your cultivation base! Everyone has great potential, and pills are used during cultivation to stimulate that potential. Taking pills from time to time can help warriors tap into the potential they would otherwise be unable to, thus improving their cultivation base. However, unless you possess the Engulfment Monarch Constitution that is unique to the Qi family, excessive consumption of pills will only overexert your potential, and you would very likely end up two or three stages short of where you would be had you cultivated patiently!”


Qi Ying didn’t press the issue any further.

His situation was completely different from everyone else! Progressing too quickly in cultivation would indeed result in an unstable foundation, but he could take as many pills as he wanted without any fear nor inhibition! If he ingested too much energy for his body to bear, then his left hand would clean up everything for him.

Furthermore, Qi Ying had read some information regarding the seven major families, and was familiar with the Engulfment Monarch Constitution. Apparently, that was an exceptional constitution that the Qi family inherited from their patriarch. During their thousand-year-long history, there would occasionally be a Qi family member who exhibited that constitution, and all of them went on to become Heaven Martial Stage warriors.

Those with the Engulfment Monarch Constitution could progress at an extraordinary rate in their cultivation, and most of them had reached the Heaven Martial Stage before twenty years of age! Furthermore, as long as they didn’t have untimely deaths, all of them would go on to stand at the pinnacle of the Heaven Martial Stage.

It was said that they even had the chance to ascend to a higher cultivation base than the Heaven Martial Stage.

Every time the Engulfment Monarch Constitution appeared, the entire Yun Xiao Kingdom would be stirred into a frenzy, as it foreshadowed that a new Heaven Martial Stage powehouse was going to appear in twenty years!

‘The Engulfment Monarch Constitution is a bit similar to my bloodline, but it actually appears to be a little inferior. The constitution only increases the upper limit on the energy one can absorb to an extremely high benchmark, but it can’t absorb a hundred percent of the pill power ingested like my bloodline does, nor does it have the ability to steal the energy from someone’s Battle Spirit!’ 

With those thoughts in mind, Qi Ying began to develop a keen interest in his bloodline.

He had a unique left hand and a peculiar bloodline… Just who was he?

Was he really just an abandoned infant who had been found in some destroyed village?

That afternoon, Qi Ying traveled to the Jade Class.

For Green Class disciples, only when accessing the Black Class did they require special permission from the academy elders. If they wished to travel to any of the other four peaks, they would be granted entry after displaying their identification badges.

Disciples from different classes had different rights.

For example, Jade Class disciples had to receive special permission from the elders if they wanted to access the Qing Xiao Peak.

A green-robed disciple arriving at the Jade Class would inevitably create quite a stir. After all, they were the lowliest disciples in the academy, and Green Class disciples were almost pre-destined to be superior to them in the future.

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