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The Deity of War – Chapter 128 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 128

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 128: He Must Be Here to Recruit Underlings

Thus, Qi Ying received a lot of attention, and even some of the younger instructors took a few extra glances at him.

The younger disciples of the Green Class mostly hailed from either wealthy or noble backgrounds. Furthermore, Qi Ying was quite handsome and that in itself created the illusion of nobility. As such, a few disciples soon began to approach him with fawning smiles, asking him why he had graced their Jade Class with his presence, and if he required any assistance.


Qi Ying was feeling quite uncomfortable from the scrutiny he received, and he mumbled a few awkward responses before quickly departing, leaving a bunch of envious white-robed disciples in his wake.

No one in the Jade Class knew who he was, and that was quite convenient for him.

He had arrived at the Jade Class to investigate the identities of the disciples who had come after him.

Just knowing their names wasn’t enough. He had to find out more about them in order to make sound judgments.

Of course, he couldn’t just directly ask for information regarding a few recently-deceased disciples!

He had to do things in a more indirect way.

After a while, a Jade Class disciple strode over to Qi Ying with a wide smile on his face. “Hello there, who are you looking for?”

“Tian Shou is in this class, right?”

“He is, I can get him for…”

“Which dorm room?”

“I think it was fifty-seven. May I ask…”

“Thank you.”

Qi Ying cut him off and immediately set off to find the dorm number fifty-seven.

As a Green Class disciple, finding someone in the Jade Class was very easy as everyone was clambering to help him.


Knock knock!

Qi Ying knocked on the door to the dorm fifty-seven and a slightly chubby disciple poked his head out. His eyes immediately widened at the sight of the green-robed disciple, and he asked, “Er, who are you looking for?”

“Tian Shou lives here, right?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Is he here?”

“He’s doing a mission right now, so he probably won’t be back for a little while… You are…”

“I’m a friend of his.”

A shocked look appeared on his face. He had known Tian Shou for a few days, but he hadn’t heard him mention any friends from the Green Class…

“Then I’ll wait for him for a while.”

Qi Ying strode into the room and sat down on a chair.

He looked around at the interior of the dorm, and his brows furrowed slightly. 

Everything was old and dilapidated, and there were four beds in one room… The difference was night and day when compared to the Green Class dorms.

The chubby disciple made his way over to him with a fawning smile. “Would you like some tea?”

“No, thanks.” Qi Ying waved a hand before asking, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Li Lin!”

“Are you also a new disciple?”

“No, no.” Li Lin replied, “You probably don’t know this, but Jade Class Spirit Martial Stage disciples are split into dorms according to their Battle Spirits. Both Tian Shou and I have wolf-type Battle Spirits, and one of the disciples in this dorm graduated recently, so Tian Shou was allocated here. May I ask your name?”

“Qi Ying.”

“Oh… Hah? Qi Ying?! You… you’re…” The shock on Li Lin’s face grew even more pronounced.

Qi Ying knew that Li Lin must have misunderstood something about him, but he didn’t try to clear up the issue. Instead, he asked. “So you’re split up according to your Battle Spirits? How interesting… Can I ask you some questions about that?”

Li Lin was more than happy to answer his questions. After all, not only was Qi Ying a Green Class disciple, there was a very good chance that he was also a member of the Qi family! It was a fantastic opportunity for him to make a good first impression!

“Sure, go ahead.”

“How many types of Battle Spirits are there?”

“In terms of broad categories, there are beast-type, weapon-type, plant-type, natural-type, and special-type Battle Spirits. Most Spirit Martial Stage warriors—about eighty percent, in fact—possess beast-type Battle Spirits. Of course, there is also the most number of sub-categories among beast-type Battle Spirits; those include mammal types, bird types, fighter types, reptilian types, et cetera…”

Qi Ying cut him off there, “Oh? What are some of the representative Battle Spirits among the reptilian types?”

Li Lin didn’t mind being cut off by Qi Ying at all, and he immediately replied, “The most renowned ones are obviously dragon type Battle Spirits! Battle Spirits are split into nine grades, and almost all dragon-type Battle Spirits are at the sixth grade or above. Of course, there are no disciples in the entire Jade Class with dragon-type Battle Spirits… Occasionally, one will appear in the Green Class, but most of them are in the Purple and Black Classes. Aside from dragon-type Battle Spirits, there are python-types, snake-types, lizard-types, bug-types…”

“Oh… Are you familiar with the disciples in your Jade Class? Or do you know someone who’s really familiar with a lot of disciples in the Jade Class?”

“Haha!” Li Lin laughed triumphantly as he patted his chest, “You’ve come to the right person, Young Master Qi! I’ve been at the Jade Class for three years, and aside from the new disciples, I know the majority of the Jade Class disciples!”

“You can remember several thousand people?”

“My memory is really good!”

Qi Ying was elated to hear that. “That’s great!”

Li Lin was also ecstatic. “Who would you like to know about? You can feel free to ask me!”

He felt like he knew Qi Ying’s objective. He was a new Green Class disciple, and a member of the Qi family; he was clearly trying to recruit underlings from the Jade Class!

The most powerful and core young members of the seven major families were naturally all in the Purple and Black Classes.

However, their true backbone was in the Green Class!

The power struggle among disciples from the seven major families was very complex. Not only did they have to establish factions in the Purple and Black Classes, they also had to gather forces in the Crimson and Jade Classes through the help of their Green Class family members.

In doing so, they would be able to take the majority of the missions offered by the academy, and take over all of the cultivation venues for themselves. Furthermore, that also worked to recruit members into their families’ personal armies.

Thus, it was quite clear that the Qi family had sent Qi Ying to the Jade Class to recruit underlings.

He had to grab that opportunity!

“Alright then, I want to hear about all of the disciples with fire reptilian type Battle Spirits. I’m using a fire-type cultivation method, so I want to exchange some ideas with them…”

Qi Ying contemplated momentarily before making up a reason for his inquiry.

Even though Qi Ying hadn’t admitted to it, Li Lin was already convinced that he was looking for new underlings! He was obviously looking for disciples that used similar cultivation methods to his own, so they could dominate all of the fire-type cultivation venues in the academy!

Li Lin clapped his hands together. “Alright! I can name over thirty disciples with reptilian-type Battle Spirits! Let me introduce them to you one by one!”

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