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The Deity of War – Chapter 130 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 130

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 130: The Alliance Goddess

Blood God Alliance?

Han Shenglong then launched into an introduction about the said alliance, thereby allowing Qi Ying to develop a rough understanding toward it.

The Blood God Alliance was founded very recently, and he actually knew one of the founders; it was Han Xue, whom he had met during the Cloud Steps Trial!

As expected of a young mistress of direct lineal descent from the Han family; she had only been attending the academy for a few days, and she already had her own faction!

Blood God Alliance.

It was quite an impactful name.

However, Qi Ying almost coughed up a mouthful of blood after hearing the name of the other founder.

Her name appeared to be… Wei Nüshen [1. Nüshen means goddess, so her name is literally Goddess Wei.].

Qi Ying initially thought that he had misheard. After all, how could someone possibly have a name like that? 

However, Han Shenglong then explained with a serious expression, “In the Golden Kingdom of the North, the Empress and one of the concubines are named Yin Huanghou [2. Huanghou means Empress] and Yang Nüwang [3. Nüwang means Queen] respectively. As such, it’s not abnormal for the young mistress of the Wei family to be named Wei Nüshen!”

“Er… Haha.”

The names of the founders were inconsequential anyway, so Qi Ying didn’t speak any more on the issue. He recalled that he had also seen that Wei Nüshen; she appeared to be one of the people hanging out with Han Xue on the fifth platform of the Cloud Steps.

What was important to him was whether the Blood God Alliance was reliable!

If it were just a faction that was set up by two little girls for fun, then it would only be detrimental for him to join. 

Han Shenglong seemed to have gleaned Qi Ying’s thoughts, and his eyes narrowed as he patted his plump stomach. “Let me tell you this, Brother Qi; the Blood God Alliance is indeed a faction created by two young mistresses, but it’s certainly not just some group that was founded for recreational purposes! In the academy, the Feather Dragon Alliance is the most powerful of all of the factions, followed by the Heavenly Qi Sect. However, if those established factions want to continue to develop, then they’ll have to branch out through new sects.

“The Blood God Alliance is actually a joint endeavor founded by the Han, Zhao, and Wei families, and they’re currently recruiting members with potential, rather than just looking at cultivation bases. If you join the Blood God Alliance, it will only be of benefit to you! I’ll be honest here; I am the deputy branch leader of the Blood God Alliance’s Green Class Branch. If you join now, I can make you the third flag leader of our Green Class Branch!”


Qi Ying finally understood what was happening.

All the fat b*stard was doing was promoting his own faction!

If even a Sixth Energy Martial Stage disciple like him could become a flag leader, then the so-called Green Class Branch of the Blood God Alliance probably didn’t even have ten members!

However, Qi Ying really was a little tempted after hearing Han Shenglong’s explanation.

Joining the Blood God Alliance may not reap him immediate benefits, but the alliance was in need of members!

It was only a new faction, so they most likely hadn’t secured any good cultivation venues, but Qi Ying had never been concerned about his rate of cultivation progression. As long as he had sufficient pills and good cultivation methods, he didn’t need those specialized venues to make fast improvements.

The Spirit Martial Stage was not far away, and after progressing to that stage, he was confident that he would be able to maintain an extremely fast rate of cultivation, provided that he had enough resources.

Alright… Can you tell me about the Green Class Branch of the Blood God Alliance? For example, who is the branch leader? And how many flag leaders are there?”

“About that… I can only disclose that information to you after you join.”

“Alright, I’m willing to join the Green Class Branch of the Blood God Alliance!”

Qi Ying nodded with a serious expression.

“Nice!” Han Shenglong patted Qi Ying on the shoulder, “Now then, I’ll get you to sign the registration form here!”


Han Shenglong brought out a scroll and laid it out in front of Qi Ying. A bunch of terms and conditions were written upon the scroll, and a blank space was left for registration names.

Qi Ying rolled up his sleeves, dipped his brush in some ink, and signed his name on the scroll.

“That’s a fantastic signature!” Han Shenglong applauded.

Qi Ying put down the brush and his brows furrowed slightly as he asked, “Why is my name the only one on the scroll?”

“That’s because I haven’t had time to write mine yet.”

“Er, wait a minute, how many members are there in our Green Class Branch?”


“But… aren’t I the third flag leader?”

“The first and second flag leaders spots are still vacant…”

“Can you do that? And who’s the branch leader?”

“Branch leader? I am currently the stand-in branch leader, as well as the deputy branch leader.”

“What the f*ck?! So who’s the other member in the branch?”

“It’s you!” Han Shenglong pointed at Qi Ying before pointing at himself, “The Green Class Branch currently has a deputy branch leader, which is me, and a third flag leader, which is you! In the coming days, both of us have to work hard to recruit other disciples! Our mission is going to be an arduous one, but I’m sure you’ll be up to the task!”


Qi Ying was suddenly struck by the urge to bash Han Shenglong, especially when he saw the latter’s smug expression.

‘What the f*ck?! I’m here to JOIN a faction, not build one!’

Han Shenglong put away his gloating expression, and adopted a heartfelt and meaningful look. “Work hard, third flag leader, and the future will be ours! Someone from the main branch will be coming to visit us the day after tomorrow, so we have to at least recruit ten people before then!”

‘F*ck off…’

Qi Ying really wanted to withdraw from the alliance, but he had already signed the registration scroll, so it was too late!

Qi Ying was beginning to feel more and more like he had been scammed. That feeling arose from the fact that he had been dragged away by Han Shenglong to recruit new members!

It turned out that the Blood God Alliance had only been founded two days prior, and Han Xue had only notified Han Shenglong the day before that he was the deputy branch leader.

Qi Ying felt extremely awkward, as Han Shenglong shamelessly promoted the glorious future of the Blood God Alliance to any disciples that would listen.

However, having thick skin had its benefits, especially in the case of Han Shenglong, as he had exemplary swindling techniques in conjunction with his thick skin!

After a while, there were a few more disciples who were scammed just like Qi Ying was, and signed their names on the registration form without really knowing what was going on.

Qi Ying was beginning to develop a newfound admiration for Han Shenglong. “I’ve never seen anyone with promotional skills like yours!”

Han Shenglong smiled. “Hehe, you have much to learn, third flag leader! Our Han family doesn’t have any exceptionally powerful warriors, but we’ve held a secure berth among the seven major families for many many years, and that can be attributed almost entirely to our promotional skills! We’ve managed to recruit countless members all around the kingdom by promising them a bright future. By the way, we currently have six members, so you can help me recruit four more tomorrow, right?”

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