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The Deity of War – Chapter 133 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 133

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 133: You Can Have Lin Yin



The two of them only hesitated momentarily before slapping themselves in the face.

They didn’t dare to go against Rudder Leader’s Liu’s orders.

Besides, if Qi Ying really was a member of the Qi family, then he was someone that they absolutely could not mess with. If slapping themselves would soothe his anger, then they would gladly do so.

Lin Chunlei turned to Qi Ying with a fawning smile and put his hands together in a salute. “Flag Leader Qi, please just ignore these two idiots, and if they’ve offended you in any way, then I apologize on their behalf. I hope your cultivation goes well, and we’ll move somewhere else!”


Qi Ying replied with a cold expression.

“Let’s go.”

Liu Chunlei left with his two subordinates, and as they walked away, he transmitted his voice to them, “Be more careful next time! I can tell that that Qi Ying is no ordinary person. My Battle Spirit can sense that his glove is very likely an Earth Tier treasured tool! For a Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior like him to possess an Earth Tier treasured tool; he must be a side branch young master of the Qi family! Keep your eyes peeled next time, or I’ll gouge them out and feed them to dogs!”


The two subordinates immediately nodded, but they were both grumbling internally.

‘You were the one who told us to chase away whoever we saw! Besides, who would have thought that such a mundane-looking guy would be such an important figure?’

“Piss off! Don’t let anyone aside from Qi Ying near here!”

The more Liu Chunlei looked at his two subordinates, the more enraged he became. After dismissing them, he sat down in preparation to accumulate energy for his breakthrough to the Seventh Spirit Martial Stage. 

He had just gotten into the zone when Qi Ying’s arrival completely ruined his concentration.

It would take him four to six more hours to reach that state again!

“They believed me…”

Even Qi Ying himself was quite surprised that his bluff had worked.

It was quite a satisfying feeling!

Watching those two high and mighty disciples slapping themselves was quite an enjoyable sight.

To think that just the mention of his surname would have such a powerful effect.

Qi Ying was really envious of all of the Qi family’s young masters. They almost didn’t have to work at all and they would still enjoy riches and power, which was far beyond what the vast majority of the population could ever dream of attaining.

As such, he had to work harder in his cultivation.

His starting point was already very low, and if he didn’t work extra hard, how could he compete with those young masters from the major families?

There were still some other people in the Fire Gorge, but they were all situated quite far away from Qi Ying, so their cultivation didn’t disrupt one another.

Qi Ying circulated his True Energy toward his eyes.

Purple Sun Eye!


Two beams of purple light pierced through a vast expanse of flames, before shooting into the air, and exploding upon reaching the light barrier overhead.

After some practice, Qi Ying was able to significantly improve the speed at which he fired his Purple Sun Eye, to the extent that it was almost instantaneous.

Its power also became more consistent, and even though it wasn’t as powerful as his Purple Sun Astral Finger, it still packed a highly concentrated destructive force.

More importantly, Qi Ying had made considerable improvements in his True Energy manipulation skills. During his cultivation, he was able to make fine adjustments in the way his True Energy flowed through his meridians, thereby improving his cultivation speed by about ten percent.

He also saw a slight improvement in the rate at which he converted Purple Energy into True Energy. In fact, the conversion rate had actually improved significantly, but it was made less apparent by his left hand, which was constantly absorbing his energy.


Qi Ying swallowed a pill and quickly refined it to recover his True Energy.

The vital energy of heaven and earth was very abundant in the Fire Gorge, and his True Energy absorption rate had doubled, but he didn’t plan on practicing his cultivation method there.

It would simply be a waste.

He only had twelve hours available, so it would be best that he honed his battle techniques instead!


Thump! Thump!

His Purple Sun Astral Finger and Scorching Sun Fist were quickly improving.

Nearby, the attention of many cultivating disciples was drawn to the commotion Qi Ying was making.

“Such a pure Purple Yang type aura.”

“I wonder which Energy Martial Stage disciple is cultivating their battle techniques in here…?”

Most of the disciples cultivating in the Fire Gorge were making preparations for breakthroughs, so it was very rare to see someone practicing their battle techniques in there.

One couldn’t progress that far in their battle techniques in a short period of time, so it would only be a massive waste of Yun Xiao Points.

‘As expected of the Qi family’s young master; he’s got more than enough money to burn!’ 

Liu Chunlei thought to himself. 

At the same time, he heaved a massive sigh of relief. Thankfully, he was able to react quickly to the situation. Otherwise, he would be in a lot of trouble if he were to get on the bad side of a young master from the Qi family!

Qi Ying was completely immersed in the process of honing his battle techniques.

Twelve hours was not a long time for a warrior, but it was the lengthiest cultivation session Qi Ying had ever had.


Qi Ying emerged from the Fire Gorge, and inhaled a breath of fresh air with an excited expression on his face.

After that session of cultivation, his Scorching Sun Fist, Purple Sun Eye, and Purple Sun Astral Finger had all reached the initial success level, and the Scorching Sun Fist was already close to the great success level.

Qi Ying’s learning ability could only be considered to be average among Green Class disciples, so his fast rate of progression could mostly be attributed to other areas that he had greater proficiency in.

However, the Fire Gorge Badge had also become a piece of scrap waste. 

He didn’t know when he would be able to access the venue again.

‘Oh, right, the main branch of the Blood God Alliance is going to be sending people to the Green Class today!’ 

Qi Ying recalled what Han Shenglong had told him the day prior.

The main branch of the Blood God Alliance would most likely consist of Han Xue, Wei Nüshen, and some other Black Class disciples.

The Green Class disciples treated them just like how the Jade Class disciples had treated him.

Soon, Qi Ying left the Fire Gorge and headed back to his dorm room.

The headquarters of the Blood God Alliance Green Class Branch were set in Han Shenglong’s dorm room.

It was dawn at present, and Qi Ying continued to practice the external section of his Purple Energy Cultivation Method on the way back.

In reality, even though Qi Ying consumed a large number of pills, his progression mainly hinged on the foundation that he had laid down through daily cultivation.

Taking pills was only something he did when required.

After reaching the headquarters of the Green Class Branch, he found that Lin Yin and the disciples they had recruited during the past few days were already there. Han Shenglong was talking to them about something with a smile on his face.

He immediately waved upon seeing Qi Ying. “Hey there, third flag leader, nice of you to join us! You are the only flag leader at the moment, so there might be too much on your plate later on. Coincidentally, Lin Yin has no interest in becoming the fourth flag leader, so I’ll get her to help you out!”


Qi Ying nodded.

He was was happy to work with Lin Yin. Even though her logic was a little inexplicable at times, she was a hard worker and had good relations with all of the other disciples.

In contrast, he was a lot more introverted, so the talkative Lin Yin would complement him perfectly.

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