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The Deity of War – Chapter 134 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 134

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 134: Carrying vs Getting Carried

Not long after that, all of the Blood God Alliance Green Class Branch members had gathered, and together, they awaited the arrival of the people from the main branch.

There weren’t that many of them; only about seven or eight, but all of them were extremely revered figures to the Green Class disciples.

Gasps of admiration and praise rang out wherever they went.

Unless they died at an early age, the vast majority of Black Class disciples would go on to become Earth Martial Stage powerful beings. Even if they didn’t come from a prominent family, they would enjoy a noble status in the kingdom.

Any Earth Martial Stage warrior-even at the lowest First Earth Martial Stage-would be powerful enough to establish a minor aristocratic family in the capital!

In particular, most of the Black Class disciples hailed from prominent families in the first place, so they were extremely influential figures in the academy.

Furthermore, the disciples who had come from the Blood God Alliance’s main branch were all female, so they naturally attracted more attention.

The proportion of female disciples in the Green Class, was already significantly higher than that of the Crimson and Jade Classes. However, they were still quite rare, making up less than ten percent of the total number of disciples.

As such, how could the Green Class disciples not be excited by the sight of a group of black-robed beauties?

‘Sigh, what a bunch of thirsty blokes…’

There were many disciples who were staring blankly at the girls from the Blood God Alliance’s main branch, and Qi Ying found them to be quite amusing.

Even if they were desperate for female company, shouldn’t they disguise it a little in such a public setting?

However, Qi Ying was also quite surprised when he turned his attention to the group of black-robed girls, as he discovered that Han Xue was already at the First Spirit Martial Stage.

A fourteen-year-old First Spirit Martial Stage warrior.

That was nothing short of terrifying.

If a warrior couldn’t progress to the Earth Martial Stage, then their cultivation progression would stall after reaching about twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. However, there were some outliers who reached their limits at just twenty-one years of age, while others could still force their cultivation base to progress by a stage or two even after twenty-five.

Sixteen to nineteen were the years during which warriors’ cultivation base progressed the most quickly.

Furthermore, warriors who had only just progressed to the Spirit Martial Stage also experienced a period of rapid improvement, due to the physiological changes that resulted in their bodies.

Fourteen-year-old First Spirit Martial Stage warriors were quite rare, even in the Black Class. It was far more common for Black Class disciples to reach the Spirit Martial Stage at fifteen or sixteen, which meant that their two periods of rapid growth would overlap. However, Han Xue had progressed to the Spirit Martial Stage earlier than that, which meant that she would go through her first period of rapid growth one or two years earlier than most of her classmates!

With her insane aptitude, Han Xue presumably held a very high position in the Han family!

“Hey, Qi Ying! We meet again!” Han Xue was very elated to see Qi Ying, “Did you join my Blood God Alliance? Hahaha! You’ve made the right choice! You’ll definitely live the good life if you follow me!”


Qi Ying gave a wry smile.

Even though Han Xue’s cultivation base progressed quicker than most, it appeared her level of maturity was still lagging far behind.

He didn’t know whether joining her faction would be a blessing or a curse.

“So you already knew our alliance leader?” Han Shenglong was a little surprised. He wasn’t aware that Qi Ying and Han Xue were already acquainted with one another.

The other disciples in the Green Class Branch also turned their attention to Qi Ying.

‘That Sixth Energy Martial Stage disciple appears to be on good terms with the alliance leader; looks like he’s someone that could potentially carry us!’


Qi Ying was even more dejected upon seeing those admiring gazes.

‘I’m here to get carried! Don’t expect me to carry you!’

The people from the Blood God Alliance main branch had no particular reason for visiting the Green Class Branch. Alliance Leader Han Xue had never been to the Qing Xiao Peak before, so she was basically using the visit as an opportunity for her and her friends to have a day out together.

At the same time, it was also a promotional stunt for the Blood God Alliance.

After all, the Green Class Branch had always been taken care of by Han Shenglong, so no one knew if the alliance really did have powerful backers as they claimed.

After Han Xue and the others went to visit the Green Class Branch, a bunch of disciples were instantly convinced and were clambering to join the alliance.

During the process, Qi Ying also familiarized himself with some of the main branch’s members.

There were about a dozen people in the Blood God Alliance main branch, some of which were deployed by the Han and Wei families, while the rest were recruited following the founding of the faction. There weren’t that many people, but it was a decent foundation.

Due to the fact that both of the founders were female, many male Black Class disciples were willing to join.

Han Xue was pretty much the alliance leader and mascot of the Blood God Alliance. After all, her high status and her insane five blacks aptitude were the best advertising tools one could possibly ask for. Thus, Wei Nüshen was left to handle the logistics of running the faction.

Wei Nüshen was also a new disciple of the academy, but she was already seventeen years of age. Her cultivation base was at the Fourth Spirit Martial Stage, and she held the highest position in the Blood God Alliance.

Contrary to her name, Wei Nüshen’s looks weren’t very dazzling. She was a plain-looking girl, but she was very kind and benevolent, and her voice had a gentle soothing quality to it. She was among the disciples Qi Ying had seen on the fifth platform of the Cloud Steps, and she was one of the only ones who hadn’t aimed a disdainful expression toward him.

“This is my first time establishing a faction, and I’m not very good at what I do yet, so I hope everyone can lend me your assistance, so we can work together to make the Blood God Alliance one of the most powerful factions in the academy! Everyone here will be the core members of the alliance, and enjoy the best benefits we have to offer.”

After a gentle yet rousing speech, all of the Green Class Branch were very motivated, and expressed a collective willingness to serve their “goddess”.

In reality, most of the disciples present wanted to join a powerful established faction.

Joining a new faction meant that they would inevitably be pushed around by the older and more powerful factions, and that they would have to endure hardships before reaping any actual benefits.

However, joining one of the older factions wasn’t that appealing either.

All of the higher-ups in those factions were very arrogant, and their new members often suffered horrendous treatment at their hands.

No matter how hard they worked, they would only be used as tools.

In contrast, joining the newly founded Blood God Alliance meant that they would all become core members, and if the Blood God Alliance rose to power in the future, they would have made a wise investment.

However, Wei Nüshen’s words cast Qi Ying into an even more sour mood.

‘Why are you asking for help from me? I’m here to get carried, not to do the carrying!’

Just as the members of the main branch were touring the Qing Xiao Peak, a group of over a hundred people gathered nearby.

A lazy voice sounded, “I heard that a new Blood God Alliance had been founded in the academy, and I thought it would be a significant faction, but who would have thought that it was just a bunch of useless disciples sucking up to a few little girls!”

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