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The Deity of War – Chapter 135 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 135

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 135: Have You Sucked Someone Off Before?

A bunch of Bixue Sword Alliance disciples strode over to the Blood God Alliance members, with mocking smiles on their faces.

A stir immediately ran through the Blood God Alliance members.

Many of them wore thunderous expressions.

The girls from the Blood God Alliance main branch were enraged beyond belief, and the Green Class Branch disciples could no longer maintain their smiles either.

They were only joining a faction, but they were being denounced as a bunch of useless disciples sucking up to some little girls…

Most importantly, there was nothing they could say to refute those words. After all, they really were joining a faction that was founded by two little girls.

That was the objective truth!

In the crowd, Qi Ying narrowed his eyes at the sight of Chu Bixue, and thought to himself, ‘What a sharp tongue…’

Chu Bixue was his main enemy in the Green Class.

He had already tried to assassinate Qi Ying, and there would surely be more attempts to follow.

In the future, he was definitely going to be cast into even more perilous situations.

However, he wasn’t sure what kind of person Chu Bixue was. Was he truly a cruel and decisive man? or just a spoiled rich brat who only knew how to run his mouth?

At that moment. 

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Han Xue was naturally unable to remain silent in the face of Chu Bixue’s provocation, and she stepped forward with her hands on her hips.

Chu Bixue chuckled, “Young Mistress Han, you’re the leader of the Blood God Alliance; you shouldn’t be getting angry over every little thing.”


“Exactly! She’s only a little girl, but she looks like a bitter widow!”

The Bixue Sword Alliance disciples burst into laughter.


Han Xue wanted to retaliate, but she was no match for Chu Bixue and the others in a war of words. Her lips quivered with indignation, but she couldn’t do anything.


Chu Bixue aimed a disdainful glance at Han Xue.

‘She’s just a little girl after all. Bringing her down a notch is way too easy!’

As a new faction, the Blood God Alliance was full of ambition and enthusiasm, so he had to stomp them into the ground before they got too full of themselves!

‘You think you’re establishing a future superpower? Hmph! In my eyes, you’re just a bunch of immature little girls and useless suck-ups!’

The Bixue Sword Alliance was already at the pinnacle of the academy factions, and had a few Ninth Spirit Martial Stage members. As such, they were not fearful of the Blood God Alliance.

In comparison, most of the Blood God Alliance Green Class Branch members were only at the Energy Martial Stages. It was a pitiful sight to behold!

Furthermore, Chu Bixue himself wasn’t scared of trouble, either.

The Chu family was initially a major military family that was stationed at the border of the kingdom, and only later moved into the capital. As such, they had never seen eye-to-eye with the other six major families, who were natives of the capital.

“Let’s go! I thought the Blood God Alliance was quite a powerful faction, but it’s nothing much! Look at them; they’re just a bunch of flat-chested chicks and some thirsty men, tsk tsk… They’re not going to amount to anything!” Chu Bixue jeered, “Let’s go back; there’s nothing to see here!”

He had already achieved his objective.

He could see that the Blood God Alliance’s morale had been completely crushed, and many of its members were already starting to have second thoughts. The alliance leader and the disciples all looked utterly defeated.

Morale was of paramount importance to a new faction, and without it, there was no way to establish cohesion and develop confidence. As such, the entire faction would fall apart before too long.


The Bixue Sword Alliance members burst into laughter once again.

Their attitude was quite clear.

In the eyes of the Bixue Sword Alliance, the Blood God Alliance was completely worthless!

Not only were they looking down on them, they were going to get everyone else to also look down on the faction! ‘If you continue to stay in the Blood God Alliance, you would only be looked down on by everyone, so just hurry up and withdraw!’

The fact that no one from the Blood God Alliance dared to stand up for them was very crushing to all of the disciples.

Qi Ying glowered at Chu Bixue as rage surged in his heart. He knew that most of the disciples who had joined the Blood God Alliance simply wanted a better future. They wanted to establish a powerful faction through their own hard work. They were not just sucking up to a bunch of female disciples; instead, they were looking to build something substantial with their own two hands. However, their efforts and ambitions were nothing but trash in Chu Bixue’s eyes…

His cockiness had Qi Ying seeing red!

He hated that type of people the most. They rested on their laurels and constantly flaunted their high cultivation base and noble status upon others. Everyone else had to be stomped into the ground in order to establish their own superiority.

With those thoughts in mind, he stepped forward and yelled, “Alliance leader, who’s that cocky little sh*t? You can tell that he’s a f*ggot just by looking at him! He says we’re all suck-ups just for joining a faction; well, he’s the leader of a faction, so he must have sucked off a lot of people to get to that point! Our Blood God Alliance doesn’t need to take chirpy little b*stards like him seriously!”


Everyone was rooted to the spot.

Many people couldn’t believe their ears.

‘What? A Sixth Energy Martial Stage disciple is insulting one of the most powerful prodigies of the Green Class? He’s accusing the leader of the Bixue Sword Alliance of… of sucking people off?!’

It was Chu Bixue that he was talking about!

He had been at the academy for two years, and had become a Fifth Spirit Martial Stage powerful being at just eighteen years of age! His learning ability aptitude was comparable to that of disciples in the Purple Class, and even some from the Black Class! He had a great chance of progressing to the Earth Martial Stage in the future, and he had singlehandedly founded the most powerful sect in the academy, the Bixue Sword Alliance!

His aptitude and power were all at the pinnacle of the Green Class, and he was a young master of direct lineal descent from the Chu family.

But he was being insulted by a Sixth Energy Martial Stage disciple, who most people didn’t even recognize! And he was doing it in front of over a hundred people!

The Bixue Sword Alliance members all thought that the kid was retarded. He was clearly trying to show off to the girls from their main branch, and was oblivious to Young Master Bixue’s identity, thereby prompting him to hurl those brainless insults.

All of them turned to Qi Ying with sympathetic looks.

He wasn’t going to be alive for much longer!

The spirits of the Blood God Alliance members were naturally lifted, but they were also quite concerned.

Chu Bixue was not someone to be messed with!

Even after being thrust under the limelight, Qi Ying’s expression remained calm and collected.

Everyone else was scared of offending Chu Bixue, but he wasn’t!

He and Chu Bixue were sworn enemies in the first place, so it didn’t matter if their relationship worsened even further.

Qi Ying glared at Chu Bixue, and sparks flew as their eyes met.

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