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The Deity of War – Chapter 136 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 136

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 136: Finally Getting Carried

The two of them only glanced at one another for an instant before turning away.

Chu Bixue chuckled with narrowed eyes, “Hehe… How interesting.”

Everyone else remained completely silent.

In particular, all of the Bixue Sword Alliance disciples were staring at Chu Bixue with bated breath.

He didn’t fly into a violent rage; he was laughing instead!

Everyone knew that he wasn’t laughing because he was stupid. In their eyes, the kid who had insulted him was as good as dead!

All of the Blood God Alliance members were also completely dumbfounded as they stared at Qi Ying.

A hint of surprise appeared in Han Xue’s eyes. Just because she was young and immature didn’t mean that she was ignorant and oblivious. She knew what consequences would befall a normal disciple like Qi Ying after irking Chu Bixue.

On the other side, Wei Nüshen was looking at Qi Ying with a look of approval, even though she didn’t even know who he was.

Qi Ying was not being an idiot and insulting Chu Bixue for the sake of it.

Instead, he was trying to inflate the morale of the Blood God Alliance! He was motivating everyone around him, and his retaliation was a calculated act of bravery, rather than a rash move made by a fool.

The implications behind his words were quite clear.

The Bixue Sword Alliance had also started from the bottom.

In the past, Chu Bixue was no different from them.

The fact that Chu Bixue was going out of his way to insult them only betrayed his inner fear. He was afraid that the Blood God Alliance would rise to power, and become a threat to his Bixue Sword Alliance.

Qi Ying appeared to be a fool for engaging in a war of words with someone that was far more powerful than him, but his rude words were able to instill renewed confidence and conviction in the hearts of the Blood God Alliance members!

As such, Wei Nüshen was beginning to develop a newfound appreciation for him.

Most importantly, he had to rely on the Blood God Alliance for protection after insulting Chu Bixue, so there was no possibility of him betraying the alliance in the future.

After that peal of eerie laughter, Chu Bixue had reverted back to his usual calm and collected expression, as if nothing had ever happened. He put on a smile that had wooed countless girls in the past, and turned to appraise Qi Ying again. “Who are you?”

“Green Class Branch third flag leader, Qi Ying. What? Alliance Leader Bixue wants to remember my name, so you can find an opportunity to deploy people to kill me while I’m hunting in the Beast Valley?”

Qi Ying’s expression remained very calm, but there was a hint of mockery in his voice.

“Heh. Of course not! I like brave people like you. I hope we meet again someday.” Chu Bixue turned and commanded, “What are you all standing here for? Let’s go!”


All of the Bixue Sword Alliance members departed behind him. The several dozens of Blood God Alliance members were left in their wake.

Han Xue rushed over to Qi Ying and punched him in the chest with her little fist. “Oi, are you an idiot? Why did you insult him? You’re in a world of trouble now!”

“Er… Alliance leader, I was standing up for you, so you have to protect me!”

Qi Ying immediately put on a pitiable expression.


All of the Blood God Alliance members’ mouths gaped open.

Was that still the same brave man who had hurled abuse at Chu Bixue?

‘What a hypocrite!’

“Hmph…” Han Xue stomped her foot with displeasure, “Alright! As long as I’m still around, I’ll make sure no harm comes to you!”

At that moment. 

Wei Nüshen turned to Qi Ying and said, “You don’t have to be overly concerned. Everyone will learn about your conflict with Chu Bixue soon enough, so if something were to happen to you, the first person the academy would investigate would be Chu Bixue. They may be quite powerful, but they wouldn’t dare to go too far. No one is allowed to murder disciples in the academy!”

“You’re right, Alliance Leader Goddess!” Qi Ying nodded with an earnest and grateful facade.

He had already taken into account what Wei Nüshen had told him.

He was not stupid enough to risk his life for the Blood God Alliance.

Ironically, after that minor altercation, he was much safer in the academy!

Just as Wei Nüshen had said, if something were to happen to him, Chu Bixue would be the first suspect! As such, they wouldn’t dare to do things like sending people after him in the Beast Valley again.

‘I can finally get carried…’ Qi Ying was quite elated by the sight of Wei Nüshen’s approving glance.

“Heh, he really is a special character.”

Chu Bixue murmured to himself with a dark expression.

He had realized that something was amiss when Jiang Yuanping told him that Qi Ying was still alive.

He had also already heard about the disappearance of the fifteen Jade Class disciples. Following an investigation, it was discovered that some of them were killed by powerful beasts during a hunting expedition, while the others entered an Ice Fire Ant’s nest, and perished after taking down the ant queen.

Even though so many academy disciples dying at once was rather uncommon, their deaths made logical sense.

However, Chu Bixue had just learned the truth.

After Qi Ying mentioned an assassination attempt in the Beast Valley, he knew what had happened. The fifteen Jade Class disciples hadn’t died accidental deaths; they had been killed by Qi Ying!

Initially, he had thought that Qi Ying was just some lucky kid with a few secrets.

However, Chu Bixue had since realized that his enemy was far more difficult to deal with than he had imagined!

The information he had gathered on Qi Ying stated that he was just a hillbilly who often made brainless and emotional decisions, and those tendencies had plunged him into a blood feud with the local noble families in his county.

However, that information was completely wrong! Qi Ying was a sly and vicious enemy.

Not only was he able to survive against fifteen pursuers who were far more powerful than him, he was able to kill all of them as well. Furthermore, after finding out that he was the mastermind behind the assassination attempt, Qi Ying provoked him in what appeared to the most idiotic manner, but it was actually the smartest move he could have made.

‘I may not be able to do anything to you now, but I’ll have opportunities to kill you later down the track!’ 

Chu Bixue was confident that Qi Ying wouldn’t be able to escape his fate of dying by his hands.

After all, there was simply too much of a disparity between their status and power.

He was like an ordinary starving wolf; no matter how sly and vicious he was, he would inevitably fall as prey in the face of a powerful beast.

The days after that incident were quite peaceful for Qi Ying. He took pills to cultivate, and completed missions for Yun Xiao Points. With those points, he bought more pills for cultivation, and he attended lessons from time to time. Those repetitive and even boring days gave the illusion that he was no longer in any danger.

The Blood God Alliance was also developing nicely, and there were already around sixty members in the Green Class Branch, some of which were even at the Fourth and FIfth Spirit Martial Stages. Qi Ying also benefited from the alliance’s growth. He couldn’t scare away Rudder Leader Liu with a bluff, after entering the Fire Gorge like he did on the previous occasion, but the Blood God Alliance had taken over some territory in the gorge, and he was able to cultivate there.

However, all of it ended up only being the calm before the storm.

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