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The Deity of War – Chapter 139 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 139

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 139: Holy Flame Monarch Constitution?

Fighting was strictly prohibited in the Fire Gorge, and the consequence would be an eternal ban from the gorge, so Qi Ying didn’t have to be concerned about his safety. In particular, he didn’t have to worry about irking anyone from the Bixue Sword Alliance, as they were all sworn enemies anyway.

Thus, he continued onward after giving a disdainful chuckle.

A burst of furious yelling erupted from behind him.

“You little b*stard! I’ll make sure to have some fun with you in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm!”


Qi Ying ignored him and continued onward for about four hundred feet before stopping. The deeper one strode into Fire Gorge, the more powerful the energy that was present. The flames there were no longer red; they had turned into a shade of purple, and the scorching energy emanating from them threatened to roast Qi Ying alive.

Every single pore on his body opened up to absorb Purple Energy to the brim.

Within his dantian, there were already seven energy vortexes constructed from pure True Energy, and they stacked on top of one another like a rotating tower.

Furthermore, an eighth energy vortex was slowly taking shape!

Qi Ying pulled out a vial of pills and sat down.

‘I bought about two and a half days to stay in here. During this time, I have to progress to the Eighth Energy Martial Stage and fortify my cultivation base!’ 

Cultivating with pills had become far too expensive for Qi Ying. Energy Explosion Pills no longer did anything, and even Energy Blast Pills didn’t have much of an effect anymore.

In comparison, it was much faster to cultivate in the Fire Gorge.

At the spot where Qi Ying was situated, the fire poison emitted from the combustion of vital energy was quite abundant.

Fire poison wasn’t lethal to warriors, but after entering their bodies, it would cause almost irreversible damage to their basal properties and meridians.

However, Qi Ying wasn’t concerned.

He could sense that after the surrounding fire poison entered his body, it was converted by his bloodline into the purest form of energy, before flowing toward his left hand and dantian.

That was what gave him the confidence to cultivate in the Fire Gorge for over two days straight!

To Qi Ying, not sleeping and not eating for over two days was not an issue. As long as there was energy flowing relentlessly into his body, he would be more than fine.

In fact, Spirit Martial Stage warriors could almost live without any food, as absorbing energy from heaven and earth provided them with sufficient sustenance.

Thus, the fire poison in the Fire Gorge became an ideal source of “food” for Qi Ying.

A day later, Liu Chunlei paused his cultivation and grumbled to himself in frustration. “Dammit… I’m so close to the Seventh Spirit Martial Stage, but it’s just a tiny bit out of reach… Screw it, I need a break! Hopefully I can make a breakthrough in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm…”

Liu Chunlei turned his attention deeper into the Fire Gorge, and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes. “That brat is still in there! Hmph, the alliance leader has given strict orders to kill you, so the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm is sure to be your final resting place!”

Out of curiosity, Liu Chunlei approached Qi Ying to see what condition he was in.

There was no way that a normal Energy Martial Stage warrior could stay in the Fire Gorge for that long.

As he drew closer, he saw a figure sitting within a purple True Energy Protective Barrier.

“So he’s meditating…”

A sinister smile appeared on Liu Chunlei’s face.


He unleashed a red finger projection which struck the protective barrier.


The projection exploded upon crashing into the barrier, sending tremors running through the ground.

The flames in the surrounding area were cast into disarray as a result.

‘Haha, let’s see if you can make a breakthrough now!’ 

On the previous occasion, his meditation had been interrupted by Qi Ying, and he had been unable to progress to the Seventh Spirit Martial Stage ever since. Thus, he was going to retaliate in kind by disrupting Qi Ying’s cultivation.


Bam bam!

Liu Chunlei continued to create tremors and loud bangs in an attempt to break Qi Ying’s concentration.

He was in a meditative state, which meant that he was about to make a breakthrough. If that process were to be interrupted, failure to break through would be the outcome if they were lucky; if not, even energy deviation could happen.

Within the True Energy Protective Barrier, Qi Ying’s brows furrowed slightly, clearly indicating that his distraction tactics were working.

All of a sudden. 

“Who’s causing a commotion there?!”

A thunderous roar of rage erupted from even deeper in the Fire Gorge.

Liu Chunlei’s eyes widened as he immediately stopped what he was doing. “Who’s there?”

He could hear that the voice had originated from about eight hundred feet deep into the Fire Gorge. That was the deepest part of the gorge, and the flames there had already undergone a qualitative change. If a normal Spirit Martial Stage warrior were to stumble into those depths, they would die within fifteen minutes.

He had been in the Fire Gorge for three consecutive days, and during that time, he saw no one other than Qi Ying go beyond the four-hundred-feet mark.

Just how fearsome of a powerful being was he dealing with?


Liu Chunlei realized that he was in a lot of trouble and immediately bowed as he responded in a loud voice, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

Ninth Spirit Martial Stage?

Half-Step Earth Martial Stage?

Or perhaps… an Earth Martial Stage warrior?

In any case, it was clearly not someone he could mess with.

Even Alliance Leader Chu Bixue would treat such a powerful being with respect, regardless of whether they were a disciple or a higher-up of the academy.

“Don’t do anything unrelated to cultivation in the Fire Gorge! Piss off!”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be taking my leave now…”

Liu Chunlei aimed a vicious glare at Qi Ying before rushing out of the Fire Gorge.

A short while later, a figure emerged from the depths of the Fire Gorge and stopped beside Qi Ying.

He stared at Qi Ying for a while before murmuring to himself, “What a powerful constitution! Not only is he not exhibiting negative symptoms from the fire poison, he’s instead using it to enhance his rate of cultivation. Could this be the Holy Flame Monarch Constitution that can absorb all flame-type energy? Since when did the Green Class have such a disciple? Eh? Why is he even in the Green Class in the first place?”


A large cloud of purple mist arose from Qi Ying’s body.

Qi Ying exhaled as he opened his eyes. His pupils seemed to be shimmering with purple and golden light, and his aura had become significantly more powerful.

Following that period of meditation, his cultivation base had finally reached the Eighth Energy Martial Stage.

Qi Ying was quite relieved, but also a little confused at the same time. ‘Was someone trying to distract me a while ago? Looks like I’ll have to try and avoid meditating in the Fire Gorge in the future. Meditation is helpful for making breakthroughs, but dire consequences could result from being disrupted.’

‘Only sixteen hours left. I’ll fortify my cultivation base in preparation for the Dragon Metamorphosis Trial!’ 

Qi Ying was quite confident about the upcoming trial.

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