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The Deity of War – Chapter 14 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 14

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 14: The Dark Golden Ape and the Ironback Gorilla

“Kill it!”

“Ou Bagang, destroy that thing!”

Countless spectators were yelling fiercely in the Colosseum, while a musclebound warrior by the name of Ou Bagang let loose an almighty roar inside the battle cage. His solid slabs of muscle bulged as he extended a hand and pulled with all his might, throwing an ape with golden fur and red eyes off his back. However, his back was stained with blood, clearly indicating that he had been wounded. Ou Bagang raised his other hand, which was holding a massive saber with powerful energy revolving around it. He slashed the saber through the air and an azure saber projection hurtled directly toward the golden ape.


The golden ape swung its tail through the air and it shattered the saber projection amid a resounding boom, as if its tail were an indestructible iron rod. At the same time, the golden ape performed a somersault and landed on Ou Bagang again, before opening its mouth and sinking its sharp teeth viciously into Ou Bagang’s arm.


Ou Bagang let loose a cry of agony and his hand involuntarily loosened around the hilt of his saber. The golden ape’s hand shot out at an alarming speed and it grabbed the saber from Ou Bagang’s hand. Despite the golden ape’s thin and wiry body, it was able to swing the massive saber with ease, inflicting a ghastly wound upon Ou Bagang’s chest. The wound was so deep that bone was visible through the gash and blood splattered beyond the battle cage limits.

“I concede!”

Ou Bagang repressed the urge to black out from the pain and cried out in a loud voice.


Whoosh whoosh!

Three black-robed figures instantly fell from the sky, each of them holding a silver chain in their hands.

These were the black-robed guards of the Colosseum, and all of them possessed cultivation bases at the Fifth Energy Martial Stage or above. They were responsible for ensuring the safety of warriors who conceded during high-end colosseum battles.

The lives of savage slaves and normal warriors were cheap, but some warriors of a higher status could create a lot of revenue for the Colosseum. As such, it would be bad for colosseum profits to let them die in battle.

The three silver chains immediately bound the golden ape’s body.


The golden ape bared its sharp fangs, screeching as it attempted to struggle free from the chains.

“Hold still, filthy beast!”

One of the black-robed guards extended a finger and a bolt of purple lightning shot forth from his fingertip, striking the golden ape on the head. The golden ape’s entire body spasmed as a result and the three black-robed guards took the opportunity to tighten their chains around its body, before locking it away into a beast cage constructed from steel and dark iron.

Ou Bagang had fallen to the ground and his unconscious body was taken by the black-robed guards to the emergency treatment center in the Colosseum.

The spectators were in uproar.

“Holy sh*t! It managed to even defeat the Fifth Energy Martial Stage Ou Bagang! I’ve heard that he possesses power comparable to a Silver rank warrior!”

“That Dark Golden Ape is only a Yellow Tier Third Rank beast and it looks quite wiry and weak, but it actually possesses unmatched strength and intelligence. Throughout these past few days, there have already been eight Bronze warriors who have been defeated by it. As expected of an ape beast with the legendary Golden Demonic Holy Ape’s bloodline in its body!”

“Looks like they’re going to have to pit a Silver rank warrior against this Dark Golden Ape next time! I wonder which Silver rank warrior it’ll be…”

Within the Colosseum, there were some extremely valuable beasts who were similar to superstar warriors in that both were prized assets of the Colosseum. For example, there was a Yellow Tier Eight Rank Explosive Flame Liger Beast, a Yellow Tier Ninth Rank Ice Lizard Dragon, as well as a Dark Tier Black Mystical Beast which almost never made an appearance. These were all extremely prized treasures of the Colosseum.

The Colosseum was clearly trying to make the Dark Golden Ape their newest superstar beast, and following the Colosseum’s efforts to promote it, there were many Celestial River County nobles who came solely to watch the Dark Golden Ape. Furthermore, there was no lack of people who were placing hefty bets on its favor, thereby generating even more revenue for the Colosseum.

“That ape is only a Yellow Tier Third Rank beast but it can defeat Sixth or Seventh Rank Yellow Tier beasts as well as Fifth or Sixth Energy Martial Stage armed warriors… Why do I feel like it bears some resemblance to me?”

Qi Ying was quite intrigued as he sat in the waiting area. He had an indestructible left hand as well as a mysterious, grey bloodline that allowed him to absorb a hundred percent of the power in the pills he consumed. In comparison, the Dark Golden Ape had a tail that resembled an iron cudgel as well as a special bloodline of its own. These similarities made Qi Ying feel as if he had some sort of affinity with that ape.

“No matter how powerful or precious it is, it’s still just a money-making tool for Master Thirteen, just like me… No, I can still rely on the resources Master Thirteen has bestowed upon me to grow stronger at a rapid rate, but that beast is constantly trapped in a tiny cage and chained up like a prisoner. How pitiful!”


All of the lights within the Colosseum were suddenly snuffed out. Just as everyone was beginning to wonder what was going on, a burst of white light fell upon the battle cage, making it appear especially bright and dazzling within the darkness.

Everyone abruptly fell silent.

At the same time, the female announcer’s voice rang out from the voice amplification spell formation in the Colosseum. “All of the regular colosseum battles have concluded for today. Now, we are going to witness the plight of the Nameless Warrior to see if he can defeat five beasts back-to-back and become the Colosseum’s newest Silver rank warrior!”


All of the lights returned, illuminating the entire Colosseum.

Within the battle cage, a thin, black-robed figure appeared with a mask on his face.

“Nameless Warrior!”

Cries of excitement rang out across the entire Colosseum again.

Everyone knew that the Nameless Warrior was the new superstar that the Colosseum had been trying to promote for the past few days. He entered all of his battles without any weapons and didn’t use any battle techniques either. He fought in the simplest and most brutal way, tearing his beastly opponents apart with his bare hands, and both his speed and strength were quite extraordinary. His fighting style was very thrilling and entertaining; with some encouragement from the Colosseum, some of the spectators had already organized a Nameless Warrior fan club. These fans had now gathered together and were yelling at the top of their lungs, raising the noise in the Colosseum by an entire octave.

“In the first battle, the Nameless Warrior will be facing off against the Yellow Tier Third Rank Beast, the Ironback Gorilla!”

A massive beast cage was brought to the battle cage by several black-robed guards. Within the beast cage was a towering black figure whose thunderous roars made the listeners’ hearts tremble. The battle cage was opened and a figure much larger than even a savage strode out from the beast cage.

The Ironback Gorilla was different compared to normal ape-type beasts in that it had a particularly massive frame. Qi Ying was standing directly before it and he had to raise his head in order to see the sharp, white teeth peeking out from its large, sinister mouth.

Some of the newer spectators who hadn’t seen that many colosseum battles were in shock.

Wasn’t there too much of a size difference?!

If the Ironback Gorilla was a fully-grown man, then the Nameless Warrior looked like a vulnerable three-year-old.

In other words, if the Ironback Gorilla was Ou Bagang, then the Nameless Warrior was like the Dark Golden Ape.

Within a dark booth on the second floor.

Madam Lu raised her thin eyebrows and heaved a slightly disappointed sigh. “The person you were talking about is this thin and lanky kid? There doesn’t appear to be anything special about him.”

Little Xiang was massaging Madam Lu’s fair, long legs and she replied with a confident smile, “Trust me, Madam Lu, you’re in for a good show! During the past few days, the Young Mistress of the Xin family and the Mistress of the Liu family both developed an interest in him… However, Master Thirteen immediately barred them from meeting him. Ordinary nobles don’t even have the right to see him!”

“You make him sound like quite a sought-after character. I’ll see for myself what kind of man he is…”

A peculiar yet seductive smile appeared on Madam Lu’s face.

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