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The Deity of War – Chapter 141 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 141

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 141: Have Some Candy Little Doggie

Crackle crackle!

In the instant that the vortex appeared in the sky, all of the disciples rose into the air under the guidance of a peculiar force.


Even though Spirit Martial Stage warriors were capable of treading on air, the feeling of flying at such a high altitude with no control over their bodies still drew cries of surprise from many disciples. 

Qi Ying felt very exhilarated, and his eyes were filled with admiration as he turned to Ji Yunxuan.

When would he also be able to rise to such dizzying heights?


Qi Ying was sucked deep into the clouds along with the other two thousand disciples…

After a rush of dizziness, Qi Ying reopened his eyes to find that he was situated in a very strange place.

It was clearly daytime just a second ago, but it appeared that night had descended all of a sudden. A bright moon hung in the sky, illuminating an area with a radius of about two hundred feet. He surveyed his surroundings to find that he seemed to be on a patch of barren land with no one around.

‘So all of the disciples were teleported into the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm together, but everyone has been dropped into random locations!’

There was no map of the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm that he could consult. The reason for that was because the mystic realm underwent drastic changes from year to year. Plains could become forests, a mountain could emerge right in the middle of a lake; in any case, it would be completely unrecognizable after the span of just a year.

It was said that those changes resulted from the dragon vein within the mystic realm.

However, in its essence, the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm was just like the outside world, in that all of the laws of nature were the same. There were all types of beasts present, and its vast area was not inferior to that of the entire Yun Xiao City.

It really would be quite difficult for two thousand people to bump into one another there!

All of the disciples were going to stay in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm for half a month.

After that, the power within the mystic realm would automatically reject them.

‘I won’t be needing this!’ 

Qi Ying pulled out a flare from his sleeve, and threw it onto the ground before crushing it beneath his feet.

That was a special flare that Han Shenglong had given him. After being launched, all Blood God Alliance disciples within a radius of five kilometers would come to his aid.

However, he had far more enemies than friends there, so using that flare would only be disclosing his location to those enemies! 

Qi Ying began to travel toward a massive indistinct silhouette in the distance.

It appeared to be a mountain.

A mountain would be the perfect environment for him.

There would be many hiding places for him to evade his enemies, and there was a far greater chance that there were treasures hidden on a mountain, as compared to treasures lying around on flat empty ground.

Qi Ying quickly rushed toward the mountain like a leopard.

Gradually, he began to hear the sound of footsteps other than his own. He used his Purple Sun Eye, and turned toward the direction where the sound was coming from.

There, he discovered a pack of about a dozen or so prowling wolves. They were slightly larger than normal wolves, and all of them had a crescent moon insignia on their foreheads, thereby indicating that they were a breed of beasts known as Moon Howling Wolves.

They were only Yellow Tier First, Second or Third Rank beasts.

Qi Ying could easily take care of them even back when he was only at the Strength Martial Stage.

Qi Ying’s eyes soon settled on the largest of the wolves, which was about the size of a cow, and its eyes shimmered with silver light.

“Hah? You want to eat me?”

Qi Ying pointed a nonchalant finger behind him.


A purple finger projection pierced through the night.


A massive hole was blasted into the ground in front of the Moon Howling Wolves. “Howl!” The closest wolf almost pissed itself upon seeing that.

They had thought that they had stumbled upon some prey, but who would have thought that the “prey” would be so powerful!

Right at that moment. 


Qi Ying rose into the air like a massive bird, before falling directly among the wolf pack. He kicked and punched the Moon Howling Wolves aside in the blink of an eye, leaving the largest wolf behind.

“She’s a beauty!”

The Moon Howling Wolf’s fur was a very pure greyish-blue, and the crescent moon insignia on its head was almost identical to the moon hanging in the sky.

Furthermore, it was a Yellow Tier Sixth Rank beast!


The wolf snarled as it bared its fangs, and its body was tightly coiled with apprehension. The prey they were hunting was far more powerful than they had imagined.

A smile appeared on Qi Ying’s face.

“Little doggies, do you want some candy?”

He spread open his hand to reveal a round pill.

Bam bam!

Heavy paw-steps reverberated throughout the wilderness as Qi Ying rode on the Moon Howling Wolf’s back. He held onto the soft fur around its neck with his left hand; there was a pack of Moon Howling Wolves following along behind them. The mercury-like moonlight reflected off the Moon Howling Wolves’ fur, making it appear as if it were silk.

That pill he had just fed his new wolf steed was a Beast Taming Pill. It could give beasts hallucinations, and could make a Yellow Tier beast set aside its animosity for a short time, and listen to a human’s commands.

The Moon Howling Wolves weren’t very powerful, but they were extremely fast. Qi Ying didn’t want to waste too much energy just from traveling, and he wanted to try out the Beast Taming Pill anyway, so he temporarily tamed the wolf so it could carry him to the mountain.

‘Looks like I’ve been teleported to a really secluded place!’ 

Even after reaching the foot of the mountain, Qi Ying didn’t catch sight of any other academy disciples. He didn’t see any strange or valuable items either.

Perhaps that was because he was on the border of the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm.


Qi Ying jumped down from the Moon Howling Wolf’s back, and pulled out an Energy Explosion Pill. They were delicacies in the eyes of the wolves, but they weren’t really useful to him anymore, so he fed it to the wolf and patted its large head. “Off you go, little doggie!”


The Moon Howling Wolf let loose a long howl before leading its companions back into the wilderness.

‘It’s a pity I don’t know how to tame beasts. It would be awesome to have a massive wolf steed as my spirit beast!’ 

Qi Ying strode up the mountain to discover a large forest. He scanned through it with his Purple Sun Eye, trying to see if there were any special places like caves or crevices. Such places could contain things like precious ore, exotic beasts, or spirit herbs.

All of a sudden. 

Bam bam!


The sound of fighting erupted in the distance.

“What’s going on?”

Qi Ying identified the direction that the sound was coming from, before quickly rushing toward that location.

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