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The Deity of War – Chapter 142 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 142

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 142: Both of Them Have to Die

As a disciple who had been in the Jade Class for many years, participating in the Dragon Metamorphosis Trial was pretty much Li Lin’s final roll of the dice.

He didn’t want to graduate in the Jade Class and be forced into compulsory army service at the border.

There was nothing on the barren border. When loneliness struck, there was no wine to drink, nor any beautiful women to see.

As such, Li Lin registered for the Dragon Metamorphosis Trial as his last possible opportunity.

He had only just arrived at the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm, when he fell down a cave and broke several bones in the process.

“Ow! Why am I so unlucky!”

Just as Li Lin slapped his leg and howled to vent his frustration and rage, he discovered a rotten corpse, deeper in the cave that was illuminated by the moonlight. The body seemed to belong to a powerful warrior, and it had a Black Class identification badge hanging from its waist.

It appeared that his misfortune was a blessing in disguise.

Most of the treasures in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm were produced by the mystic realm itself, but there were also many treasures left behind by deceased disciples. 

Li Lin could see that the spatial ring on the finger of the body was still intact.

He plucked off the ring with excitement and discovered that there was a huge amount of crystals in there, alongside several valuable cultivation methods, and some priceless pills… If he used all of those resources for himself, he would have the potential to reach the Fifth or even the Sixth Spirit Martial Stage!

Every cloud really did have a silver lining.

Just as Li Lin was marveling at the wonders of life, others had arrived at the scene!

He was not the only one who had been teleported onto that mountain, and everyone was searching for treasures. He emerged from the cave to find a bunch of red-robed disciples converging around him.

“Heh, looks like that guy’s found some treasures!”

“Is he from the Jade Class?”

Hand over what you found!

The three Crimson Class disciples presented a menacing display. They could tell that the Jade Class disciple before them had already been injured, and even though his cultivation base was slightly superior to theirs, it wouldn’t be a problem for the three of them to bring him down.

“Look, it wasn’t easy for me to get these treasures, so please do me a favor and… piss off!”

Li Lin narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth before fleeing with all his might!

He wasn’t about to hand over his treasures to those brats!


Li Lin sprang into the distance like a rabbit, instantly opening up a distance of over a hundred feet between himself and the three Crimson Class disciples.

His learning ability aptitude was white, and the most monumental feat he had ever achieved, was cultivating a Dark Tier Low-Rank movement technique to the great success level. After unleashing that battle technique, other Third Spirit Martial Stage disciples were no match for his speed!

“He’s getting away!”

“Go after him! He’s on his own, so he’s an easy target!”

The three Crimson Class disciples quickly give chase. They were all Crimson Class disciples from the same faction, and all of them carried flares, so they were able to gather together very quickly after landing on the mountain.

They were going to hunt down Li Lin before he had a chance to gather any reinforcements.

Li Lin was already running away as quickly as he could, but he had clearly underestimated the effect his injuries would have on his speed. He had to constantly expend a portion of his Spiritual Energy to contain his injuries, and prevent them from being exacerbated. As such, he was unable to flee at his full speed, thereby allowing the three Crimson Class disciples to slowly gain on him.

Finally, after entering a forest, Li Lin was obstructed by some vines, and his three pursuers managed to catch up.

“Hand over the treasures!”

“Let’s beat him up first!”

Boom bam bam!

A few battle techniques went hurtling toward Li Lin. Li Lin had almost gone insane for the spatial ring in his hands. If he could secure it for himself, his future would be filled with beautiful women, obedient underlings, as well as inexhaustible fame and fortune. However, if he were to hand it over to someone else, then he would end up on the desolate border as part of his compulsory army service.

Dark Tier battle technique, Heavenly Frost Wind Fist!

A series of green fist projections crashed toward the three disciples. The battle techniques clashed and exploded, rustling the surrounding trees with the ensuing shockwaves.

Li Lin was a Third Spirit Martial Stage warrior, so he was able to dominate the three weaker Crimson Class disciples, but he didn’t dare to kill any of them. Powerful faction leaders could kill anyone they wanted in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm. However, if he were to kill someone and leave behind even the slightest bit of evidence, he would be hunted down and killed after exiting the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm!

His hesitation in conjunction with his worsening injuries gradually forced him onto the back foot. Eventually, his defenses were breached, and one of the Crimson Class disciples drew his sword before thrusting it toward his throat. Li Lin was petrified and he wanted to offer up the ring to beg for his life, but it was already too late!


A burst of black light suddenly struck the sword, Upon which the black projectile was sliced in half in half. Moreso, the sword itself was also knocked off target, and Li Lin took advantage of that opportunity to escape.

“Who’s there?”

Never would Li Lin have thought that someone would come to save him.

Could it be a friend of his?

Following a burst of rustling, a figure emerged from the forest. Li Lin faltered initially upon seeing him, before an elated look appeared on his face, and he intentionally raised his voice as he exclaimed, “Haha! You’re here, Young Master Qi! Please help me! Those three brats are trying to steal the treasures that I was going to offer to you!”


Qi Ying was very confused.

‘What the hell’s going on?’ 

Li Lin had helped him out in the past, which was why he decided to save him in his time of need.

Just as Qi Ying was trying to make sense of the situation, Li Lin rushed over to him, and handed over the ring he had found in the cave. “Young Master Qi, this is it. I just found it not too long ago!”

Li Lin’s thought process was very simple.

Qi Ying wasn’t actually a young master of the Qi family, but he was a Green Class disciple at the very least, and he was surely a very intimidating character to Crimson Class disciples. He was hoping that Qi Ying would be able to scare off his pursuers. 

Qi Ying took the ring, and he was beginning to understand what Li Lin was plotting. 

At that moment, Li Lin turned to the Crimson Class disciples and yelled, “What are you all looking at? This is Young Master Qi! Do you think he’s someone you can mess with?”



The Crimson Class disciples all burst into laughter upon hearing that.

A tall and thin disciple stepped forward with a cruel expression. “You’re still trying to bluff? Don’t you know who he is? He is an enemy of Alliance Leader Chu Bixue from the Bixue Sword Alliance! He has been listed as a must-kill target for the Bixue Sword Alliance, the Crimson Metal Sword Faction, and the White Jade Sword Sect! If you want to side with him, then both of you have to die!”

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