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The Deity of War – Chapter 143 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 143

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 143: Former Young Master

The Crimson Metal Sword Faction and the White Jade Sword Sect were all essentially divisions of the Bixue Sword Alliance.

There were several hundred trial participants from those three factions, and all of them received news that Qi Ying had to be killed in the mystic realm. Furthermore, the one who killed him would receive a lavish reward from the Chu family.

He was just an Energy Martial Stage warrior, so everyone was clambering for the chance to hunt him down!

Of course, they didn’t disclose the information regarding Qi Ying’s reverse assassination of Huo Da and the others, and nor did they tell everyone the true reason behind Chu Bixue’s insistence on killing Qi Ying.

Thus, all of them thought that Qi Ying had brought it upon himself by insulting Chu Bixue on that day.

As such, finding Qi Ying was the equivalent to finding treasures in everyone’s eyes! In fact, the reward for killing Qi Ying was more alluring than some of the treasures that they could encounter in the mystic realm.

“Kill him!”

The tall and thin disciple wore a cold expression as he waved an arm. All three warriors immediately drew their weapons, and Spiritual Light shimmered on their swords as they closed in on Qi Ying and Li Lin.


Li Lin couldn’t help but swear out loud.

He was hoping that Qi Ying was going to carry him, but he was only being dragged down by him! As a witness to their assassination of Qi Ying, there was no way that he could be allowed to live, so even begging for his life wouldn’t work.

‘F*ck it! The worst thing that can happen to me is death anyway!’ 


Li Lin roared as a Blood Wolf projection emerged from behind him. It shimmered with brilliant red light as it charged toward the three warriors.

“Kill that fatso first!”

The tall and thin disciple commanded.

Thus, all three swords were directed toward Li Lin. All three of them were at the Second Spirit Martial Stage, and they had to take care of the most troublesome enemy first.

As for Qi Ying, all of them simply ignored him.

He was just an Energy Martial Stage disciple, so even the most powerful attack he could unleash would be unable to break their Spiritual Energy Protective Barriers.


Battle techniques from the three Crimson Class disciples inundated Li Lin, and his Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier was on the brink of collapse.

“Ha! This is what you get for not handing over the treasures to us from the beginning!”

A cruel expression appeared on the tall and thin disciple’s face.

Right at that moment, he was suddenly struck by a sense of peril, and he felt as if something of an extremely high temperature was approaching him. He immediately turned toward that direction, and just as he did so.


A burst of purple light surged through the air; it was a python burning with purple flames. The attack completely annihilated his protective barrier in the blink of an eye.


Qi Ying let loose a loud roar as the Purple Sun Fire Python struck the disciple in the head. A loud crack erupted and half of his head was blasted into oblivion, as intracranial fluids splattered through the air.


The tall and thin disciple’s lifeless body fell heavily to the ground.


The other two Crimson Class disciples were all rooted to the spot upon seeing that! Chills began to run down their spines.

Qi Ying had just killed the most powerful one among them with a single attack!

Li Lin’s mouth was also gaped wide open, clearly unable to comprehend what he had just witnessed.

“What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and kill them!”

Qi Ying roared.


Li Lin immediately came to his senses, and unleashed his Battle Spirit. The Blood Wolf chomped down upon a Crimson Class disciple’s calf, almost snapping his leg in two.

Heavenly Frost Wind Fist!


A fist projection that was about the size of a washbasin crashed into the disciple at the same time, completely shattering his Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier. Li Lin raised his left hand, and a knife flew from his sleeve, piercing into that disciple’s neck, right as his Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier was destroyed.

The latter fell to the ground and spasmed violently for a short while before falling completely still.

Thus, there was only one left.

The final disciple came to the abrupt realization that Qi Ying was the one who had turned the tables on them! They regarded him as a harmless vulnerable prey, but they had been reduced to prey instead!

“Stay away from me! I’m going to call for reinforcements!” The disciple pulled out a flare and threatened, “If I launch this, all Crimson Metal Sword Faction members in a radius of several dozens of kilometers will come to my aid! Both of you will die by their hands!”

Li Lin immediately hesitated upon hearing that.

The Crimson Metal Sword Faction was one of the most powerful factions in the Crimson Class! There were many Fifth and Sixth Spirit Martial Stage Crimson Metal Sword Faction warriors participating in the trial, and there could be quite a few of them nearby.


The final disciple heaved a long sigh of relief upon seeing Li Lin’s hesitation.

But right at that moment, the figure beside him shot forth like an arrow. The final disciple was stunned for a split second, but he quickly reacted and his sword pierced through the air toward Qi Ying’s vital regions from a difficult angle.



His sword was suddenly caught in a vice-like grip, and no matter how much he tried to pry it loose, it refused to move so much as a single inch.

Qi Ying gripped onto the blade of the sword with his left hand, and lashed out with his right.

Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!

Normal battle techniques wouldn’t be able to threaten the lives of Spirit Martial Stage warriors; he had to use the Fire Python Energy within his body as a catalyst.

The purple fire python immediately broke through the Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier, and engulfed the Crimson Class disciple’s body.


The final disciple injected his Spiritual Energy into his flare, and a dazzling burst of light was blasted into the sky.


Brilliant fireworks exploded up above.

‘He’s still not dead!’

Two beams of purple light erupted from Qi Ying’s eyes, puncturing that disciple’s head, and finally landing the killing blow upon him.

Li Lin rushed over and his face was deathly pale as he looked up at the fireworks in the sky. “Why did you kill him?! You’ve done it now! All of the nearby Crimson Metal Sword Faction disciples are going to hunt us down!”

Qi Ying threw away the sword he was grasping in his left hand, and took the spatial rings from the three Crimson Class disciples as he said in a nonchalant voice, “Heh, so you’re telling me that if we don’t kill them, then they won’t set off their flares? Is there any place to hide here? Take me there right now!”

The two of them arrived back in the cave where Li Lin had first discovered the corpse of the Black Class disciple.

He was currently staring at the young man beside him with shock and fear in his eyes. His cultivation base was only at the Eighth Energy Martial Stage, but he had just insta-killed two Second Spirit Martial Stage warriors!

Furthermore, he was only at the Sixth Energy Martial Stage when they had last met a month ago. Progressing two ranks in a month? Even if those were Energy Martial Stage ranks, it was still a very drastic increase.

Qi Ying didn’t really take notice of Li Lin’s expression. He scanned his eyes around the cave they were in, before tossing out three spatial rings. “I’m not a heartless person, but you already gave that ring to me, so I won’t return it to you. I’ll give you everything those three guys had, aside from their pills as compensation.”


Li Lin immediately nodded.

He didn’t dare to offer any objections.

He was still injured, and who knew if Young Master Qi was going to kill him with a fire snake as well?

Qi Ying strode over to the corpse and he seemed to be inspecting it.


A peculiar expression appeared on Li Lin’s face. What was there to look at on a decomposing corpse?

However, Qi Ying rummaged around for a little bit before pulling out a black jade pendant from the body, upon which his expression changed slightly. “Black Class, Chu Tian? Was he a former young master of the Chu family?”

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