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The Deity of War – Chapter 146 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 146

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 146: I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time

The armor-piercing arrows were launched pretty much haphazardly, with no aiming process preceding their launch. Furthermore, there were only about a hundred of them, and Qi Ying was still quite far away from his pursuers, so there wasn’t any threat posed to him.

However, the storm of arrows forced Qi Ying to charge straight into the enemies up ahead!

“Kill him!” 

The disciple at the forefront of the group commanded with a swing of his sword.


Close to a hundred Spirit Martial Stage warriors rushed toward Qi Ying in unison.

At the same time, all of them were wondering the same thing: ‘why hasn’t that Energy Martial Stage warrior pissed his pants yet?’

If any of them were in his shoes, they wouldn’t even have the mental fortitude to stay on their feet.

Not taking into account any other matters, that man’s courage was truly commendable.

However, that wouldn’t stop them from hunting him down. After all, everyone wanted the reward offered by the Chu family!

If one of them could kill him, then he would earn himself crystals, cultivation methods, and most importantly, a bright future!

All of them converged to form a semi-circle, creating a pocket that trapped Qi Ying from the front and sides, while the armor-piercing arrows prevented him from retreating.


Bam bam!

One attack after another hurtled toward Qi Ying.

‘Just because you have a lot of people doesn’t mean it will be easier to kill me!’ 

Qi Ying rushed fearlessly into the pocket created for him, and his body split into nine!

The Flowing Shadow Strike was only a Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank battle technique, but after cultivating it to the perfected level, it could still produce some extraordinary effects.

Many of the battle techniques that were unleashed merely struck Qi Ying’s projections.

Meanwhile, Qi Ying’s true body unleashed a punch with his left hand. All of the battle techniques crashing toward him were pulverized by his left hand, and the shockwaves from the explosion flung Qi Ying high into the air.

“Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!”

Purple True Energy swirled around his left and right hands, and he thrust both of them forward at the same time.

He also drew upon the Fire Python Energy in his dantian, which surged forth in a frenzy.



Two purple fire pythons erupted from Qi Ying’s fists, and from a destructive power standpoint alone, each of them was not inferior to a normal Third Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s attack. The purple fire pythons crashed into the throngs of people before him and exploded, sending flames shooting in all directions.

However, all of his assailants were Spirit Martial Stage warriors, and the explosions barely even resulted in any injuries.

“Sword Formation, Slash!”

A gargantuan sword projection suddenly erupted from the group of white-robed disciples, which hurtled toward Qi Ying.


His left hand came into contact with the sword projection, and the latter was also pulverized.

Cries of surprise erupted upon seeing that.

Someone suddenly yelled, “That glove on his hand is an Earth Tier treasured tool! Kill him and take his glove!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! 

Many disciples sprang into the air to attack Qi Ying, who had been flung about twenty feet into the air by the shockwaves from the previous burst of explosions.

“Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!”

Qi Ying unleashed one violent attack after another, and his fists were moving so quickly that they left afterimages in their wake. A series of fire pythons threw themselves at the disciples in the air. As most of them were Jade Class disciples, their cultivation bases were generally below the Third Spirit Martial Stage, so all of them were sent flying by the purple fire pythons.

At the same time, Qi Ying set foot on the head of one of the pythons, and he used it as a means to fly! In doing so, he managed to replicate the air-treading technique used by Spirit Martial Stage warriors, and quickly rushed forward for over a hundred feet.

The people who were positioned in front of him just a moment ago were suddenly left behind.

However, there were still many people in hot pursuit.

A Crimson Metal Sword Faction flew through the air, and slashed his sword toward Qi Ying.


However, Qi Ying merely pointed a finger at him.

Purple Sun Fire Python Finger!


A thin purple fire snake instantly punctured the Crimson Metal Sword Faction’s disciple’s heart. The latter fell from the sky with his lifeless eyes still wide open, and an incredulous expression permanently frozen on his face.


Qi Ying also landed on the ground, and True Energy exploded from the soles of his feet, catapulting his body through the air like a cannonball.

Everyone was momentarily stunned by Qi Ying’s retaliation.

What a powerful attack!

If they were to get too close to him, they really could die!

Chu Huayi immediately yelled upon seeing everyone’s hesitation, “That’s a mystic technique of his, so he won’t be able to unleash it too many times! If we kill him, we’ll all be able to learn it!”

Everyone was spurred on again by that notion.

They had to capitalize on every opportunity to become more powerful! Furthermore, they would only be taking a minor risk anyway. There were several hundred disciples hunting him down at once, so surely they wouldn’t be the ones to be killed.

“Kill him!” 

“Don’t let him get away!”

In total, there were over two hundred people pursuing Qi Ying at once.

There was no way he would be able to escape!

‘He is indeed quite powerful!’ 

Chu Ying’s brows furrowed slightly as he straddled his Fire Cloud Horse. He was beginning to understand how he had managed to kill Huo Da and everyone else from the White Jade Sword Sect. With the power Qi Ying was displaying, killing a few mediocre First and Second Spirit Martial Stage warriors was far too easy!

That was the price they had paid for underestimating him.

However, they weren’t going to make that mistake again.

A lion never underestimated its prey, even when hunting down a mere rabbit.

They were a pride of two hundred lions, and all of them were hunting down that one prized rabbit with all their might!

“Huff huff…”

Qi Ying was panting heavily and he felt as if most of his energy had been expended during those few short exchanges.

His True Energy circulated quickly within his body, but he didn’t unleash a battle technique. Instead, he let loose an almighty cry, “Help!”

His yell was infused with powerful True Energy, and Qi Ying felt as if his throat had almost been torn apart. The soundwaves spread through the air, and was audible in a radius of several kilometers.

“What a waste of energy.”

A mocking sneer appeared on Chu Ying’s face.

He had sent his Heavenly Black Feather Falcon to scout the surrounding area, and discovered that there were people on the mountain up ahead.

However, they just so happened to be Bixue Sword Alliance members! Chu Bixue and all of the Bixue Sword Alliance disciples were all gathered on that mountain!

No matter how much Qi Ying yelled, no one would come to save him.

However, things would become quite interesting if he were to escape to that mountain.

With that in mind, Chu Ying waved a hand and commanded, “Slow down a little! Let him run off to that mountain!”

As opposed to letting a bunch of people fight over the reward for killing Qi Ying, Chu Ying felt like it was a much better idea to herd Qi Ying right to Young Master Bixue, so he could kill him in person.

That would be the most satisfying result for Chu Bixue.

As such, he would receive the biggest reward, and would be held in even higher regard by Young Master Bixue.

“Go and inform Young Master Bixue!”

Chu Ying raised his arm, and the Heavenly Black Feather Falcon shot forth like an arrow, flying toward the mountain at a speed that far outstripped that of the surrounding warriors.

Everyone slowed down a little after hearing Chu Ying’s command.


Qi Ying gritted his teeth and accelerated even further!

About a minute later, he was very close to the foot of the mountain, and at that moment, a group of green-robed people emerged.

The one at the forefront appraised him with a cold expression. “Qi Ying, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

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