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The Deity of War – Chapter 147 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 147

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 147: An Insecure Kid

Chu Bixue glared at Qi Ying with a sinister smile on his face.

He had arrived to that mountain with the other Bixue Sword Alliance members not long ago, in search of the dragon vein.

But who would have thought that Qi Ying would turn up at the same place?

It was a perfect opportunity for him to finish Qi Ying himself!

Chu Bixue was quite a narrow-minded and spiteful person. Initially, he was only trying to kill Qi Ying as it was a mission assigned to him by the family leader, but ever since Qi Ying had verbally insulted him on that day, a personal feud had been established.

He had to kill Qi Ying with his own two hands for the most satisfaction!


Chu Bixue stepped forward, and all of the other Bixue Sword Alliance members followed suit. One of them was Rudder Leader Liu Chunlei, and he wore a cruel smile on his face. “Looks like you’ve got nowhere left to run, Qi Ying!”

Whoosh whoosh!

Everyone drew their swords, presenting a very menacing display.

The reason why the Bixue Sword Alliance was named as such, was as everyone used a sword, regardless of what weapon they were actually proficient at using.

The Chu family represented the sword!

The patriarch of the Chu family was the number one swordsman in the world a thousand years ago. He was a man who was said to have reached the pinnacle of cultivation, the Divine Martial Stage warrior, Chu Xiangyun.

It was also said that the hundred-thousand-feet tall mountain between the Yun Xiao Kingdom and the savages, had been sliced in half by a single sword strike from him, thereby creating a massive gorge that was over a hundred thousand feet tall, and over a thousand kilometers in length.

Thus, the sword was the inherited symbol of the Chu family.

As such, all Chu family warriors used swords, and they forced that protocol upon all of the external members as well.

There were several dozens of swords pointed directly at Qi Ying.


Qi Ying came to an abrupt halt at over a hundred feet away from Chu Bixue and the others. At that moment, the two hundred people behind him had also converged, surrounding Qi Ying in an airtight circle.

There really was nowhere for him to run!


Chu Bixue drew his sword and slowly made his way toward Qi Ying. “Qi Ying, you are indeed very impressive. You have great aptitude and combat prowess, and your rate of progression is quite extraordinary. You have the inheritance of a Heaven Tier beast, and there’s a very good chance that you’ll reach the Heaven Martial Stage in the future. However, you shouldn’t have made the Chu family your enemy! You killed Brother Kaolie, and even the Qin family is against you despite the fact that you saved Qin Susu! Now, your luck has finally run out! It’s said that in a battle between prodigies, the one who perishes will have their luck transferred to the one left standing… Hopefully, killing you can bring me good luck!”

Chu Bixue was only twenty feet away from Qi Ying by that point.

He looked at Qi Ying with a disdainful expression, but there was still fury burning in his heart, as the latter did not appear to be fearful of him in the slightest. Instead, there was a mocking look in his eyes.

“Don’t you want to say something before you die?”

Chu Bixue spoke with a high and mighty demeanor. He wanted to make Qi Ying realize that he could decide whether he lived or died. He wanted Qi Ying to beg on his knees and grovel at his feet! Perhaps he would grant him a quick and painless death then!

However, Qi Ying’s expression only became more deriding as he looked at the people around him.

He turned toward Chu Bixue with a smile that the latter found to be very peculiar. “Chu Bixue, you may very likely be the most powerful disciple in the Green Class one day, and I always thought that you would be a brave character with great mental fortitude. However, I discovered today that I was wrong. You’re just an insecure kid, and in order to prove your importance to the Chu family, you’re constantly flaunting your status as the leader of the Bixue Sword Alliance. All you’re doing is trying to hide the fact that you’re just a Green Class disciple! You’re the exact same type of trash as your brother, Chu Kaolie! Actually… He was a bit more handsome than you!”


“What insolence!”

“You’re about to die yet you’re still barking like a dog!”

A barrage of insults was hurled at Qi Ying by the enraged crowd around him. If Chu Bixue were an insecure kid, then what were his subordinates?

Chu Bixue didn’t get goaded into striking Qi Ying down on the spot. Instead, he smiled, but that smile was very forced.

“Hehe… You sure have a sharp tongue… Does that mean that if I kill you now, it will be a sign that you goaded me into giving in to my insecurities, and killed you to shut you up?”

Chu Bixue repressed his emotions with all his might, forcing himself not to thrust his sword forward!

Qi Ying was goading him right in front of the Bixue Sword Alliance, and the other two major factions of the Chu family. He had to prove to everyone that he was not some insecure kid.

Right at that moment, Qi Ying suddenly raised a hand!


A purple fire python engulfed Chu Bixue almost instantaneously.

“Alliance leader!”

“Young master!”

Cries of surprise rang out among the onlookers.

However, the purple flames soon dissipated like smoke, revealing Chu Bixue with a green protective barrier around his body. He had easily blocked Qi Ying’s Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist.

“Don’t waste your energy. You’re just a pitiful piece of scum!”

Chu Bixue sheathed his sword and turned around before issuing a nonchalant command, “Chu Qingshuang, Chu Zidian, kill him!”

Chu Bixue couldn’t be bothered to bicker with Qi Ying any further. When the latter attacked him with that punch, he finally came to the realization that he was just a pitiful underprivileged disciple. In the eyes of other people, Qi Ying was perhaps a prodigy with immeasurable potential, but in his eyes, Qi Ying was just a defenseless pig waiting to be slaughtered.

The more time they wasted on Qi Ying, the less time they had to find the dragon vein.


Two green-robed disciples strode forward from the Bixue Sword Alliance, and both of them were at the Fifth Spirit Martial Stage.

Just like Chu Huayi and Chu Ying, they had only been given the surname of Chu, and were servants to Chu Bixue. As such, it was naturally a good thing that they were given the opportunity to kill Qi Ying, and secure the young master’s approval, as well as a reward from the Chu family.

Within the crowd, Liu Chunlei also stepped forward. “Alliance leader, let me join in on this as well!”


Chu Bixue replied indifferently.

It didn’t matter.

As long as Qi Ying was dead, he would be satisfied. He had to adopt a high and mighty demeanor, as if he couldn’t even be bothered to strike down Qi Ying with his own hands. Only then could he reaffirm his status to everyone else. He was a young master of the Chu family; there was no need for him to kill an underprivileged disciple on his own!

Whoosh whoosh!

Liu Chunlei, Chu Zidian, and Chu Qingshuang surrounded Qi Ying in a triangular formation!

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