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The Deity of War – Chapter 148 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 148

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nslator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 148: Tell Her to Pleasure Me for a Night


“Please have mercy!”

Two voices suddenly erupted in the distance.

The three warriors faltered in their movements.

Everyone looked up to discover two streaks of light hurtling through the air. After landing on the ground, they revealed themselves to be two green-robed Sixth Spirit Martial Stage warriors.

One of them stepped forward, and joined his hands in a respectful salute to Chu Bixue. “Alliance Leader Bixue, I am Xie Dong, a guardian of the Blood God Alliance Green Class Branch. Brother Qi Ying is the third flag leader of our branch, and someone that is held in high regard by Alliance Leaders Han Xue and Wei Nüshen. I hope that Alliance Leader Bixue can let Qi Ying go, and let bygones be bygones. Of course, if he has offended you in any way, our Blood God Alliance is willing to issue compensation to you.”

The other warrior also chimed in, “Alliance Leader Bixue, if you can let Qi Ying go, then our Blood God Alliance is willing to give a part of our territory in the Fire Gorge and Breeze Valley, to the Bixue Sword Alliance.”

They had arrived just in the nick of time.

The three Chu family factions had stirred up quite a commotion while hunting down Qi Ying, which had caught the attention of many people. Prior to entering the mystic realm, Han Shenglong and the two alliance leaders had told them to keep an eye out for Qi Ying, so they immediately figured out that something had most likely happened to him. Thus, they rushed to the scene, and thankfully, they had managed to make it in time.

Wei Nüshen and Han Xue did indeed hold Qi Ying in high regard, and Han Shenglong had told them that if the Bixue Sword Alliance were unwilling to let Qi Ying go, then the Blood God Alliance would be willing to offer some compensation in exchange for his life, as long as the conditions they proposed weren’t too out of line.

However, Chu Bixue was not interested.

“Kill him.”

He ignored the two Blood God Alliance disciples, and issued a command to the three warriors surrounding Qi Ying.

The disciple named Xie Dong was a little annoyed by that. He was a Sixth Spirit Martial Stage warrior, and was considered to be a bright prodigy in the Green Class, but he had been completely ignored by Chu Bixue! With that in mind, he raised his voice a little. “Alliance Leader Bixue, you are committing murder in broad daylight! Are you not afraid that we’ll report you to the higher-ups in the academy?”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Chu Bixue finally turned to the two Blood God Alliance disciples with a cold smile on his face, “How about I kill you two as well so you can’t report me then?”


Over two hundred warriors drew their swords, and unleashed their auras in unison, striking the two Sixth Spirit Martial Stage warriors with an extreme sense of pressure.

Chu Bixue chuckled coldly.

He was not afraid of their threats.

‘So what if the academy learned of the fact that he had killed a disciple?’

‘How could trash like Qi Ying compare to him, the future number one prodigy of the Green Class?’

Furthermore, if he received an inheritance from the dragon vein, he would become one of the most supremely talented disciples in the academy.

In that case, even if he were to kill ten Qi Yings, the academy wouldn’t hand down any substantial punishment to him.

“Wait!” The other Blood God Alliance disciple yelled, “Alliance Leader Bixue, state your conditions! As long as you can let Qi Ying go, our Blood God Alliance will satisfy you to the best of our abilities!”

The two alliance leaders had given them a duty to protect Qi Ying, so they had to do their best.

Chu Bixue narrowed his eyes and smirked. “Hehe… How about this then… Your Alliance Leader Nüshen isn’t all that pretty, but she sure does have a nice figure. Tell her to pleasure me for a night, and I’ll let Qi Ying live! Can you agree to my condition in her stead?”


The two Blood God Alliance disciples’ expressions immediately stiffened upon hearing that.

There was obviously no way that they could agree!

“Kill him!”

Chu Bixue repeated his command again, and Liu Chunlei, Chu Zidian, and Chu Qingshuang immediately sprang forward without any hesitation.

The two Blood God Alliance members wanted to try and protect him, but they were immediately surrounded by the rest of the Chu family disciples.

Chu Ying laid a hand on the hilt of his sword and yelled, “If you two want to step in, then you’ll have to go through all of us first!”



Three swords were drawn in unison; one of which was burning with scorching flames, while another one was accumulating frost, and the final one was enveloped in purple electricity. All three of them were thrust toward Qi Ying almost at the exact same time.

Three terrifying sword projections hurtled forth from three different angles, affording Qi Ying no avenue for evasion.

Even a Fourth or Fifth Spirit Martial Stage warrior wouldn’t be able to handle such a ferocious joint attack, let alone an Energy Martial Stage disciple.

Qi Ying didn’t evade as he couldn’t evade anyway. Even if he were to retreat, he would be struck by the flaming sword projection piercing through the air from behind him. On the contrary, he sprang forward like a leopard and put himself directly in the path of all three sword projections.


His left hand shot forth at an incredible speed, while he unleashed a fire python fist projection with his right hand.

In that instant, his left hand clashed with the flaming sword projection, which was the most powerful among the three, while the fire python fist projection unleashed by his right hand collided with the other two sword projections. A resounding boom erupted as he crushed the flaming sword projection with his left hand, and the shockwaves from the explosion almost dislocated his left shoulder. Immediately afterward, the two other sword projections tore through his fire python fist projection, and struck his body.


Qi Ying unleashed the True Energy that he had been gathering in his body, and injected it along with a portion of his Fire Python Energy into the suit of Dark Tier treasured armor, that he wore under his green robes. A purple protective barrier with fire python veined patterns on its surface immediately appeared around him.

Another explosive bang erupted as his protective barrier was shattered.

Dust and debris wafted through the air.

“He’s not dead yet!”

Liu Chunlei cautioned his two companions.

At that moment, nine figures shot forth from amid the dust and debris resulting from the explosion.

“Chu Zidian, the middle one on your side is the actual body!”

Liu Chunlei immediately saw through the Flowing Shadow Strike.


A sinister smile appeared on Chu Zidian’s face as he thrust his sword forward. “Die!”

All of a sudden.


A burst of purple light suddenly lit up in the air, from within which a large expanse of vines emerged and enveloped Qi Ying’s body.

He struggled with all his might, but was unable to break free. Furthermore, there was an astonishing electrical power running through those vines.

Battle Spirit, Falling Lightning Vines!


Chu Zidian roared.

Arcs of purple lightning immediately began to rush along the vines.


Qi Ying was instantly struck by a numbing sense of pain as his body spasmed from the powerful electrical currents. He was already starting to suffer burns on his skin, and he couldn’t muster up any strength in his entire body, aside from his left arm.

Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist!


A purple fire python short forth from his left hand, but it was immediately scorched into a puff of black smoke by the electricity surging from the purple vines around it.

“What a waste of energy.”

Chu Zidian chuckled to himself.

However, his expression then immediately changed. “What have you done?”

He could suddenly feel that the energy within his body was receding relentlessly, like water through a broken dam. Furthermore, the point from which his energy was leaking wasn’t any part of his body, but his Battle Spirit instead!

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