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The Deity of War – Chapter 149 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 149

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 149: Shameless B*stard

Qi Ying’s left hand was clamped tightly around a purple vine, and he could feel the energy flowing relentlessly into his body. At the same time, the numbing sensation the vines inflicted upon him had abruptly disappeared, transforming into something that provided him with energy instead.

A Fifth Spirit Martial Stage warrior had very pure energy in the first place, and the energy used to construct their Battle Spirit was even further purified, so it was of a far superior caliber than True Energy!

Only a few seconds had passed, and Qi Ying could already sense that his energy reserves had been completely replenished.


Chu Zidian waved a hand and forced his purple vines to disappear, but he wore a thunderous expression on his face. “Who are you? Why are you able to absorb energy from my Battle Spirit?!”


A burst of commotion immediately erupted.

‘What just happened?’ 

No one knew what was going on.

However, Qi Ying sprang into action again in that instant. His body shot forth like lightning; Liu Chunlei and Chu Qingshuang didn’t have a chance to stop him before he reached Chu Zidian.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Chu Zidian lashed out with his sword.


Qi Ying caught the blade of his sword with his left hand, before pointing a finger at Chu Zidian’s head!

Purple Sun Fire Python Finger!


A purple fire snake finger projection was instantly unleashed.

Furthermore, Qi Ying had unleashed all of his remaining Fire Python Energy, so it was the most powerful finger projection he had ever released.

Additionally, Chu Zidian had just had a large amount of energy absorbed from him, and he was in his most vulnerable state as a result.

Thus, the finger projection struck him on the forehead, before puncturing his brain, and re-emerging from the back of his head.


Chu Zidian’s eyes widened as he fell dead to the ground.

He had been insta-killed!

Everyone looked on with dumbfounded expressions. No one could make sense of what had just happened. They only heard Chu Zidian say something about having his energy absorbed through his Battle Spirit, before Qi Ying completely turned the tables on him and killed him on the spot.


Qi Ying grabbed Chu Zidian’s Dark Tier Intermediate-Rank treasured sword, before quickly laying his left hand on what remained of his head.

A burst of powerful purple lightning energy flowed from Chu Zidian’s body, and into Qi Ying’s meridians. After that, it entered his dantian, and formed a ball of purple liquid that was enveloped in arcs of electricity.

After completely depleting his Fire Python Energy, Qi Ying immediately replaced it with something else.

That energy was far more powerful than the Fire Python Energy that he had!

“Everyone, attack him together!”

Chu Bixue roared with rage.

How was an Eighth Energy Martial Stage warrior able to kill a Fifth Spirit Martial Stage opponent in a direct confrontation? It was simply unheard of! Qi Ying did have that Earth Tier treasured glove, but the power he had unleashed to kill Chu Zidian was beyond the realm of the Energy Martial Stage!

Chu Bixue was struck by a sense of true urgency. It appeared that the inheritance Qi Ying had received was even more terrifying than what he had imagined!

He had to get rid of him!


The surrounding warriors swarmed Qi Ying all at once, and the people closest to him attacked first.

The two disciples from the Blood God Alliance wanted to stop them, but there was no way for two people to stop two hundred enemies all at once.


Qi Ying was brimming with battle intent.

The newly-obtained purple lightning energy in his body was already raring to go.

If someone wanted to kill him, then they had better be prepared to pay the ultimate price!

He had already taken down Chu Zidian, so even if he were to die, it would be worth it.


Purple flames and lightning began to revolve around his hand.


“Kill him!” 

The warriors around him roared as they converged toward him. However, right at that moment, a violent thunderous roar erupted from the sky, “If anyone dares to lay a finger on him, I, Qin Mu, will kill all of you!”

Invisible shockwaves swept into the crowd with devastating power.


The people closest to Qi Ying were flung into the air.

“Who’s there?”

“Qin Mu?!”

Amid the commotion and chaos, a musclebound black-robed figure crashed down heavily from the sky, before yelling in a powerful domineering voice, “Chu Bixue! Your brother was a piece of sh*t, but you’re even worse! You gathered two hundred Spirit Martial Stage disciples to kill an Energy Martial Stage warrior? What a shameless b*stard!”

Whoosh whoosh! 

Two more people descended behind Qin Mu, both of whom were wearing purple robes.

Everyone was rooted to the spot. All those who recognized Qin Mu were horrified, while those who didn’t recognize him were also quite wary at the sight of his black robes. In particular, not only was Chu Bixue not enraged by the insults directed at him, a hint of fear flashed through his eyes instead!

“Qin Mu?!”

Qi Ying was just about to make a final stand, when he too was stunned into inactivity.

He didn’t know all that much about Qin Mu. The extent of his knowledge was that Qin Mu was a Black Class prodigy, and one of the young masters of direct lineal descent from the Qin family. It was said that he had a supremely exceptional aptitude of five blacks when he entered the Yun Xiao Academy, and was only at eighteen years of age, but he was already close to the Seventh Spirit Martial Stage. In fact, he had repressed himself from making a breakthrough, so he could still satisfy the cultivation base restriction of the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm.

Most importantly, he was a member of the Qin family!

Everyone from the Qin family that Qi Ying had encountered-with the exception of Qin Susu-harbored animosity toward him.

But Qin Mu had saved him!

Chu Bixue’s expression had become extremely dark. Both Qin Mu and himself were young masters of direct lineal descent from their respective families, but the former was being nurtured as a potential heir to the Qin family, so there was still a large disparity between their status.

Furthermore, Qin Mu was renowned for being a brash warrior who acted without any inhibitions. In the year prior, a Qi family young master with outstanding aptitude had offended his sister, Qin Susu, and he immediately had both legs broken by Qin Mu. The latter was suspended for three months by the academy as a result, but that Qi family young master had been avoiding him like the plague since then.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t even have the courage to look Qin Mu in the eye.

However, he was being surrounded by members of the three Chu family factions, so he couldn’t afford to show fear or weakness!

Qin Mu’s group only consisted of three people, and all of them were merely at the Sixth Spirit Martial Stage. There was no way they would be able to stand against his two hundred subordinates!

A conflicted expression flashed through Chu Bixue’s face before he finally made up his mind. “Qin Mu, you know about our Chu family’s bad blood with Qi Ying! I am going to kill him no matter what! If you insist on opposing me, then you’ll be opposing our entire Chu family. I trust that your Qin family wouldn’t want to engage in a conflict with our Chu family!”

However, Qin Mu burst into raucous laughter upon hearing that. “Why would our Qin family need to fear your Chu family, when your family’s younger generation consists of trash like you and your dead dog of a brother, Chu Kaolie? If you want a war, then come! Our Qin family will crush your Chu family into the dirt!”

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