The Deity of War – Chapter 18

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Translator: Johnchen
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Chapter 18: Spring Night Intoxication

“What are you saying? I only wanted to invite you over for some tea after seeing your performance in the Colosseum today.”

The woman turned to Qi Ying with an innocent expression.


Qi Ying blushed again.

It appeared that she really hadn’t said anything about sex. All she had asked was whether he wanted some tea.

In contrast, he was the first one to mention sleeping with one another… How f*cking awkward was that…

“Have a seat. I’ll go prepare some tea.”

She stood up and her slender waist wiggled from side-to-side as she went to prepare some tea.

Qi Ying was slightly dazed as he stared at the woman’s seductive figure and he involuntarily stood up from the bed with the intention of seeing her face again. He felt like his lower abdomen was on fire, and he immediately shook his head violently to clear his mind. “Amitabha, Amitabha… Qi Ying, you must exercise self-control. If you don’t even have this amount of self-control, then how are you going to overcome the troubles you encounter in the future… She’s just a woman…”

The veins on Qi Ying’s forehead bulged.

“Oh? You’re shy!”

Lu Feifei was just about to prepare some tea when she turned around and chuckled at the sight of Qi Ying.

Many men had also been shy in that situation before, but they always tried to play it off by acting tough and in control. However, Qi Ying’s shyness was completely pure and unadulterated. His eyes were like clear ponds through which one could easily glean his thoughts.

Not bad.

He was a little different from what she had imagined, but he actually seemed to be more interesting. His features were fine and delicate and yet to completely mature. He could be considered to be quite handsome at his age, and there were undoubtedly many female disciples in the academy who fancied him.

‘Even though I’m a bit reluctant to do this, such a superb specimen will be hard to find if I miss out on this opportunity…’

Lu Feifei pulled out a small paper bag from her waistband and pretended to add some tea leaves. In reality, she was actually pouring some strong aphrodisiac into the teapot, before adding the tea leaves and hot water.

She carried the teacup over to the bed and placed it on the table as she looked into Qi Ying’s eyes, with seductive eyes of her own. “Nameless Warrior, what is your name?”

“My name is Qi Ying.”

Qi Ying tried his best to repress his bodily functions and to appear more natural.

However, Lu Feifei had witnessed countless men in her life and Qi Ying’s physical reactions were naturally unable to escape her sharp senses. A faint smile appeared on her face as she replied, “That’s a fine name. My name is Lu Feifei and I’m commonly referred to as Madam Lu.”

“Greetings, Madam Lu.”

Qi Ying gave a polite smile, but he was gritting his teeth. He felt like he had already repressed his carnal urges, but for some reason, the faint smile on her face managed to reignite the flames in his lower abdomen.

It seemed like the female administrator wasn’t exaggerating when she told him that this woman could conquer any man in the entire Celestial River County.

He couldn’t let this go on.

He had to leave.

Qi Ying was really afraid that something would happen if he were to continue to stay there. He was at an age where his libido was through the roof and it would simply be impossible to resist a seductress like her, if he were to stay for much longer.

However, Lu Feifei had other ideas and she placed a slender hand over Qi Ying’s hand in a very natural gesture. “You’re so young. How about I call you little brother? To think that you would risk your life here in the Colosseum at such a young age; that’s very impressive. Does your family know about what you’re doing here?”

“They don’t.”

Qi Ying shook his head and gave an honest reply. At the same time, he pulled his hand out from Lu Feifei’s before wiping the sweat off his forehead.

However, Lu Feifei’s hand settled on his leg as a result and that made him even more uncomfortable.

Lu Feifei then asked. “Who is in your family?”

“Myself and Mother Yu.”

“Who’s Mother Yu?”

“Mother Yu… is a person who is like a mother to me.”

Qi Ying didn’t know why, but he was answering every one of Lu Feifei’s questions. He wanted to get out of there immediately, but he was suddenly a little reluctant to leave. Lu Feifei’s voice was extremely enticing and as it traveled into his ears, he felt like there was a little furry paw scratching at his heart, making him feel quite uneasy and itching to do something.

“Is Mother Yu beautiful?”

“She is.”

“Then… how about when compared to me?”

Qi Ying paused momentarily before replying. “In my heart, Mother Yu is the most beautiful woman in this world.”


Lu Feifei chuckled gently before asking Qi Ying a few more inconsequential questions such as his age, what cultivation method he was cultivating in, and his current cultivation base. She then expressed her awe and admiration toward Qi Ying’s combat prowess.

“Oh, silly me, I’ve been chatting to you this entire time while the tea has been going cold.” Lu Feifei turned and picked up the teapot before filling a teacup and handing it to Qi Ying, “You must be thirsty from all that talking. Have some tea first before we continue.”


Qi Ying hadn’t had anything to eat for half a day, so he accepted the cup of tea.

Lu Feifei stared intently at Qi Ying as he downed all of the tea within the teacup, which was infused with strong aphrodisiac.

“This tea is so sweet!” Qi Ying put down the teacup before pursing his lips, “The only downside is that I seem to be even more thirsty after drinking it.”

Lu Feifei was elated to hear that, as it implied that the aphrodisiac was taking effect. The aphrodisiac was known as Spring Night Intoxication and even a man with the most exceptional self-control would be reduced to an animal in heat after taking it. The young man was clearly quite hot and bothered to begin with, so there was no way he would be able to withstand the effects of that laced tea…

“Can I have another cup?”

Qi Ying really did feel quite thirsty, so he poured himself another cup of tea before downing it in one mouthful and smacking his lips. “It’s so sweet… But why am I thirstier yet again?”

Thus, Qi Ying poured a third cup of tea and drank that as well.

Lu Feifei was completely dumbstruck by the turn of events. She had poured five doses of aphrodisiac into the teapot, which amounted to roughly one dose per cup. Drinking three cups meant that he had taken three doses. Qi Ying was right at the age when he was full of abundant youthful energy. If he were to take this much aphrodisiac, she wouldn’t be able to handle him once the aphrodisiac took effect!

After drinking three cups of tea, Qi Ying still wanted to have some more, but he was too embarrassed to drink any more than he already had.

“Let’s keep chatting for a while. You were saying that you often hunt in the mountains…” Lu Feifei continued the conversation while assessing Qi Ying’s reaction, elation intermingling with concern in her heart. She was looking forward to his eruption of passion, but she was also afraid that he would lose control and hurt her.

After a short while, Lu Feifei’s brows gradually began to furrow.

Not only was Qi Ying not doing anything out of line, even the physical reactions he initially had were now gone.

What was happening?

That was three times the normal dosage!

Even half a dose of Spring Night Intoxication should have been enough to push him over the edge; why was he growing calmer as he drank instead?

Meanwhile, Qi Ying could feel an extremely satisfying sense of warmth flowing through his entire body. He thought to himself. ‘This really is good tea… There is a very hot energy inside that can be absorbed by my blood after entering my body… It’s just a pity that ninety-nine percent of the energy has been absorbed by my left hand, leaving only a tiny sliver left to warm my body… What a waste!’

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