The Deity of War – Chapter 36

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 36: Who Wants to Take Qi Ying

Qi Ying could see from a distance that there was a group of people making their way toward the courtyard. He immediately speculated that they were most likely coming after him, but he couldn’t run away as Mother Yu was still there. As such, he couldn’t allow them to reach their destination. Thus, he mustered up his courage, stopped cultivating, and plainly walked in their direction.

After approaching them, Qi Ying discovered that the group consisted of Principal Gu and the elders from the day before, as well as a bunch of people that appeared to be quite aggressive, harboring ill intentions. In particular, the man with the broad face—who was clothed in black robes and a red cloak— was giving off quite an intimidating aura.

“This is…”

“I am Duan Xilai!”

Before Gu Shiwei had a chance to introduce him, Duan Xilai stepped forward. “You’re Qi Ying?”

“I am indeed Qi Ying.”

Qi Ying’s brows furrowed as he sensed the hostility in that man’s words.

The Duan family definitely harbored ill intentions toward him!

He didn’t know what was going to happen next.

However… Principal Gu Shiwei appeared to be quite displeased with Duan Xilai. With the principal there, if he were to firmly deny his involvement in the deaths of Duan Tianshan and the others, surely the Duan family wouldn’t dare to do anything over the line.

Duan Xilai’s gaze was fixed on Qi Ying. “Alright. Qi Ying, let me ask you this; where were you when the murders happened yesterday? Did you witness the crimes being committed?”

Qi Ying still remembered his story, and he immediately denied any involvement in the matter. “At the time, I was wandering through a busy market. I only heard about the event after I returned to the academy; it was already close to night time at that point. During the incident, I went to a few shops and purchased some things.”

Gu Shiwei also chimed in to support him. “All of the witnesses at the crime scene were also killed, so there are no witnesses in the entire Celestial River County, aside from the culprit. Do you think such a demented criminal would leave Qi Ying alive?”


Duan Xilai’s eyes narrowed. “Then perhaps, Qi Ying is not a witness, but instead, the main culprit or an accomplice?”

Qi Ying maintained a calm facade. “Your words are surely in jest, Family Leader Duan. How could I be the culprit? I’m nowhere near powerful enough to commit a crime like that. Besides, I wasn’t even on the scene at the time.”

“Heh! Then what’s this?”


Duan Xilai’s hand whipped out and a streak of golden light shot forth, before embedding itself into the ground!

The object that had been stuck into the ground was quivering slightly, and it glowed with a faint golden sheen under the sunlight. On its surface, traces of blood could be seen.

“This is…”

Qi Ying’s eyes abruptly widened.

That object was the Golden Jade Bamboo cane he had purchased for Mother Yu the day prior!

At the time, he had tied it to his back using a sash. Only after arriving at the Colosseum did he discover that it was gone. It must have been flung through the air when Li Xiongba was spinning him around like a windmill…

He didn’t really think much about it, but who would have thought that the Duan family would find it!

“Is that a cane? Looks like quite a beautiful one as well.”

Qi Ying’s surprised look disappeared in a flash, and was replaced by an oblivious expression.

“You’re trying to pretend that you don’t recognize it?” Duan Xilai harrumphed, “Boss Chun Lai, did you sell this cane yesterday? If so, who did you sell it to?”

An elderly man who appeared to be around fifty years of age emerged from the crowd. He came forward and inspected the cane before immediately arriving at a conclusion. “That’s right, this cane was crafted using techniques unique to our Chun Lai Cane Shop. It even has our special seal engraved on it. This particular cane was sold yesterday to that child! I can still clearly remember him purchasing the cane, and the transaction is recorded on my account book!”

Qi Ying was struck by an ominous feeling from the moment he saw that old man. Following his accusatory words, Qi Ying was a little flustered and was unable to formulate a rebuttal. Gu Shiwei and the others, who were initially planning to defend Qi Ying, had also fallen silent.

Duan Xilai chuckled coldly. “We have both a witness and material evidence! At the very least, this shows that you were there at the crime scene during the time of the event. However, you have denied this over and over again, clearly indicating the fact that you harbor ulterior motives! I’m going to take you into custody and hand you off to the authorities!”

At that moment, a cold voice sounded from nearby.

“Who wants to take Qi Ying?”

Everyone turned to discover a woman in a white dress who had just appeared outside the courtyard. Many of them were attracted by her beauty, and someone murmured under his breath. “She’s so beautiful! It’s a pity that she’s blind.”

“Mother Yu!”

Qi Ying rushed over to Xuan Yu’s side and latched onto her arm to support her. “Why did you come out?”

“My son is being taken away. If I don’t come out now, what am I going to do when there’s no one around to buy rice for me? Starve to death?” Xuan Yu smacked Qi Ying on the head before turning toward the group of people nearby, “What’s this about a crime and a culprit? What happened? What gives you the right to take Qi Ying away?”

“Mother Yu.”

Xuan Yu normally never raised her voice, but at that moment, she was yelling in an extremely agitated manner. Qi Ying heaved a faint sigh before turning to Duan Xilai. “Family Leader Duan, I’ll agree to come with you.”

“However, I have one condition.” Qi Ying’s expression suddenly cooled significantly, “The Duan family and the Celestial River Academy must look after Mother Yu during the time that I am away. Otherwise, I won’t be telling you anything!”

Qi Ying was taken to a dark and damp room. The place was quite muggy, and there was a foul odor wafting from the corner. He sat in a chair with his hands bound by chains.

“What a flashy glove…”

The official responsible for interrogation discovered the shiny silver glove on Qi Ying’s left hand, and reached out toward it. To his surprise, Qi Ying withdrew his left hand and yelled. “Don’t touch that!”


A whip lashed viciously onto Qi Ying’s chest.


Qi Ying drew a sharp breath from the pain.

This was not an ordinary whip; it was a thorn whip with hooked spikes running of its entire length. The official was a Ninth Strength Martial Stage warrior who possessed immense power, and the strike tore through Qi Ying’s clothes before leaving a bloody gash on his body.

“Who the f*ck do you think you are? You’re a criminal!” The official yelled with spittle flying from his mouth, some of which fell upon Qi Ying’s face. He aimed a vicious glare at Qi Ying before reaching for his silver glove again.

“I said don’t touch that!”

Qi Ying roared again and his voice was like that of an enraged snarling beast.

The official’s heart jolted with shock and he raised his whip again, preparing to teach the uncouth young man a lesson. However, a hint of fear welled up in his heart at the sight of Qi Ying’s feral eyes.

“Take it off yourself then. Everything you carry with you has to be examined in this place!” The official unbound the chain around Qi Ying’s right hand in an indignant manner.


Qi Ying proceeded to take off his glove with his right hand.

After the glove was removed, not only was the official dumbstruck, even the likes of Duan Xilai and Gu Shiwei, who were standing behind him, were also given a surprise!

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