The Deity of War – Chapter 37

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 37: A Plan

What was that hand? It could no longer just be described as hideous. The entire hand was pitch-black with bulging finger joints and fingernails that weren’t very long, but were extremely sharp. The entire thing didn’t even look like a human hand; instead, it looked like the paw of a mountain-dwelling beast. 

Even though the people from the Duan family and Celestial River Academy were all quite knowledgeable and experienced, they were still stunned by the sight of Qi Ying’s left hand, and their eyes were as wide as saucers.


The official felt a chill run down his spine as he stumbled back in fear.

A normal person definitely wouldn’t possess a hand like that! Was he a monster?

Qi Ying was already accustomed to that reaction and his expression remained calm. “My hand has always been like that. The doctors say it was burned into this state. It doesn’t look great, but it still works.”


Qi Ying’s hands were bound by chains again. The official didn’t even dare to have his eyes open when locking up his left hand, and it took his trembling hands quite a while to secure the chains in place.

The interrogation commenced.

The official asked. “Where did you go after leaving Chun Lai Cane Shop around noon yesterday?”

Qi Ying replied. “I wandered around the market for the entire day and only returned to the academy when it was close to night time.”

“Do you have witnesses?”

“After returning to the academy, I encountered Wang Mazi and some other disciples, they can testify for me. After that, I went to the mountain behind the academy and met Gu Shiwei as well as a few Elders there; they can also act as witnesses.”

“Do you have any witnesses that can verify your whereabouts between the time you left Chun Lai Cane Shop, and the time you arrived back at the academy? Or is there any material evidence to indicate your location at the time?”

Qi Ying thought about that for a moment before shaking his head. “No.”

The official picked up the Golden Jade Bamboo cane. “You purchased this cane from Chun Lai Cane Shop, right?”


“This cane was found at the scene of the crime. How do you explain that?”

“Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention while I was walking, and it fell there as I was passing through.”

“Hmph, nonsense! How could there be such an unlikely coincidence?” The official chuckled coldly, “You can’t prove that you weren’t at the scene when the crime was committed, and there is material evidence in the form of this cane suggesting that you were there. All of this indicates that you were very much involved in this crime! Hurry up and confess!”

“I have nothing to confess. Everything I said was the truth.”

Qi Ying was determined to stick by the story that he had not been at the scene, and was not related in any way to the crime committed. If he were to tell the truth, he would most likely be executed. However, if he denied all of the allegations, there was still hope!

If Master Thirteen hadn’t been lying to him, then he would definitely try to save him after learning of the fact that he had been detained.

As things currently stood, there was no other way out!

The official’s eyes narrowed into slits as he chuckled. “So you’re not going to confess…” 

He turned to the people from the Duan family and the academy. “Family Leader Duan, Principal Gu, and everyone else. I’m going to begin my interrogation now. There are some things that I cannot allow you to see, so please return to your posts and await further news from me. Trust me, I will deliver the correct verdict!”

Clip clop clip clop!

A horse galloped on the streets, towing a carriage behind it.

Gu Shiwei and everyone else from the Celestial River Academy were sitting in the carriage, on their way back to the academy.

Within the carriage.

An elder said. “Principal, this Qi Ying really does appear to be related to this crime. On top of that, his left hand is very strange! We don’t know much about his past either… I can’t help but feel that this child is far too mysterious and potentially very dangerous. What should we do? A child like him may be dangerous, but he also has great potential. It would be very beneficial to us if we could recruit him to our side.”

Gu Shiwei shook his head. “No matter what the truth behind this matter is, it no longer has anything to do with us. If we can save Qi Ying without taking any risks, then we should, but it’s not worth offending too many people for his sake. If he really does have powerful backers, then we won’t need to try and rescue him. Whoever committed the crime will naturally come forward and save him in our stead.”

“Then, what do we do now?”

Gu Shiwei’s brows furrowed slightly in contemplation. “Deploy some people in secret to spread news of this event. Make sure it reaches the ears of as many people as possible. All we can do now is to try our best to inform the actual culprit about Qi Ying’s current situation. All that’s left to do after that, is to wait.”

Thus, a piece of news soon began to circulate throughout the Celestial River County. It was still related to the recent harrowing homicides, and apparently, the information had been disclosed by the authorities. According to the news, a Low Division disciple of the Celestial River Academy had been detained as a suspect. A verdict was going to be arrived at soon, and the inhabitants of the county were told not to worry.

Everyone felt that it was completely absurd. ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?!’

The thirty-seven victims were not defenseless animals. Those were thirty-seven warriors, even the weakest of which were at the Seventh Strength Martial Stage! They were Celestial River Academy disciples who had infinite potential! There was even a Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior among them, so the culprit had to have at least been a Ninth Energy Martial Stage powerful being! Why had they detained a Low Division disciple as a scapegoat?

That clearly highlighted the incompetence of the authorities.

Word of this soon began to spread like wildfire. Within half a day, half of the entire Celestial River County had heard about it, and none of them were convinced. Ironically, the whole farce had developed to become the catalyst for a movement against corrupt and incompetent officials.

Of course, no one really cared what would happen to the Low Division disciple involved at the center of the controversy. All they could do, and all they wanted to do, was to vent their frustrations at the authorities.

Within a booth in the Colosseum.

Master Thirteen strode in and the servant, Little Xiang, immediately made her way out and closed the door behind her. Lu Feifei was reclined on a chair and she glanced at Master Thirteen. “I’ve heard the news. How is Qi Ying?”

“I was still too careless!” Master Thirteen sighed, “We left some evidence at the scene and the Duan family is using that against Qi Ying. He’s most likely being interrogated right now…”

A hint of concern appeared in Lu Feifei’s seductive eyes. “Interrogation? Those officials aren’t very good at their jobs, but they’re very cruel in their interrogations! Who knows what they’re going to do to Qi Ying.”

Master Thirteen speculated in a slow voice. “He’s definitely going to suffer a little, but he should be fine as long as he denies all of the allegations. If he folds and admits to everything, then I can only say that I was wrong about him!”

“So what should we do?” Lu Feifei’s brows furrowed.

“I can’t do anything about this.” Master Thirteen clasped his hands behind his back, “The Duan family most likely already suspects my involvement in this case. Even though they’re not a cause for concern elsewhere, they are very influential here in the Celestial River County.” 

“So…” Master Thirteen laid a hand on Lu Feifei’s delicate shoulder, “It’s all up to you.”

Lu Feifei was slightly taken aback. “Me? What can I do?”

A faint smile appeared on Master Thirteen’s face as he laid his other hand on her shoulder as well and gave her a gentle massage. “You are the esteemed Madam Lu. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to provide some proof that Qi Ying was not at the scene? As long as you can provide a valid reason, I’ll be able to pull some strings and rescue Qi Ying with ease.”

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