The Deity of War – Chapter 40

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 40: Promiscuous Floral Incense

Master Thirteen stood up to leave and said to Qi Ying, “Stay at Madam Lu’s mansion for the next couple of days. All of your injuries are just flesh wounds, and medicine has been prepared. You’ll be recovered in no time. Don’t forget that you have to return to fight at the Colosseum in two days!”

“Of course. Thank you, Master Thirteen! Oh, by the way, Master Thirteen, can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Mother Yu is still living by herself near the academy, I fear for her safety…”

Master Thirteen suddenly burst into laughter upon hearing this. “Hehe… You don’t need to worry about her.”


Qi Ying was taken aback by that response. Master Thirteen made it sound like he was very familiar with Mother Yu. However, he didn’t provide any explanation and only offered some words of reassurance before leaving the room.

The medicine prepared by Master Thirteen was extremely effective and that, in conjunction with Qi Ying’s naturally quick rate of recovery, meant that he was basically fully recovered after just half a day. He removed the bandages and a layer of black scabs fell with them. His new skin was still a little fairer in complexion than the skin around it.

He was just lying down when the door opened again. Qi Ying thought that the servants were coming in to change the bandages again, but he was instead greeted by the sight of a gorgeous woman that made his heart rate spike dramatically.

“Madam Lu…”

Qi Ying hurriedly sat up on the bed. Lu Feifei sat down on the bed and stroked his chest with a smile on her face. “Looks like you’re all better now. You seem a lot more energetic.”

“Thank you for saving me, Madam Lu.”

Qi Ying expressed words of gratitude, but he didn’t dare to meet Madam Lu’s gaze. The physical contact that she had just initiated with him had already triggered an involuntary physical reaction; on top of that, she was sitting too close to him. Her words and glances seemed to possess some sort of irresistible quality, evoking within him a carnal response. He was very concerned that he would be unable to repress his urges, and do something that he would regret.

However, Lu Feifei was hoping for exactly that.

That was fresh meat right on her doorstep, and it was an opportunity she could not miss. If she couldn’t take advantage of the situation, another chance may not arise in the future. As such, it was now or never.

“If you really want to thank me, I can show you how.”

She sidled up to Qi Ying and pressed her body tightly against his. He was feeling quite uncomfortable and tried to shuffle away, but was backed into the wall adjacent to the bed.

A lovely scent wafted into his nostrils and for some reason, Qi Ying felt like his body temperature was rising. However, that sensation only lasted for a split second. He could sense some new energy entering his body, similar to the type of energy attained after drinking that tea in the colosseum booth.

Qi Ying heaved an internal sigh. ‘So even the incense rich people use can assist in cultivation!’

However, Lu Feifei’s brows were slightly furrowed. She had just lit up some Promiscuous Floral Incense in secret. That was an incense able to reveal any man’s animalistic true colors. The Spring Night Intoxication on the previous occasion may have been diluted by the tea, thereby preventing it from taking effect on Qi Ying, and resulting in that situation with Yan Thirteen. However, the Promiscuous Floral Incense should have gotten the job done.

The problem was she was feeling all hot and bothered from the effects of the incense, but Qi Ying didn’t display any reactions!

Qi Ying soon noticed that something seemed to be amiss about Madam Lu. “Madam Lu, your face is so red… Are you sick? Wait… what are you doing? Why are you taking off your clothes?!”

Qi Ying was feeling extremely shy and flustered. Madam Lu had taken off half of her clothes, and the mere sight of her set his lower abdomen on fire. A pair of warm and slender hands settled on his waist, and they seemed to be inching lower…

“I want you. Just let me have my way with you!” Madam Lu’s eyes were glazed over as she pressed her body into his.


Qi Ying’s mind was completely muddled.

‘My god, this woman is way too scary! She’s trying to eat me alive! But I’m a good man with a sense of moral compass; I can’t allow things to go on like this!’ He was already determined to give himself entirely to another woman, and had vowed that he would remain faithful for his entire life. How could he fall at such a hurdle?

Qi Ying apologized internally to Madam Lu.

He then gripped onto Lu Feifei’s waist and dragged her off his body, before pinning her to the bed.

“My apologies, Madam Lu!”

Qi Ying gritted his teeth and pulled down the canopy around the bed. He tore the canopy into strips and tied Lu Feifei up.

The immobilized Lu Feifei squirmed as she stared at Qi Ying. “Qi Ying, what are you trying to…? Mmmm…”

Qi Ying jammed a clump of cloth into her mouth, preventing her from finishing her sentence. As such, she could only make some muffled sounds in protest.

“Amitabha!” Qi Ying placed his palms together and closed his eyes, “Madam Lu, I thank you for saving me, but I cannot give my body to you. If you’re really struggling with loneliness, then please find someone else to entertain you! There are so many men in this world; I’m just a fifteen-year-old kid who may not even be able to last a minute! What do you see in me?”

Qi Ying sat on the bed and kept an eye on Lu Feifei for half the night, preventing her from being able to do anything out of line. However, Lu Feifei was in a lot of pain. The Promiscuous Floral Incense was just as effective in women as it was for men. Her libido had risen to the peak, but she could only press her legs together with all her might, in order to satisfy her urges somewhat. Meanwhile, the man beside her was as still as a statue.

Lu Feifei pleaded with Qi Ying for release with her eyes, but he merely shook his head and tightened the makeshift rope around her, thereby even preventing her from being able to clamp her legs together… 

The effects of the incense finally wore off, and Lu Feifei was drenched in sweat as she panted heavily. Only then did Qi Ying untie her.

“You… you’re a b*stard…”

Even though she had been untied, Lu Feifei was far too spent to be able to get up. She laid sprawled out on the bed and glowered at Qi Ying.


Qi Ying shrugged with an innocent expression.

“Oi, kid.” Lu Feifei no longer being as amicable with her words, “What’s going on in that head of yours? Countless men in this world lust for my body; why is it that you’re treating it like trash?”

“Madam Lu, you are indeed very beautiful, and I admit that you are very attractive.” Qi Ying sighed, “However, my heart already belongs to someone else. I made a promise to her, so I can’t betray her.”

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