The Deity of War – Chapter 45

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 45: The Fire Kirin Beast


The absentminded Duan Huangye walked into someone, and the latter fell onto his backside.


Ironically, it was the one who had been bumped into that apologized.


Duan Huangye didn’t even register the fact that he had bumped into someone. He gave an instinctive response, and that person quickly hurried away. Only then did Duan Huangye turn to look at him. That man wore a mask and a cloak; he appeared to be the Nameless Warrior.

“He’s here pretty early… Why is his voice so familiar?”

Duan Huangye suddenly realized that for some reason, the Nameless Warrior struck him with a sense of familiarity. His voice, his gait, his height and figure, all of it gave him a sense of deja vu. He was certain that he had seen the Nameless Warrior in some setting outside of the Colosseum.

Duan Huangye began to try and guess who he was… Could it be that it was the young master of the An family, who was at the Sixth Energy Martial Stage? No, the An family’s young master was quite thin and slightly taller than the Nameless Warrior. Then, could he be the young master of the Sun family? That couldn’t be the case either. That man was close to thirty and had quite a husky voice, completely different from the Nameless Warrior’s. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t quite place his finger on who that man was.

“Aside from that little s**t, no one knows who the Nameless Warrior is… Yan Thirteen sure plays his cards well, using the mystery surrounding the Nameless Warrior for his personal profit!”

Duan Huangye grumbled as he walked toward the betting center.

Qi Ying had arrived at the Colosseum with Lu Feifei, and had taken a shower in one of the rooms upstairs, before making his way to the waiting area. After he was bumped into by Duan Huangye, he had instinctively apologized, and only realized that something was amiss after the event. He had seen that man before on the mountain behind the academy. He was a member of the Duan family, the father of the deceased Duan Yuan and Duan Jin: Duan Huangye!

With that in mind, Qi Ying’s heart jolted in fear that he had been identified. However, after thinking about it, he found that he had never revealed his identity at the Colosseum. He was always in a cloak and mask, and never wore his eye-catching silver glove. The only people who were aware of his identity was Master Thirteen and that female administrator with the long wavy curls. As long as he was cautious, his identity was safe.

Given how closely related the Nameless Warrior and Master Thirteen were, if his cover were to be blown, the Duan family would immediately suspect Master Thirteen of foul play. Things would really take a dangerous turn in that case.

“Forget about it, I have to focus on my fight!” Qi Ying sat down in the waiting area, “My opponent for today seems to be very powerful!”

Following a few gruesome battles, the female announcer’s enticing voice reverberated throughout the Colosseum.

“Next up is our main fight for the night! The Silver Rank Nameless Warrior will be taking on a Yellow Tier Sixth Rank beast, the Fire Kirin Beast! The Fire Kirin Beast is similar to the Dark Golden Ape in that they both possess the bloodline of a Holy Beast! However, its bloodline is significantly less concentrated than the Dark Golden Ape’s, but it is still comparable in power to a Seventh or Eight Rank Yellow Tier beast!

“The Nameless Warrior was able to defeat the Yellow Tier Seventh Rank Flaming Cerberus last time; how will he fare this time against the Fire Kirin Beast? The battle will begin in fifteen minutes. All those wishing to place a bet, please exchange for chips before the battle commences!”

The atmosphere at the Colosseum was electric. A month could easily go by without a battle between a Silver Rank warrior and a powerful beast. As such, the vast majority of the spectators had been attracted to the Colosseum exactly because of the battle that was about to take place. Some of them were firm in their conviction that the Nameless Warrior would win and placed their bets on his favor, while others were of the opinion that he couldn’t be allowed to keep winning battles, so the Colosseum was going to throw him a curveball. 

The latter group of people bet on the Flame Kirin Beast in hopes that the Colosseum would fix the battle, in order to profit from those who had bet on the Nameless Warrior. Furthermore, most of the people placing bets had already incurred losses from bets made on previous battles. As such, their emotions had completely gotten the better of them, prompting them to place illogically massive bets in an attempt to earn back what they had lost.

Those men were like dry kindling, and the female announcer’s alluring voice provided that spark required to set them alight.

An Ruyi sat in a booth on the second floor, surveying the battle cage with intrigue, and waiting for the Nameless Warrior to appear.

She had heard on the previous day that the Nameless Warrior was going to fight, and she was determined to find out his identity no matter what.

She wasn’t actually infatuated or obsessed with the Nameless Warrior. She was grateful to him for saving her life, but more importantly, he was mysterious and powerful, and that combination had completely piqued her curiosity.

“I have to find out who you are today. At the very least, I have to see your face…”

An Ruyi vowed in her heart before turning to the leader of the An family guard squad, who was standing behind her. “You have to help me achieve my objective today! Understood?”

The guard leader wore a sour expression. “Alright… I can help you, young mistress, but please don’t spill my secret! Otherwise, my wife is going to kill me!”

An Ruyi harrumphed coldly. “That’ll depend on your performance today. If you can’t do what’s required of you, my mouth might just slip and I might end up telling everyone about what you did at the Myriad Spring Brothel!”

“Please don’t.”

The guard leader looked as if he were on the verge of tears.

The lights in the Colosseum suddenly dimmed, leaving only the battle cage illuminated. A shadowy figure emerged, in a black cloak with a sinister mask on his face. All of the spectators burst into applause and cheers for the Nameless Warrior, anticipating the upcoming colosseum battle.

At that moment, a massive cage was dragged into the battle cage by four colosseum warriors.

Within the cage was a huge beast with glowing red scales. Its body resembled that of a deer, while its hooves were those of a horse. It had a disproportionately large head, a pair of bulging eyes, and a sharp crimson golden horn protruding from its forehead.

That was the Fire Kirin Beast!

It was said that the Fire Kirin Beast possessed a hint of the bloodline of a Heaven Tier Blaze Kirin Beast. The Fire Kirin Beast owned by the Colosseum was at the Yellow Tier Sixth Rank, and had been traded not long ago from another county. During the process in which it had been captured, it had inflicted casualties upon a dozen or so warriors. The beast was extremely violent, and was capable of spitting out balls of fire. Its offensive prowess was not inferior to the Flaming Cerberus, while its defensive prowess was far superior in comparison.

In the past battles for the Nameless Warrior, each and every one of the beasts, aside from the Ironback Gorilla, had lackluster defenses. Many people speculated that the Colosseum had intentionally arranged that, so the Nameless Warrior would have an easier path to reaching the Silver Rank. However, the Fire Kirin Beast possessed a defensive prowess that was far superior to all of the previous beasts. As usual, the Nameless Warrior was fighting without a weapon, so it really was quite difficult to predict who would come out on top. 

“Go, Nameless Warrior! You have to win!”

“Nameless Warrior!”

Many people began to cheer him on.

However, Qi Ying’s attention was not focused on the spectators. He didn’t even take notice of the female spectators who were blowing kisses at him. Instead, his eyes were fixed intently on the Fire Kirin Beast in the cage. All he wanted was victory!

Only by securing victory would he be able to earn more pills!

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