The Deity of War – Chapter 46

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 46: Attack and Defense


The steel cage was opened, and the four warriors immediately left the battle cage before locking it up.



The Fire Kirin Beast emerged from the cage, amid the sound of two heavy hoofsteps. Its body was twice the size of a Demonic Blood Wolf, and it was the most massive opponent Qi Ying had faced at the Colosseum to date. It was significantly bigger than even a fully grown bull; its red scales were like scorching flames. It opened its cavernous mouth slightly, and a burst of red smoke erupted from within.

The Fire Kirin Beast had its head slightly lowered, and it scratched at the ground with its front hooves. The commotion outside the battle cage was making it extremely agitated; plus, it had been held in confinement for a long time, thereby further fanning the flames of its wrath. However, even with its low-level intelligence, it could tell that escaping from the cage would be next to impossible. It could sense extremely powerful beings positioned around the battle cage, and the only target it could attack was the human standing before it.

Bam, bam.

The Fire Kirin Beast advanced a few steps toward the human.

The commotion in the stands began to die down. All of the spectators were intently focused on the battle, to the extent that they had forgotten to scream and yell. They were eagerly awaiting the fierce brawl that was about to follow.

Within a second-floor booth, Lu Zuo and Lu You stood behind Lu Feifei, and both of them were looking at one another.

They both knew who that Nameless Warrior was. That was the First Energy Martial Stage kid who had destroyed a wall while practicing the Flowing Shadow Strike. He had limitless potential, but the opponent he was facing was surely far too powerful for him at that point in time!

The Fire Kirin Beast possessed a slight trace of a Holy Beast’s bloodline, and had extremely powerful defenses. Even for them, it would not be a simple task to bring it down.

Lu Zuo couldn’t help but speculate, “Master Thirteen must have fed the Fire Kirin Beast some medicine, right? Isn’t he afraid that someone will notice?”

Lu You remained expressionless as usual. “Keep watching and we’ll know what’s going on.”

In another booth, An Ruyi’s hands were balled up into tight fists, and she was biting down on her lower lip as her palms sweated profusely. She wasn’t worried about the Nameless Warrior; in her eyes, he was an omnipotent being who could defeat any contender. Instead, she was very nervous about what she was going to do.

The Fire Kirin Beast slowly approached the tiny human. It could sense that the aura emanating from his body was very weak, inferior even to many of its prey in the past.

Could it be that the humans were offering him a snack?

But that little guy was clearly a human as well!

‘Hmph, humans are all twisted beings anyway, so they’re probably capable of doing something like this.’

Meanwhile, Qi Ying still stood on the spot, and didn’t move at all. The Fire Kirin Beast thought that he had been immobilized by fear, and a content smile appeared on its face. It approached Qi Ying and opened its mouth to bite off his head.

It could still faintly recall the taste of human brains; they were sweet and a little greasy. Excessive consumption would result in digestive problems, but eating one from time to time as a delicacy wasn’t bad.

Just as the Fire Kirin Beast opened its mouth, Qi Ying finally sprang into action!


He pounced with a rapid motion like a hunting panther. It seemed as if explosives had been lit under the soles of his feet, blasting him straight into the air. His black-gloved left hand swung toward the Fire Kirin Beast’s chin in a vicious hook.


The sound of a dull impact erupted.

The Fire Kirin Beast’s head reared back as its entire body shuddered.

Meanwhile, Qi Ying backtracked several steps; he could feel a slight pain shooting through his left shoulder, as the bones within ground against one another.

The spectator stands erupted.

The battle had finally begun, and the Nameless Warrior seemed to come off second-best after that first clash!

It was shaping up to be a spectacular battle!

“Its body is so heavy and so hard…”

Qi Ying’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Beasts naturally had powerful bodies, and the Fire Kirin Beast was one of the largest and most domineering beings among its rank. As such, simple physical attacks wouldn’t be able to inflict any substantial damage upon it!

His left hand was powerful enough, but he didn’t have enough strength within his body to hurt it. If he continued to attack in that manner, his left hand would remain unscathed, but the rest of the bones in his body would most likely be shattered into pieces.

The Fire Kirin Beast shook its slightly dazed head.

It had just been attacked by its food!

Even though the attack wasn’t very powerful and dealt no substantial damage, the Fire Kirin Beast’s urge to attack had been completely ignited.


The Fire Kirin Beast opened its cavernous mouth, and a red ball of fire around the size of a washing basin shot forth toward Qi Ying like a cannonball. Qi Ying tapped a foot into the ground and exerted a slight amount of force, upon which his entire body flew several dozen feet to the side, thereby allowing him to evade the ball of fire. At that moment, the Fire Kirin Beast spat out even more balls of fire, creating a string of flames. Scorching energy roasted the steel battle cage, making the steel structure turn bright red in color.

Qi Ying evaded from side to side like a slippery eel. One fireball after another glanced past his body as he quickly approached the Fire Kirin Beast. When he was less than ten feet away, he leaped up into the air as he lashed out with his right hand!

Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw!


Purple claw projections instantly clashed with the Fire Kirin Beast’s back, sending sparks flying through the air.

Even though it didn’t inflict any harm, the atmosphere in the Colosseum was set alight by those sparks.

“A battle technique! That was a battle technique!”

“The Nameless Warrior is finally using a battle technique!”

All of the Nameless Warrior’s battles were very enthralling to watch. His speed and agility outstripped that of all of the other colosseum warriors, but he had a very clear flaw; he didn’t use any battle techniques. No matter how spectacular his movements were, they were still, in essence, just kicks and punches. As such, his battles weren’t as visually stimulating as one would like.

However, all that had changed! The Nameless Warrior had used a battle technique!

That indicated that the Nameless Warrior was going to unleash his true power to combat the Fire Kirin Beast.

Countless spectators rose to their feet and cheered him on at the top of their lungs.



Aside from his left hand, Qi Ying didn’t dare to let any part of his body come into contact with the oncoming fireballs. Even if he were to conjure up a True Energy barrier, the Fire Kirin Beast’s attacks would still be able to injure him. Furthermore, the True Energy that he could draw upon was far too limited, and wouldn’t be able to support large amounts of True Energy expenditure over an extended period of time.

‘I have to end this quickly!’

Qi Ying stared intently at the Fire Kirin Beast’s furious eyes. Those were its weakest points.

The Fire Kirin Beast could also instinctively tell from Qi Ying’s expression that he was about to attack its eyes. Thus, it began to increase the frequency at which it launched balls of fire, while simultaneously charging directly toward him. It was trying to force Qi Ying into a corner before roasting him alive.

However, it suddenly discovered that the human standing before it had somehow transformed into a black shadow, which was quickly approaching its left eye. The Fire Kirin Beast hurriedly raised its front left hoof in an attempt to aim a vicious kick at its assailant. However, at the same time, it saw another black shadow, and that one was pouncing toward its right eye!

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