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The Deity of War – Chapter 50 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 50

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 50: Number One Male Idol

As time progressed, the ways through which people cultivated constantly changed. At the moment, the Strength Martial Stage and the Energy Martial Stage were considered to be foundational cultivation base ranks, for warriors on the entire continent. It was said that a long time ago, the Energy Martial Stage was actually the same cultivation base rank as the Strength Martial Stage. 

However, taking into account the fact that most normal people were unable to detect the vital energy of heaven and earth, changes were made. The adjustments lowered the prerequisite to cultivation, and helped the human race to prosper even further. There were mighty figures who invented a new set of cultivation protocol, within which cultivation base ranks became even more specific, thereby resulting in the Strength Martial Stage and the Energy Martial Stage being split up.

If one was at the pinnacle of the Ninth Strength Martial Stage, they would be able to progress to the Energy Martial Stage as long as they could sense vital energy. Those who were lacking in aptitude could also train according to some crude cultivation methods, taking them to at least the Third or Fourth Strength Martial Stages. As a minimum, that would significantly enhance their strength, thereby allowing them to be more proficient in manual labor.

One’s strength received significant boosts during the Strength Martial Stages, but that tapered off after reaching the Energy Martial Stage.

In comparison, the Energy Martial Stages were part of a process during which one improved the quality of and control over their True Energy.

“As expected, my utilization of True Energy seems to have gotten better!”

Qi Ying began to cultivate his Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw again.

After reaching the initial success level, his Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw had already become extremely powerful. Progression to the Second Energy Martial Stage had further elevated its offensive output.

Even though there was no test subject, Qi Ying could sense that if he were to face the Fire Kirin Beast again, his Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw would at least be able to inflict some damage upon it.

He returned to his room, and closed his eyes as he laid onto his bed.

The next day.

After arriving at the academy, Qi Ying found that many of his fellow disciples were appraising him with strange expressions, and murmuring among themselves.

Qi Ying grabbed a disciple that he was familiar with and asked. “Li Gousheng, what are they discussing?”

“Er…” Li Gousheng faltered slightly before stammering in reply, “No, nothing…”

“Tell me!”

Qi Ying pinched Li Gousheng’s leg viciously, and the latter howled with pain.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk… Everyone is talking about how you became Madam Lu’s sugar baby!”

Li Gousheng rubbed his leg and grimaced.


Qi Ying was speechless.

It was already troublesome enough that everyone had heard about his detainment, but there was even a rumor like that going around? Even though Madam Lu had saved him, surely she didn’t need to let everyone know about it!

However, Qi Ying quickly discovered that although there were inevitably disdainful glances and comments aimed toward him, most of the male disciples were quite envious because of it!

There were even people who came to him with questions like: “Qi Ying, can you ask if Madam Lu likes boys like me? I would love to be her sugar baby!”

“F*ck off! Madam Lu would throw up at the sight of you!”

Qi Ying pushed Wang Mazi aside with scorn in his eyes.

To Qi Ying, Lu Feifei was like untouchable poison; but to other underprivileged disciples, being able to catch Madam Lu’s eye would mean that they were set for life! Furthermore, she was rich, but not some old hag or hideous monster. Instead, she was renowned for her attractiveness and beauty.

Just as Qi Ying was about to walk into the classroom, someone latched onto him from behind again.

“Piss off!”

Qi Ying threw an elbow behind him, thinking that it was someone like Wang Mazi or Li Gousheng again.


A scream erupted.

Qi Ying was taken aback to hear that. It was a female voice, and quite a familiar one at that. A hint of unease welled up in his heart, and he turned around. Sure enough, it was Miss ‘Ill Omen’ An Ruyi standing behind him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you… What do you want from me this time?”

Qi Ying asked.

He didn’t try to soften his tone at all, as she was always causing trouble for him, even though her intentions were good.

“Nothing.” An Ruyi shrugged, “I just wanted to ask you…”

“If it’s about how I’ve become a sugar baby, then I refuse to comment. Of course, if you want to make me your sugar baby, you can propose a price! I offer full-night packages starting from eight hundred crystals!” Qi Ying said in a joking manner.

“That’s not what I wanted to ask!”

An Ruyi pursed her lips, but a faint blush had appeared on her face.

“Then WHAT do you want to ask?”

“Here…” An Ruyi produced a small jade vial as if she were performing a magic trick, “I heard you were locked up for an entire night. An Ping told me that the jailors are very cruel in their interrogations, so they must have hurt you… Everything is technically my fault, so please accept this vial of medicine as an apology; it’s very useful for healing scars…”


Qi Ying didn’t really know what to say.

An Ruyi was a little sporadic and wilful at times, but she was actually quite kind and not pretentious in the slightest. She had a pure heart, and it wouldn’t be bad to have a friend like her. However, Qi Ying really didn’t want to establish any ties with her, so he furrowed his brows after some deliberation and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but it’s not required.”

He turned and left after saying that, leaving An Ruyi to stand in the corridor by herself with a blank expression on her face.

The disciples who witnessed that scene began to point and comment again.

“Sigh, Qi Ying is ditching the old in preference for the new! What a scummy man!”

“Madam Lu is a mature woman; An Ruyi is too soft to compete with her!”

“F*ck, even a piece of trash like him is being sought after by two beauties; why doesn’t anyone like me?”

An Ruyi held the jade vial, and she was already enraged by Qi Ying’s cold attitude, but the flames of her fury were fanned even further upon hearing the chatter around her. She stomped her foot and gritted her teeth. “Hmph! What a waste of my kindness! I’m never talking to you again! I don’t even care if you die!”

Qi Ying sat down in the classroom, and the lesson he was attending was still one in which cultivation protocol was being explained.

“True Energy to the body is like water to farmland. Even though it won’t drastically improve one’s strength like cultivation during the Strength Martial Stages, it is still able to further enhance the body. Guiding True Energy to a wound can help it recover more quickly; guiding True Energy to the stomach will temporarily soothe hunger; guiding True Energy to the limbs can explosively enhance their strength for a brief period of time.

“However, those are all very crude uses of True Energy. The only way to maximize the power of True Energy is through the use of battle techniques! Battle techniques are split up into four major tiers; the Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Tiers…”

At that point in the lecture, door-knocking sounds were suddenly heard. The teacher’s words faltered, and he raised a hand, upon which a stream of green True Energy flew forth and opened the door.

All of the disciples turned to look out the door with curiosity. Who had interrupted their lesson? What did they want?

Qi Ying was also among those disciples, and his pupils contracted at the sight of the person standing outside.

It was a handsome young man with a bejeweled sword hanging from his waist. There was also a group of slightly older disciples behind him. Everyone in the classroom burst into commotion; in particular, all of the female disciples were discussing spiritedly among themselves, with blushes on their faces.

Duan Gucheng!

That was the number one male idol of the Celestial River Academy, the man sought after by all of the female disciples!

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