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The Deity of War – Chapter 52 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 52

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 52: The Price of Underestimation

“Do you really want to force my hand like this?” Qi Ying’s expression had darkened significantly.

Everyone from the Duan family was all the same; Duan Gucheng, Duan Tianshan, Duan Yuan, Duan Jin; all of them were intent on trampling everyone else’s dignity beneath their feet, as if that would prove their superiority to everyone else.

Duan Gucheng stepped forward with his head raised and looked down on Qi Ying. “How am I forcing your hand? I’m clearly giving you a very good option. You have to do as I say, or we’re going to break both of your legs! Which one are you going to pick?”

Crack crack!

Qi Ying lowered his head slightly as the joints in his fists crackled and popped.

Duan Tianshan had done the same thing to him once, and Duan Gucheng was now repeating the offense. However, in comparison to Duan Tianshan, Duan Gucheng’s group was more like a pack of vicious wolves that wouldn’t rest until their prey died!

What should I do?

Should I swallow my pride and be reduced to a dog, or risk it all and fight them to the death?

He couldn’t accept the first option as that would traumatize him for life. The impact of that would be unimaginably severe and could very likely even hamper his cultivation in the future.

Qi Ying was grappling with an intense internal conflict.

He tried his best to remain calm, so he could make the most logical decision.

A few seconds later.


Qi Ying raised his head and a peculiar smile appeared on his face.

“Have you made up your mind?” Duan Gucheng’s brows furrowed slightly. He had never seen that expression on anyone’s face before. He didn’t know what Qi Ying was thinking beneath that fake smile.

However, he could instinctively sense a hint of danger, as if he were being confronted by a ferocious beast.

Qi Ying’s tightly clenched fists unfurled and he replied. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to kill you, you motherf*cker!”


Qi Ying’s body shot forth like a bolt of lightning.

“Look out!”

“Be careful, young master!”

The surrounding disciples erupted into a frenzy.

Everyone knew that Qi Ying was only a Strength Martial Stage brat, and was no match for Duan Gucheng, but in that instant, the aura emanating from his body evoked within them an instinctive sense of fear.


Duan Gucheng remained standing on the spot as he looked at the oncoming Qi Ying. In his eyes, Qi Ying was just an insolent cornered beast. He was at the Eighth Energy Martial Stage; well above the cultivation base of his assailant, so why would he need to dodge?

He quickly raised his left hand and extended a finger.

Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank battle technique, Rhinoceros Horn Finger!


A golden finger projection shot forth from his fingertip, spearing directly toward Qi Ying’s lower abdomen; it had a fearsome penetrative power that could puncture a scaled dragon’s body. However, right at that instant, Qi Ying’s body transformed into a black shadow, and managed to evade the finger projection by traveling in an unimaginable angle.

An expression of confoundment appeared on Duan Gucheng’s face.

A battle technique? Wasn’t that kid only a Strength Martial Stage warrior?

However, he quickly reacted to the situation. He could sense a gust of wind blowing at him from his right, so he instantly lashed out with his longsword. That was a Yellow Tier High Rank treasured tool, and after injecting True Energy into it, it would be able to puncture any Energy Martial Stage warrior’s body, provided they weren’t wearing any special armor. The black shadow appeared on his right, and Duan Gucheng thrust forward with his sword!

At the same time, there was another flash of silver light that was even more dazzling than his sword!


Qi Ying caught the sword with his left hand, and his silver glove locked tightly around the blade like a steel pincer. Duan Gucheng stared at Qi Ying with incredulity on his face. How was he able to catch the sword with his bare hand? Was that silver glove some sort of treasured tool as well?

Duan Gucheng tried to twist his sword with all his might, attempting to shred Qi Ying’s left hand with its blade. At the same time, he was injecting as much True Energy as he could into his weapon. However, the sword could only tremor and sway until a crisp crack erupted, and it finally snapped in half.


Just as Duan Gucheng was stunned by the sight of his snapped sword, Qi Ying sprang into action again. His body transformed into two black shadows which pounced toward Duan Gucheng from different directions. Duan Gucheng reacted much like the Fire Kirin Beast had in the battle cage—he was first startled by the shadow on the left, then confused by the shadow on his right, and before he could react, one of them had already appeared right in front of him. Immediately afterward, a burst of sharp pain speared through his lower abdomen.


Half of the snapped sword had plunged into his stomach, and the top was protruding out of his back.

The other half of the sword slipped from Duan Gucheng’s grasp as he stared up ahead with wide eyes. Qi Ying stood before him with a twisted expression on his face, and a formidable sense of killing intent emanating from his body.

“Young master!”

“Crap! This little b*stard is stronger than he looks!”

The three Heavenly Monarchs and all of the other disciples were completely dumbfounded. The frail-looking kid who was at their mercy just a moment ago had since transformed into a vicious beast, and the startling metamorphosis sent chills running down their spines. However, despite their fear and shock, they couldn’t just stand around and do nothing. Duan Gucheng was the pride of the Duan family, and if something were to happen to him, they would all be in deep trouble. If Qi Ying were to kill him, then they would probably suffer similar fates!


All of the disciples rushed toward Duan Gucheng and Qi Ying in unison.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A few streaks of purple True Energy suddenly erupted. The disciples at the forefront of the group didn’t have time to evade, and they were all struck by the Dark Falcon Illusionary Claws, sending blood splattering through the air.

“Get back!”

Everyone was just about to continue their charge when they heard Qi Ying’s ferocious snarl.

The Tiger Heavenly Monarch, Lion Heavenly Monarch, and Leopard Heavenly Monarch, as well as all of the other disciples all stopped cold in their tracks. No one dared to act carelessly in such a situation.

Duan Renshan hadn’t received news from the Duan family in advance, and he only realized that something bad was about to happen after hearing recounts from the disciples in the classroom. There was one thing that he had to tell Duan Gucheng, and that was that Qi Ying’s gloved left hand was seemingly able to block any attack. If he wasn’t aware of that during the battle, then he could easily fall prey to it. He hurriedly rushed over to the mountain behind the academy, and on the way there, he encountered the sobbing An Ruyi. Upon seeing her, he knew that Duan Gucheng and the others couldn’t be far away, so he accelerated even further.

When he finally caught sight of Duan Gucheng’s group and Qi Ying, he wanted to shout words of caution, but those words got stuck in his throat and his expression darkened at the scenes laid out before him.

“Qi Ying, what do you want?”

Duan Renshan roared. Qi Ying had been surrounded by everyone, but his left hand was clamped tightly around Duan Gucheng’s throat, and he wore a deranged expression on his face. Meanwhile, Duan Gucheng had a snapped blade protruding from his lower abdomen, and blood was flowing from the wound like a small stream.

Qi Ying turned to find Duan Renshan, and he suddenly seemed to have calmed down. “Don’t move! If anyone dares to come within a hundred feet distance from me, I’m going to snap your young master’s head off!”

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