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The Deity of War – Chapter 53 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 53

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 53: Massive News


All of the surrounding disciples immediately retreated before looking on with horrified expressions from over a hundred feet away.

Duan Renshan took a couple of steps forward with an urgent expression on his face. “Qi Ying, please don’t do anything rash!”

He didn’t know how Qi Ying had subdued Duan Gucheng, but he knew that he absolutely could not afford to irk Qi Ying. His life wasn’t worth anything, but Duan Gucheng was the pride and joy of the Duan family. He was a future Spirit Martial Stage warrior, and countless resources had been expended on him. If something were to happen to him, everyone would suffer.

“What do you want? Release our young master, and let’s settle things with words!”

Duan Renshan was starting to panic.

At that moment. 

Duan Gucheng’s face was twisted by pain, and he snarled through gritted teeth. “Release me, you piece of sh*t! Otherwise, when people from the Duan family arrive here, they’re going to chop you up and feed you to the dogs! And your blind mo… Argh!”


A stream of blood poured forth from Duan Gucheng’s lower abdomen.

The snapped sword blade had been extracted by Qi Ying from behind.

The blade was then stabbed into Duan Gucheng’s right arm, drawing a howl of agony from him.

“Shut the f*ck up if you want to live!” Qi Ying tightened his grip around Duan Gucheng’s throat, and the latter’s face was turning purple as he struggled to breathe.

“Calm down, Qi Ying!”

Duan Renshan hurriedly yelled.

If Qi Ying really did something rash, then he would also be in trouble as a bystander. Duan Renshan was cursing himself for rushing over to try and offer words of caution to Duan Gucheng! If he had just pretended that he didn’t know anything, he wouldn’t be in that difficult situation!

“Don’t worry, I’m a reasonable person.” A gruesome smile appeared on Qi Ying’s face, and everyone shuddered in response. He said, “I can ensure that I won’t strangle your young master to death, but I can’t ensure that he won’t die from blood loss. Before his blood runs dry, find someone from the Duan family to negotiate with me! And make it quick!”

“Alright, I’ll go right now! But please don’t do anything rash in the meantime! All of you, make sure to keep an eye on the young master!”

Duan Renshan nodded like a woodpecker in response to Qi Ying’s instructions before issuing some orders to the disciples. He then turned and ran down the mountain like a madman.

“Young Master Duan, come with me!”

Qi Ying pulled the blade out of Duan Gucheng’s arm and held it in his right hand. His left hand was still locked tightly around his neck as he made his way deeper into the mountain.

There was no going back.

However, he had to protect Mother Yu. Otherwise, the shameless Duan family could capture Mother Yu and threaten him with her life.

Mother Yu had displayed some traits that suggested that she was far from defenseless, and Master Thirteen had also hinted that she was more than capable of taking care of herself. However, in Qi Ying’s heart, Mother Yu was still someone that required his protection!

The disciples followed along behind them, but no one dared to do anything. Even if they tried a surprise attack, they might not be able to save Duan Gucheng. If Qi Ying was enraged as a result and killed his hostage, then the one who had initiated the attack would be forced to bear the wrath of the Duan family. It was best to do nothing and wait for people from the Duan family to arrive!

“Qi Ying kidnapped Young Master Duan on the mountain behind the academy! Everyone, go and save him!” Duan Renshan rushed back to the academy and roared at all of the Duan family disciples. Thus, the entire Celestial River Academy was alerted to that shocking news. Word spread like wildfire on dry grasslands. Everyone in the academy, from the janitors to the principal, heard the news. Soon, the entire Celestial River Academy was made aware of it as well… The ones who displayed the most vehement reaction were obviously those from the Duan family. After hearing about how Qi Ying had abducted Duan Gucheng, every member of the family was shocked and enraged. 

Unfortunate news had been arising quite frequently in the Duan family of late. First, it was the mysterious deaths of Duan Tianshan, Duan Yuan, and Duan Jin; then, Duan Huangye had been assassinated very close to the Duan mansion; and just then, Duan Gucheng, the future pillar of the Duan family, had been taken hostage!

Furthermore, all of those events were related to Qi Ying.

“Qi Ying! He’s just asking for us to kill him now!” Duan Xilai smashed a table into smithereens upon receiving the news, before rushing out of the Duan mansion with a massive entourage behind him.

The entire Duan family, consisting of hundreds of people, were deployed in unison. They galloped along the streets on horseback, dispersing countless crowds of people along the way. Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue were at the forefront of the group, but neither of them were riding horses. Instead, they were gliding like eagles, leaving long afterimages in their wake, and their speed outstripped even that of the fastest horses!

“What? Qi Ying abducted Young Master Duan? He snapped Young Master Duan’s sword with his bare hand, and he’s not a Strength Martial Stage warrior, but an Energy Martial Stage one instead?”

The entire academy was in uproar and everyone was discussing that same event. The disciples were no longer attending classes, and all of the teachers had also been gathered for a meeting held by the elders and the principal. Everyone felt as if the world had been turned on its head.

Due to the recent sequence of events, everyone had heard of Qi Ying. However, they thought that he was merely an idiot who was too brave for his own good. Sooner or later, he was going to be taught a lesson by disciples from the Intermediate and High Divisions. However, their image of him had completely changed.

Was he really just some insolent fool? If so, how was he able to defeat Duan Gucheng and abduct him? He held control over Young Master Duan’s life!


Countless disciples, teachers, elders, and the principal all flocked toward the mountain behind the academy.

An Ruyi was just wiping away her tears of indignation when she also heard the news, and her expression was filled with incredulity. When she heard about how Qi Ying had snapped Duan Gucheng’s sword with a single hand, she seemed to have finally realized something; his power combined with his special left hand, and his familiar voice and figure… She had been right all along! Qi Ying was the one who had saved her from that Demonic Blood Wolf in the Colosseum!

Qi Ying was the Nameless Warrior!

An Ruyi also began to rush toward the mountain behind the academy, but she suddenly doubled back after taking only a few steps. She then selected a fast horse from the academy stables and leaped onto it before riding it out of the academy.

The entire Celestial River County had been made aware of the fact that Duan Gucheng had been taken hostage, and his abduction was the hot topic on everyone’s lips!

Who would dare to provoke the Duan family like that? Did they want to die?!

At the Myriad Spring Brothel.

Amid the bustling crowd, Lu Feifei quickly rushed downstairs in her purple coat before latching onto Lu Zuo, who was having the time of his life with a few of the girls there. “Grab Lu You; we’re going to the Celestial River Academy!”

In the Colosseum.


A calligraphy brush was pinned into the wall.

“He really is a troublesome kid…”

A white figure jumped out of the window with several black figures following along.

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