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The Deity of War – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 56

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 56: Qi Ying Must Die

To true warriors, only after reaching the Spirit Martial Stage did one actually embark on the path of cultivation. Awakening a Battle Spirit and cultivating in Battle Spirit mystical techniques could enhance a warrior’s power by several times. Duan Xilai didn’t want to use his Battle Spirit to fight an Energy Martial Stage brat; it would be like using the treasured tool to kill a chicken. However, Duan Gucheng was clearly on the brink of death and time was of the essence.


The Black Winged Tiger Battle Spirit unleashed a thunderous roar; all warriors below the Spirit Martial Stage were rendered senseless momentarily.


Duan Xilai rushed toward Duan Gucheng and at the same time, he unleashed a devastating claw strike toward Qi Ying’s head.

Qi Ying had to die!


The front paw of the Black Winged Tiger clashed with Qi Ying’s left hand.

A powerful shockwave sent gale-force winds sweeping outward in all directions.

The left hand managed to stop the massive Black Winged Tiger paw in its tracks!


A crisp crack erupted from Qi Ying’s shoulder, and he was struck by a burst of excruciating pain. His shoulder must have been dislocated from that clash, and there was a very good chance that some bones in his arms had been broken as well. However, he completely ignored his pain and swept Xuan Yu into his right arm before rolling to the side.


Qi Ying rolled for several dozen feet with Xuan Yu in his arms, and without him there to offer resistance, the Black Winged Tiger fell with a resounding boom, creating a massive crater about ten feet wide into the ground. The violent tremors that resulted once again toppled the courtyard that Qi Ying had just renovated.

Dust and debris wafted through the air.


Everyone present was astonished. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes! What had they just seen? Qi Ying had just blocked an attack from the Black Winged Tiger with one hand?

How was that even possible?!

“Gucheng? Gucheng!”

Duan Gucheng’s breathing had almost cut off, and Duan Xilai began to shake him frantically. He pressed a hand over Duan Gucheng’s heart, and from his palm, a burst of black light lit up. Several seconds later, Duan Gucheng’s chest began to heave drastically once again, and he coughed violently.

Duan Gucheng heaved a sigh of relief before his expression darkened. He held Duan Gucheng in his arms as he let loose an enraged roar, “Kill Qi Ying!”


Whoosh whoosh! 

Over a hundred warriors from the Duan family sprang up at once and pounced toward the place where Qi Ying was located.


Qi Ying stood up with Xuan Yu in his arm and unleashed his Flowing Shadow Strike. His left arm hung limply beside him, and his body transformed into a black shadow as he evaded the attacks from the Duan family warriors.

The members of the Duan family were all attacking him at once, but that actually only created a detrimental effect, as they were getting in each other’s way. As such, Qi Ying was able to squirm through holes in the crowd, and they were unable to locate their target.

The spectating disciples, elders, Principal Gu Shiwei, and Guard Leader Zhang Wuleng were all surprised by Qi Ying’s display of skill.

To be able to take a Spirit Martial Stage Battle Spirit’s attack head-on, then traverse through a crowd while carrying a woman; just how powerful was he?

However, none of that was important.

Everyone knew that Qi Ying was screwed.

At that moment. 

Another group of people was hurriedly approaching the lake.

An Ruyi waved her whip as she sat on her horse and pointed to the battle taking place up ahead. “Everyone, go and save Qi Ying!”

However, An Ping yelled from beside her. “No one is allowed to go!”

An Ruyi turned to him with incredulity on her face. “An Ping, what are you doing?”

An Ping jumped down from his horse and half-knelt to the ground. “Young mistress, I can’t keep allowing you to do this! It’s not worth ruining the relationship between the An and Duan families just for a kid like him!”

“He’s not just some kid; he’s the Nameless Warrior!”

An Ruyi raised her whip and prepared to charge into battle on her own, but An Ping rested his hand firmly on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, young mistress.”


An Ping chopped his hand into the back of An Ruyi’s neck; her eyes rolled back and she slumped into An Ping’s arms.

An Ping sighed as he looked on at the battle. “Nameless Warrior? No matter who he is, incurring the wrath of the entire Duan family will inevitably lead him to his death!”

Following the An family entourage, a few more people suddenly arrived.

“Lu Zuo, Lu You, go!”

Lu Feifei’s expression darkened at the sight of the battle.


Whoosh whoosh! 

Lu Zuo and Lu You shot forth and transformed into two black shadows as they dove into the crowd.

All of a sudden, there were three black shadows whizzing around at the same time. The difference was that one of them was evading attacks, while the other two were unleashing all types of battle techniques to attack those around them as they moved.

Lu Zuo and Lu You were both at the Ninth Energy Martial Stage, so taking down ordinary Energy Martial Stage warriors was as easy as chopping up vegetables to them. In particular, Lu You could even unleash different battle techniques from both hands at the same time. His movements were smooth and coordinated, and his attacks fell in a steady unrelenting stream. It wasn’t long before a bunch of Duan family warriors were rolling on the ground around him, clutching their stomachs as they howled with pain.

Only Duan Jinhong, Duan Kai, and Duan Yidao, who were all at the Eighth or Ninth Energy Martial Stage, could put up a fight.

Duan Hongxue turned to Lu Feifei with a cold expression. “Widow Lu, what do you think you’re doing? Are you trying to oppose our Duan family?”

Lu Feifei smiled, but her eyes were devoid of the seductive light that was usually present in them. “I’m going to save Qi Ying.”

“You think you have what it takes?”

Duan Hongxue stroked his beard before rising into the air.


Qi Ying’s heart was thumping wildly while his blood circulated frantically, and he felt like he was about to vomit his heart out. There were over a hundred people attacking him, and carrying Xuan Yu with him expended several times the True Energy that would otherwise be used. As such, even though he had only been dodging for about a minute, he was already struggling quite severely.

Thankfully, Lu Zuo and Lu You’s arrival bought him some time to catch his breath.


Qi Ying stopped with Xuan Yu in his arm and he panted heavily as his left arm hung by his side. He smoothed down Xuan Yu’s disheveled hair with his right hand, and offered comforting words, “Mother Yu… Don’t be scared.”

However, Xuan Yu wore a calm expression on her face, and she seemed to be more relaxed than anyone else. A smile appeared on her face upon hearing Qi Ying’s words. “Alright. When you’re with me, I’m scared of nothing.”


Qi Ying didn’t know where Xuan Yu drew her confidence from.

He turned to Lu Zuo and Lu You and he suddenly spotted a black-robed figure descending from the sky. He immediately yelled, “Look out!”


A vast expanse of black light also appeared behind Duan Hongxue. Within the black light, a massive black tiger emerged, but this one didn’t have wings on its back, and it was quite a bit weaker than Duan Xilai’s Black Winged Tiger.

Even so, it still possessed immense power!

The black tiger flew through the air, sweeping a bunch of Duan family warriors aside with the gusts of winds it swept up, before descending with unstoppable force. Lu Zuo and Lu You both wore grave expressions, but they still joined forces and positioned themselves in front of Qi Ying. It was clear that Duan Hongxue’s target was none other than Qi Ying.

The two of them unleashed dazzling battle techniques as True Energy surged into the air.

Bam bam!

The black tiger crashed through their attacks like a flying fortress before pouncing upon them. It swept its claws through the air, and the two of them were swatted aside.


The Lu brothers both threw up mouthfuls of blood, and they were severely wounded as they flew back through the air.


The enraged Duan Hongxue rushed toward Qi Ying like a ferocious beast.

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