The Deity of War – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: I’m Going to Kill Everyone from the Duan Family




A white-robed man and four black-robed figures landed in quick succession. At the forefront was a handsome middle-aged man with black hair dressed in a set of white robes. Behind him were four black-robed warriors who all wore cold and unyielding expressions.

The white-robed middle-aged man glanced at Qi Ying and Xuan Yu, and a hint of emotion flashed through his face. He then narrowed his eyes and turned to the members of the Duan family. “I, Yan Thirteen, will kill anyone who dares to touch Qi Ying!”

All of the bystanders were in shock upon hearing that. Everyone recognized him. Even if some had never seen him, they had all heard the name Yan Thirteen! His Colosseum had earned him countless wealth and he owned many powerful beasts. He had warriors of unfathomable strength contractually bound to him, and a vast network of connections. Even the four major families of the Celestial River County had to treat him with respect, and he was the undisputed leader of the underworld, as well as one of the most powerful men in the county!

However, during the recent period of time, Master Thirteen had kept a low profile and hadn’t appeared in the public eye for a long time… However, he had suddenly emerged, and was trying to protect a kid who was a sworn enemy of the Duan family!

Gu Shiwei and the elders were enlightened. 

Qi Ying really did have a powerful backer, and he was certainly not someone to be scoffed at.

An Ruyi patted her chest with relief. She had already speculated that Qi Ying was the Nameless Warrior, and Master Thirteen’s arrival further cemented that notion in her mind.

Lu Feifei was still quite tense. In the past, the Duan family would have most definitely backed off in the face of herself and Yan Thirteen. However, everything had changed as Qi Ying had slain the Duan family’s two brightest young prodigies. Duan Gucheng and Duan Jinhong were the future Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue twenty years down the track. Or at least, that was the case until one of them was disabled while the other was killed… Who knew what extremes the Duan family would go to in order to avenge them?

Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue glanced at one another, and both of them saw their own bitter expressions mirrored on each other’s faces.

The truth was very clear; Qi Ying and Yan Thirteen were in the same camp. Yan Thirteen was able to slit the wrists of over thirty warriors in the blink of an eye, so he definitely possessed the power to instantly crush the heads of the thirty-seven disciples. Duan Huangye must have also been taken out by him. 

The Duan family had planned to use Qi Ying as bait to lure out Yan Thirteen, before investigating why he was targeting them. However, Yan Thirteen had finally appeared, but they had paid an extremely heavy price to buy his presence. Duan Gucheng was disabled, and Duan Jinhong was dead. Two future pillars of the Duan family had collapsed in one day.

However, the Duan family couldn’t just keep taking losses!

Qi Ying had to die… and Yan Thirteen also had to die!



Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue sprang into the air, rising up several dozen feet above the ground. Their Black Winged Tiger and Black Tiger Battle Spirits appeared behind them, and roared like thunder. All of the onlookers were struck by a sense of dizziness, as if there really were two terrifying beasts that had appeared in the sky.


Yan Thirteen also rose slowly from the ground, and his black hair fanned out around him as his white robes flapped in the wind.

Whoosh whoosh!

The four colosseum black-robed guards behind Master Thirteen flew directly into the group of Duan family warriors. All of them were tossed aside amid a series of dull thumps, and one of the guards strode over Qi Ying before taking a glance at him. He then placed his hand onto his left shoulder and forced it back into its socket in one quick motion. Qi Ying drew a sharp breath as a gruesome crack sounded from his shoulder. His left hand tremored, but a burst of excruciating pain then speared through his body. As expected, the bones in his left arm had been broken during his clash with the Black Winged Tiger Battle Spirit.

The black-robed guard’s brows furrowed slightly. “We came on really short notice, so I didn’t bring any medicine with me. You’ll have to circulate your True Energy to facilitate recovery for now.”


Qi Ying took a glance at Xuan Yu to find that aside from the fact that her hair was disheveled and her clothes were stained with mud, she appeared to be unscathed. Thus, he heaved a sigh of relief and turned his attention to the three people in the sky.



Both the Black Winged Tiger and the Black Tiger had extremely massive bodies, and the wings of the former appeared as if they were threatening to obscure the entire sky. In comparison, Master Thirteen appeared to be very insignificant and vulnerable!

However, he wore a calm expression on his face, as if he were completely unfazed by his opponents.

Duan Xilai took a deep breath and interrogated, “Yan Thirteen, how is Qi Ying related to you?”

Master Thirteen smiled. “Qi Ying? He is a contracted warrior of the Colosseum, the Silver Rank Nameless Warrior!”

The entire scene erupted. Aside from the small handful of people who were aware of that in advance, everyone’s expressions were extremely spectacular. Each and every Silver Rank warrior was a legendary figure in the Celestial River County, and as such, the Nameless Warrior was widely renowned in everyone’s eyes. He had defeated all types of powerful beasts, and had even brought down the Yellow Tier Seventh Rank Fire Kirin Beast just a day ago. Everyone speculated that he was a Ninth Energy Martial Stage powerful being.

So Qi Ying was the Nameless Warrior!

Seeing as he could defeat even the Fire Kirin Beast, it made a lot more sense that he could abduct Duan Gucheng, kill Duan Jinhong, and block an attack from Duan Xilai’s Black Winged Tiger Battle Spirit.

However, just who was Qi Ying? Or who was the Nameless Warrior? How could he be so powerful? He wasn’t even sixteen yet!

An Ruyi had a wide smile on her face. She had speculated from the very beginning that Qi Ying was the Nameless Warrior, and for Master Thirteen to confirm that notion filled her with elation.

Everyone from the Duan family looked at each with shock on their faces! In particular, Duan Hongxue wore a thunderous expression, and he looked as if he wanted to dig Duan Huangye’s corpse out of his coffin before lashing it with a whip! ‘If you’re going to expose the connection between Qi Ying and Yan Thirteen, then why did you neglect to reveal the fact that Qi Ying is the Nameless Warrior?’ Was he not aware of that himself? The Duan family had severely underestimated Qi Ying as a result, and they paid the price for that in the form of Duan Gucheng and Duan Jinhong’s lives.

In comparison, Duan Gucheng and Duan Jinhong were far more important than a hundred Duan Huangyes, a hundred Duan Tianshan’s, and three hundred Duan Yuans and Duan Jins combined!

Within the crowd, Duan Renshan almost fainted on the spot. He had always known that Qi Ying was very powerful, but he didn’t know that he was the Nameless Warrior! If Qi Ying had revealed that to everyone, he and Duan Tianshan would have stayed far away from him! What a b*stard!

Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue looked at one another before nodding in unison.

There was no alternative, aside from a battle to the death.

Both of them were at the Spirit Martial Stage, and Duan Xilai was even at the Second Spirit Martial Stage. In contrast, Yan Thirteen hadn’t even revealed his Battle Spirit, and according to past data, Yan Thirteen was only at the First Spirit Martial Stage.

In a two on one battle, they would have no issues taking Yan Thirteen down.

Roar! Roar!

The two Battle Spirits roared as their auras continued to grow more powerful.

In the face of such fearsome enemies, Master Thirteen smiled. However, his expression then instantly darkened and he turned to Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue with eyes that shot daggers. “Do you want to fight me? Well then, let’s see if your attacks will reach me first, or if I’ll kill everyone in your Duan family first!”


A fountain of blood suddenly gushed from the throat of a Duan family warrior, and he instantly fell dead to the ground!

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