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The Deity of War – Chapter 6

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 6: This is Actually Just A Commercial Game

Following the death of one of their comrades, a massive hole abruptly appeared in the ring of savages.


The Golden Thread Tiger let loose a fierce roar before springing out of the ring of savages like a sharp sword. It then immediately circled around and swung its powerful paw into another savage’s head, thereby pulverizing it like a watermelon. Blood spurted through the air and splattered onto some spectators who were seated closest to the battle cage, immediately drawing screams from some of the female spectators.

After losing two comrades in rapid succession, the savages had completely squandered their advantage.


Crack crack!

Amid a series of thumps and the sound of bones cracking, the Golden Thread Tiger managed to turn the tables on the savages. All of them were soon reduced to severely disfigured and mangled corpses on the ground, leaving no survivors.

“F*ck, how did they lose?!”

“What a load of bullsh*t!”

The spectators who had placed bets on the savages swore at the top of their lungs.

“Hahaha! You’re right!”

Those who had placed bets on the Golden Thread Tiger had already lost hope, but they were now ecstatic. All of them received massive amounts of chips and were extremely elated as they carried them away to be exchanged for money.

In the waiting area.

Qi Ying wore his mask and sighed as the colosseum workers cleared away the bodies of the savages within the battle cage.

There was a handsome young warrior in black robes sitting beside him; he turned to Qi Ying with a curious expression. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Is this your first time at the Colosseum? If you’re scared, you can still withdraw now.”

Qi Ying shook his head. “I’m just feeling a bit of regret. The savages were quite powerful, but they didn’t know the importance of always affording some leeway to a cornered beast. They forced the Golden Thread Tiger into a dire situation, which made it unleash all of its power at once in a desperate retaliation, thereby allowing it to make a reversal. If they had intentionally left a small hole in their formation, the Golden Thread Tiger would have tried to exploit that hole in order to escape. The savages would have then been able to attack its vital organs from the side, in order to secure victory while suffering the least amount of casualties possible.”

The black-robed warrior smile. “You seem quite experienced in this area.”

Qi Ying also offered a smile in response. “I’ve done some hunting in the past, so I’m somewhat familiar with the properties of these beasts. That Golden Thread Tiger unleashed all of the power within its body and won’t be able to live for much longer. Those savages have all died in vain.”

“In vain?” The black-robed warrior chuckled, “The Colosseum intentionally organized the savages to fight in the first battle of the day, as a means to entice more people to place bets. Those who placed bets will definitely stay, regardless of whether they made a profit or lost. Thus, they’re going to place larger and larger bets in the upcoming colosseum battles… No matter what happens, the Colosseum is still the biggest winner!”

“Is that so…” Qi Ying felt like he had been enlightened.

It looked like the Colosseum was quite a complex organization, and not just a business that relied on drawing attention through gory battles.

“You’re a contracted warrior as well?” The black-robed warrior noticed the badge hanging from Qi Ying’s waist, “‘Nameless Warrior’… I haven’t seen that name before. You must be a newbie Iron rank warrior, right?”


“You sound quite young. Let me give you some advice; being a contracted warrior is not fun. If you just want to earn some crystals, then settle for Iron rank, battle some weaker beasts, and be content with earning a little bit of money. Do not strive for more than that.”

The black-robed warrior shook his head. “That’s all I can tell you. You’ll understand once you gain more experience later on. Some people are willing to do anything for profit. Even Silver rank superstar warriors are only tools that they use to make profits with.”…

A string of colosseum battles ensued. Following the first battle, the succeeding battles became more and more thrilling to watch. Initially, the battles consisted of several savages battling one beast, then a group of savages battling several beasts, and finally, the warriors took the stage to battle the beasts.


Within the battle cage, a wolf beast’s head was cracked open and it fell heavily to the ground.

There were also several other beast carcasses lying near the wolf beast.

The black-robed youth in the cage pulled out a white handkerchief to wipe away the blood on his hands, before turning to the spectators with a smile and preparing to leave.

Many spectators wore expressions of disinterest and began to yawn.

“Boring! This Yin Yuesheng is already at the Third Energy Martial Stage, but he’s still challenging these normal beasts. Watching his battle is more like watching a performance. The result is already pre-ordained and it defeats the purpose. No wonder he’s still an Iron rank warrior.”

“He doesn’t have to fight powerful beasts for a living when he’s that handsome. Have a look at the female spectators…”

The female section of the spectator stands was in uproar.

“Warrior Yin is way too handsome!”

“My God, look at the angle of his fist strikes! It’s like poetry in motion!”

“Heh, I’ve heard that Warrior Yin has slept with many female nobles!”

“So what? You want to sleep with him but you can’t! How many women are clambering for the chance to sleep with him?”

“Looks like you’re quite popular.”

Qi Ying remarked as the black-robed youth returned to the waiting area.

“I’m just doing this to fill my stomach.”

The black-robed youth smiled sheepishly and walked toward the corridor before suddenly coming to a halt and turning to face Qi Ying. “I just heard from the staff workers that you’re going to challenge a Yellow Tier beast?”

“That’s right.”

Qi Ying nodded.

“I advise you to withdraw.”


“I can tell from your voice that you’ve yet to go through puberty. You’re probably about fifteen or sixteen years of age and at the very most, you’re at the Third Energy Martial Stage… That’s all I’ll say on the matter. If you trust me, then withdraw; but if you don’t, then just forget it.”


Qi Ying nodded, but he didn’t really take his words seriously.

Within the Colosseum, a different type of commotion erupted within the spectator stands.

One section of spectators suddenly parted to open up a path.

A gorgeous, captivating woman in a white dress walked along that path.

“It’s the Young Mistress of the An family!”

“Why is she here again? Wasn’t she attacked at this colosseum just a few days ago?”

“That was just an accident. However, the last time she came to the Colosseum was also her first time attending, and it should be normal to think that she would be too spooked to return after that incident. Could it be that she’s extremely interested in watching colosseum battles?”

“Hehe, none of the female spectators are here to watch the battles; all of them are here to see the warriors.”

The An family’s entourage arrived at the section of the spectator stands that was closest to the battle cage.

“Young Mistress, this place is far too noisy. Allow me to take you to the booth upstairs.”

The An family guard beside An Ruyi offered in a respectful voice.

“No need,” An Ruyi replied indifferently and continued, “I’ll stay here so I can get a better look at the battles. You guys also have to make sure to keep an eye out for the person who saved me that day, in case he appeared in the Colosseum. He might not be a warrior; he could just be a spectator. Look for someone with a glove or something like that on his left hand!”


The guards replied in unison.

However, the guard beside her furrowed his brows with concern. “Young Mistress, only a warrior of at least the Seventh or Eighth Energy Martial Stage would be capable of blocking a battle technique unleashed by a Yellow Tier Fourth Rank ‘Demonic Blood Wolf’ with their bare hands. In that case, he would most definitely be a Silver rank warrior in this colosseum. However, the colosseum staff have told me that there were no Silver rank warriors present on that day. As such, the person who saved you must be one of the spectators. I think it would be a better idea to visit all of the prominent families in the city to ask if any members of their families came to the Colosseum on that day and happened to save you.”

“Do you think I haven’t done that already? I wasn’t able to find any leads! I said I’m going to wait here at the Colosseum and that is what I will do!”

“But Young Mistress…”

“Shush! Am I the Young Mistress or are you the Young Mistress? Just do as you’re told!”


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