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The Deity of War – Chapter 60 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 60

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 60: We’re Just Going to Get Rich Without Offending Anyone

To all of the warriors of the Celestial River County, it had been a day of surprises.

The identity of the Nameless Warrior had been revealed; the answer had shocked everyone, but they were not just shocked by the fact that he was actually a fifteen-year-old boy. Even more so, they were astonished that the young man had managed to face hundreds of Duan family warriors by himself, and still disabled Duan Gucheng before killing Duan Jinhong. 

Master Thirteen of the Colosseum and Madam Lu of the Myriad Spring Brothel had both emerged as his backers, and they fought off the colossus that was the Duan family together. In the end, the boss of the Celestial River County’s underworld, Master Thirteen, had intimidated both of the Spirit Martial Stage warriors of the Duan family into submission with his mysterious killing methods. He had managed to save Qi Ying in the face of countless enemies!

The string of breaking news erupted, and soon spread throughout the entire Celestial River County. There were even some who connected those events and sensationalized them, before telling them as stories to anyone who would listen. The story began with Qi Ying trying to keep a low profile at the academy, only to be forced into beating up a bunch of Duan family disciples. 

He then saved the damsel in distress from the jaws of the dragon, by shielding An Ruyi from the flames of the Fire Kirin Beast at the Colosseum. After that, he warded off countless Duan family warriors, disabling Duan Gucheng and killing Duan Jinhong in the process, before emerging victorious under the protection of Master Thirteen and Madam Lu…

All of that could be summarized into one notion: Qi Ying was famous!

He was once only a gimmicky warrior whose fame mostly stemmed from the air of mystery around him, but he had since made a name for himself as a truly fearsome warrior that rocked the entire county!

There was a series of popular discussion topics that stemmed from that event; for example, was the Duan family just going to swallow their pride and concede? Were the mayor’s forces going to intervene? What was the Celestial River Academy going to do? Would the Colosseum and the Myriad Spring Brothel continue to operate as usual…? However, what followed was a period of relative peace, much to the surprise of all of the speculators. The Duan family held a rushed funeral for Duan Jinhong, the mayor released no statements on the matter, and both the Colosseum and the Myriad Spring Brothel were thriving just as they had in the past.

It was as if nothing had ever happened!

However, there was always a brief window of calm before the storm; during that period of time, everyone felt the anticipation weighing down on their chests.

An Ruyi was one of them.

“An Ping, tell me what daddy is discussing with them! Let me through!”

An Ruyi was trying to squeeze around An Ping with all her might in order to rush into the guest hall, but she was plucked back like a little duckling on every occasion.

An Ping heaved a resigned sigh. “Young mistress, the leader of the Duan family has important matters to discuss with our master, so please settle down!”

“No! I have to know! I have to know! They’re discussing what to do with Qi Ying, aren’t they?”

An Ruyi struggled with all her might.

At that moment. 


The door leading to the guest hall suddenly opened.

Duan Xilai strode out with a thunderous expression before departing with his group of Duan family warriors.

The leader of the An family, An Jiahe followed him out thereafter. There was a hint of exasperation on his round face.


An Ruyi shrugged off An Ping before running over to An Jiahe, and latching onto his big hand. “What did Duan Xilai just say to you? Did he ask you to take down Qi Ying with him? Did he? Qi Ying has saved my life twice; you can’t agree to help him!”

An Jiahe patted An Ruyi’s head with a doting smile on his face. “You’re a smart little girl to know that the Duan family is seeking assistance from us. He’s trying to rally us, along with the Wang and Sun families to bring Yan Thirteen and Qi Ying down. Qi Ying isn’t a threat in their eyes; it’s Yan Thirteen that really worries them.”

“Then did you agree to help them?”

An Ruyi asked in an urgent voice.

“Hmph!” An Jiahe pursed his lips, “The Duan family is always trying to stomp everyone into the dirt to show off their superiority. They’re a bunch of cocky idiots who are going to get themselves all killed sooner or later! Our An family is different; let them do whatever they want, our family is just going to get rich without offending anyone!”

“Yay! That’s great!” An Ruyi embraced An Jiahe’s large belly and said in a sweet voice, “Daddy is the best!”

A resigned expression appeared on An Jiahe’s face. “Looks like I won’t be able to keep you much longer; your soul has already run off with that guy… Don’t get too excited though, not joining them doesn’t mean that the Wang and Sun families will do the same thing… If you ask me… a huge storm is about to strike the Celestial River County!”

Night fell upon the Celestial River County, and everything descended into darkness.

Within the Lu mansion, Qi Ying put on his clothes with the assistance of the Lu family servants. He then emerged into the courtyard to discover that Xuan Yu was having a pleasant conversation with someone there.

Qi Ying was quite surprised; he had never seen Mother Yu converse so happily with any stranger in the past. Furthermore, the one she was talking to wasn’t Madam Lu, but Master Thirteen instead.

Qi Ying had almost never seen Mother Yu talk to any men!

“Mother Yu.”

Qi Ying called in a quiet voice as he approached them.

“Oh, you’re up.” Xuan Yu stood up and turned to face Qi Ying, “How are you holding up?”

Qi Ying replied. “The doctor said that I have some broken bones in my left arm, but thankfully, it’s not a comminuted fracture. I should be fully recovered after a few days with the Lu family’s medicine. The injury on my leg is only a flesh wound, and it’s already almost fully healed. Aside from that, I overexerted my True Energy supplies, so my meridians were slightly damaged, and I’ll be feeble for a few days, but I should be fine after some rest and recuperation.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Xuan Yu seemed to be completely unconcerned, and Qi Ying was used to the nature of her reaction. Ever since he was a toddler, she had never been worried about any physical ailments that he had. However, she was very strict when it came to keeping his integrity and moral compass in line.

Master Thirteen stood up with a smile and said, “You two must have some catching up to do. I have some things I have to attend to at the Colosseum, so I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Xuan Yu nodded with a smile.

“Master Thirteen.”

Qi Ying extended his right hand.

“Hmm?” Master Thirteen’s footsteps faltered, “Do you need something from me?”

Qi Ying placed his right hand over his heart before bowing deeply with an earnest expression. “Master Thirteen, you are not a relative of mine, but you have saved my life twice. I will never forget your kindness for as long as I live… I owe you two lives, and I will never betray you or cross you for the rest of my life!”

“Haha!” In response to Qi Ying’s words, Master Thirteen laughed heartily before picking up the jade wine flagon on the table and springing into the air. His robes flapped in the wind as he disappeared into the night.

Qi Ying looked up at the night sky and said, “Mother Yu.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know Master Thirteen?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I have a feeling that you know him… and he seems to know some things that I don’t even know myself.”

“Who knows?”

Xuan Yu chuckled as a mysterious meaningful smile appeared on her face.

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