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The Deity of War – Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 61

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 61: Xuan Yu Yu Xuan

The conflict between Qi Ying and the Duan family was like a massive rock that had fallen into a pond; at the time, a massive splash had erupted, but nothing had happened since then.

The disciples of the Celestial River Academy were still cultivating as usual, with those at or above the Fifth Energy Martial Stage using whatever resources they could to improve their cultivation base. They were doing so in order to prepare for the intra-academy tournament that was going to be held in twelve days.

The Celestial River County Youth Battle Tournament was going to be held in sixteen days, and when that time came, there was going to be a bunch of higher-ups from the capital city that would play the role of selectors.

Even if one already knew that they had secured a spot for the tournament already, they weren’t going to slack off, as only the elites were going to be chosen. All of them wanted to grab the opportunity with both hands so that they could impress those important people from the capital.

Of course, during that period of time, they didn’t see Duan Gucheng or Qi Ying.

At the Lu mansion.

After four days of rest, Qi Ying was finally fully recovered. His muscles were still aesthetic as before, his bones were still just as hard, and everything moved as freely as before; there appeared to be no aftereffects whatsoever.



Within the courtyard, Qi Ying repeated the motions of rising into the air, descending back onto the ground, and throwing punches and kicks, as well as doing a series of movements that challenged the limits of his body’s capabilities. Wisps of Purple Energy revolved around him and flowed into his meridians. After the majority of it was absorbed by his left hand, it then flowed into his dantian and transformed into True Energy, which condensed in his energy vortex.

During the process, Qi Ying discovered something very interesting; the Purple Energy that remained—after the left hand absorbed most of it—was very pure. As such, the True Energy conversion rate was extremely fast, which was why his progression was so quick. In combination with the consumption of a large amount of Energy Explosion Pills, he was able to successfully make another breakthrough, taking his cultivation base from the Second to the Third Energy Martial Stage.

Along with the improvements in his cultivation base, Qi Ying made sure that other areas didn’t lag behind either.

In terms of his battle techniques, he had improved by leaps and bounds in his Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw, and had reached the great success level of mastery. His Flowing Shadow Strike had also reached the initial success level, and when he used it, he was then able to create two additional afterimages on top of his own body. There were also improvements made to the continuity and speed of his movement techniques.

Furthermore, as Qi Ying had only been at the First Energy Martial Stage in the past, unleashing Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank battle techniques was very taxing on his True Energy reserves. In addition to that, his left hand was constantly sapping his True Energy during its circulation, and he wasn’t able to use techniques many times before being sucked dry. After reaching the Third Energy Martial Stage, his storage capacity for True Energy had reached in excess of twice what he could when he was at the Second Energy Martial Stage. The level of purity had also seen a significant improvement, thereby allowing him to be able to unleash the Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw and the Flowing Shadow Strike many times in quick succession.

As for other battle techniques, even though Lu You was stunned by his aptitude and was willing to teach him a vast array of powerful battle techniques, Qi Ying politely turned down his offer. He had one for attack, and one for movement techniques; that was enough to him. On top of that, his extraordinary control over True Energy allowed him to enhance his physical strength to a satisfactory degree.


A shimmering barrier of purple light surfaced on Qi Ying’s body.

That was the True Energy Protective Barrier!

Under normal circumstances, only warriors who had been at the Energy Martial Stage for a significant amount of time would be capable of such a technique. However, it didn’t take Qi Ying long to master it. He only had to observe how Lu Zuo and Lu You had managed to do it, and he managed to emulate that soon after.


Qi Ying leaped onto the rooftop and began to meditate. At the same time, he swallowed another Energy Explosion Pill and practiced the internal section of the Purple Energy Cultivation Method.

In a pavilion not far away.

Two white-robed figures stood in front of the window.

From there, they had a clear view of the entire Lu mansion.

One of them was a handsome and graceful man holding a wine flagon in his hand; he was none other than the vastly renowned Yan Thirteen. The other was a woman with hair as black as ink and slightly furrowed brows; she was Xuan Yu. Even though she had her eyes closed, it was as if she could see Qi Ying as he sat on the rooftop.

Master Thirteen clasped his hands behind his back and said. “I had heard that after Mistress Yu Xuan took him away, you had no intention of going back. However, he seems to be very eager to return to the capital.”

Xuan Yu replied in an indifferent voice, “I didn’t guide him onto the path of cultivation. I only raised him as a normal person, but he seems destined for greater things. He is free to pursue whatever he wants. I see him as my son, so I must do my duty as a mother. Of course, barring special circumstances, I’m still his blind Mother Yu.”

“Destined for great things? Indeed, it’s all about destiny, is it not?” A tragic smile appeared on Master Thirteen’s face and he seemed to have recalled something. The conversation took an abrupt turn, “Members of the Qin, Chu, and Yan families all traveled to the Nameless Mountain not long ago. Did any of them recognize the two of you?”

Xuan Yu shook her head. “No. The people deployed were all fringe characters that are far removed from those people from fifteen years ago. I changed my appearance, hid my cultivation base, and blinded myself, so they wouldn’t be able to recognize me.”

“Speaking of which, Mistress Yu Xuan, your eyes…”

“It’s not a big deal. Something happened in the Nameless City.”


Master Thirteen didn’t pry any further. He was far too insignificant of a character compared to Xuan Yu, and speaking with her as he currently did was something he wouldn’t have dared to imagine in the past. However, after seeing Xuan Yu, he felt like he had met an old friend. He really wanted to say something that would help him remember those memories that were buried deep in his heart.

Master Thirteen sighed. “The young master of the Qi family really is supremely talented! I have never seen anyone like him in my life. I wonder if the top prodigies of the kingdom are just as or more talented than him.”

“Perhaps they are. Even I have never encountered such a truly freakish talent before. As for Qi Ying, his left hand is very strange, and even his bloodline is slightly different from that of the Qi family. On top of that, I’ve noticed recently that the rate at which he absorbs the vital energy of heaven and earth is very high.”

“What do you plan on doing?”

“Let him be. Didn’t you first meet me when you were at his age? Young people should set themselves free. Otherwise, they’ll be filled with regrets in old age. He can pursue whoever he likes; it’ll provide him with motivation to have a target.”

“I heard that, with the exception of people from the Qin and Yan families, there are also going to be representatives from the Qi family coming to the Celestial River County in ten days.”

“Who is coming from the Qi family?”

“I’m not sure. Those were only rumors I had heard. Aside from that, my sources tell me that the Duan, Wang, and Sun families have already joined forces. They’ve prepared a scheme to target Qi Ying and me, and that will also kick off in ten days!”

“Hehe.” Xuan Yu suddenly chuckled as a resolute expression appeared on her face, “They will pay for their actions. Of course, Qi Ying needs to grow as well, so this is not a bad opportunity for him to learn through hardships.”

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