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The Deity of War – Chapter 66 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 66

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 66: Qi Ying’s Charisma

The Colosseum was welcoming a very rare occasion that day!

All tickets had been raised to five times the original price, but they were still all sold out in a flash. The spectator stands and all of the booths were packed to the rafters.

Everyone was discussing spiritedly among themselves.

Furthermore, what contributed further to the prestige of the event that was about to unfold, was that the leaders and great elders of the An, Wang, and Sun families were all in attendance at the Colosseum. Only the Duan family was absent from the scene.

In a second-floor corridor.

Two people were walking and bumped into one another.

“Family Leader An!”

“Oh, long time no see, Family Leader Sun! Your neighbor, Family Leader Wang, is also here! Eh? This must be the young master of the Sun family. What a handsome boy! Do you know what you should be referring to him as? That’s right, you call him Uncle Wang!”

“Hehe… Who would have thought that the An Family, the renowned lover of peace, would come to the most violent place in the entire Celestial River County!”

“Sigh, I’m here with my little rascal of a daughter. She heard that the Nameless Warrior was taking on the Dark Golden Ape, and she insisted on coming to spectate.”

“Oh, I see. Family Leader An, would you like to come to our booth for a drink?”

“I’ll have to decline on that offer. If I don’t go back to my booth soon, my daughter is probably going to start breaking things. I don’t want to have to pay compensation to Yan Thirteen.”

“Alright then, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“See you later!”

An Jiahe wore a benevolent smile on his face, and appeared to be just a harmless middle-aged man.

Anyone who saw him would be inclined to think that he was just an amiable businessman.

Whomever had dealt with him knew that he was a smiling tiger that was not to be messed with.

He was a man who had come to the Celestial River County when he was just eighteen years of age, and managed to establish the fourth major family of the county in thirty years, despite the other three established major families bearing down upon him.

An Jiahe always made it a habit of his to hide his true thoughts beneath a pleasant facade, just like a kitten with claws concealed within its soft flesh. It was very difficult to defend oneself against someone like him, who hid daggers beneath a warm smile.

However, even An Jiahe was starting to grow fearful toward the drastic changes that were about to take place in the Celestial River County.

He was no longer young, and he couldn’t plot against his enemies one after another anymore. He was close to fifty years of age, so he didn’t have many more good years left, and he had to think of some way to keep the An family safe even after he was gone.

The other three major families were all well-established forces. The An family could beat them on the business side of things, but in an actual conflict, they were definitely no match.

The An family was only able to rise as they had slipped through the cracks during a period in which the three major families were fighting one another.

But they seemed to be joining forces at present to crush the Colosseum.

Who knew if they would continue after that and bring down the An family as well?

An Jiahe had tried to recruit Qi Ying the day before, so he could use Qi Ying to eliminate some of the bright young prospects from the other families.

However, he was either blind, retarded, or far too smart, and turned down his irresistible offer without a second thought.

An Jiahe decided to carefully observe Qi Ying.

He wanted to see if he was just a stupid kid with nothing but aptitude, or if he was truly a well-rounded prodigy that was destined for great things.

If he were the former, then it would be quite easy for the An family to lure him in. If he were the latter, then he would adjust his plans, and it would be great if the An family could benefit from his future ascension to greatness.

An Jiahe sat down, and his round stomach jutted out as he narrowed his eyes and peered outside.

In front of him, An Ruyi had her hand supporting her chin and her elbows resting on the windowsill. Her intricate little nose was pressed tightly against the window, as if she were dying to be on the other side of the window.

‘Is he going to win today?’

The more she was rejected, the more she wanted to conquer him.

As the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the Celestial River County, An Ruyi was not just a pretty girl who would act as an accessory to another man. She was filled with curiosity about the world, and wanted to find out the intricacies behind a lot of things. There was even a point in time when she had idolized the wealthiest woman in the county, Madam Lu. That wasn’t because of her power or wealth, but instead, it was due to the fact that she pursued any man who caught her eye.

An Ruyi could see through the vast majority of men that were around her age.

As those people grew up, their eyes became more and more clouded with ambition and their growing urge to possess and control things.

However, she was unable to see through Qi Ying.

It was exactly because of that, that he was so attractive and charismatic in her eyes.

An Ruyi was not the only one that was drawn to Qi Ying; the entire Celestial River County was curious about him. 

Who was Qi Ying?

Where did he come from? How was he so powerful and courageous at just fifteen years of age?

Those who had known about the Nameless Warrior in the past were stunned after finding out that he was only a fifteen-year-old boy, and all of them wanted to see him again. Those who had not heard about the Nameless Warrior also flocked to the Colosseum, as they had heard that he was the one who had fought the entire Duan family and emerged alive.

On that day.

The Nameless Warrior, Qi Ying was facing the Dark Golden Ape, who had progressed to the Yellow Tier Sixth Rank!

Everyone was eagerly awaiting Qi Ying’s arrival!


A burst of static sounded from the voice amplification spell formation in the Colosseum.

The rowdy spectators began to fall silent and soon, not one person was speaking.

There was no female announcer as there always was.

The lights began to dim.

The only thing being illuminated was the battle cage!

A thin figure emerged from the passageway before walking into the battle cage.

He wore a set of black tight-fitting robes, but there was no mask on his face, and he was wearing his shiny silver glove. He was the Nameless Warrior, but he was also Qi Ying.

Furthermore, on that occasion, the Nameless Warrior seemed to have brought a weapon with him. 

It was a long and thin spear-like object wrapped in cloth, and it was being carried on his back. 

Another thin figure also sprang into the battle cage at that moment. It had dark golden fur and red eyes, and even though it was quite diminutive in stature, it wore quite an intimidating expression.

The Dark Golden Ape’s appearance had changed somewhat in comparison to the last time it had appeared. That was partially due to the measures taken by the Colosseum to accelerate its growth, and at the same time, it was also a manifestation of the increased power within its body.

The Colosseum remained very silent.

The betting center was not open that day.

Everyone was focused solely on the outcome of the battle!

Qi Ying strode forward slowly and observed the Dark Golden Ape. It was most likely going to be his final Colosseum battle and the result didn’t really matter. Hence, it was quite a good opportunity for him to test the fruits of his cultivation.

The Dark Golden Ape was one of the most powerful beasts of its rank. It had virtually the most agile and powerful body, as well as the most ferocious fighting spirit… A Yellow Tier Third Rank Dark Golden Ape could kill a Yellow Tier Seventh Rank beast. A Yellow Tier Sixth Rank Dark Golden Ape was something no Energy Martial Stage warrior wanted to face, even the likes of Lu You.

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