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The Deity of War – Chapter 67 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 67

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 67: Staff vs Stick

Among Yellow Tier beasts, there were none like the Dark Golden Ape that held all of the advantages. Aside from the fact that it was unable to fly or swim, it had no weaknesses. On land and in the forests, it was invincible among beings of the same rank.

It was very small, and could barely reach a fully-grown man’s knees.

However, Dark Golden Apes would increase their size during battle to enhance their strength.


The Dark Golden Ape let loose a menacing snarl.

Immediately afterward, its body began to expand like an inflating balloon.

It had grown significantly, virtually in the blink of an eye, transforming from a small monkey into a size that was roughly equivalent to that of a human child.


The Dark Golden Ape sprang into the air and threw itself at Qi Ying.

Its back was covered in dark golden fur, and its eyes were crimson in color. Its muscles weren’t very pronounced, but they were very solid, and its four paws were extremely hard. Its tail also acted as a steel rod and was comparable in hardness to Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank treasured tools.

The Dark Golden Ape’s paws and tail were its main weapons.

Qi Ying sprang forward.

Flowing Shadow Strike!

Whoosh whoosh!

His body transformed into three black shadows.

The Dark Golden Ape attack fell upon thin air, but as it landed, its tail swept toward one of the shadows!


Qi Ying jumped explosively into the air to evade the oncoming attack.

‘The Dark Golden Ape is extremely sensitive to True Energy, so the Flowing Shadow Strike won’t be able to confuse it’ 


Bam bam!

Qi Ying then exchanged a few blows with the Dark Golden Ape with his bare hands.

Purple claw projections flew through the air, and a few gashes appeared on the ape’s body, from which crimson blood flowed.

Many tears also appeared in Qi Ying’s black robes, and he too suffered some flesh wounds.

The Dark Golden Ape was more powerful and more ferocious.

However, Qi Ying’s speed and continuity of attacks were superior, thereby allowing him to fight his opponent on equal footing.

The only problem was that the Dark Golden Ape’s defensive prowess far exceeded Qi Ying’s.

It had indeed sustained some injuries, but were completely inconsequential.


The Dark Golden Ape sprang up and swept its tail toward Qi Ying again.


A silver light flashed past.

Qi Ying’s arm went numb momentarily, but he was able to grasp the tail tightly in his left hand.

Whoosh whoosh!

Qi Ying began to swing the Dark Golden Ape like a windmill, before smashing it into the ground at an extremely high speed.


A crater about a foot in depth was smashed into the stone surface of the ground in the battle cage, sending shards of stone flying through the air.


The Dark Golden Ape turned and clambered onto Qi Ying’s body. It then opened its mouth and attempted to bite down on Qi Ying’s arm.

“Piss off!”

Qi Ying immediately released its tail before slamming a fist into the ape’s head.

The latter was sent flying before tumbling to the ground.


Many of the spectators in the Colosseum drew sharp breaths in shock and awe.

Qi Ying had engaged the Dark Golden Ape in melee combat and came out on top!

The average warrior would have probably been paralyzed by fear at the mere sight of the Dark Golden Ape’s sinister expression.

In a booth on the second floor.

An Jiahe’s eyes were narrowed, and he found himself becoming more and more interested in Qi Ying. He murmured to himself, “Is he confident in his skills or is he just a cocky brute?”

All of a sudden. 


The Dark Golden Ape picked itself up before letting loose an infuriated howl.


A layer of golden energy suddenly enveloped its body.

Its body then began to expand again, taking it to roughly the size of a shorter fully-grown human.

Its muscles also began to bulge, and its hunched back had completely straightened.


The Dark Golden Ape’s aura had undergone a drastic transformation.

All of the spectators erupted into commotion.

“It’s the Demonic Ape Transformation!”

“That’s the Dark Golden Ape’s beast technique; it’s capable of enhancing its body and increasing its power for a limited period of time!”

“This Dark Golden Ape appears to possess quite a strong Holy Beast bloodline, so the effects of its transformation are even more drastic!”

A warrior could learn battle techniques, whereas beast techniques were abilities that beasts were born with.

In response to strong stimulus, there was a certain probability that a Blood Wolf would transform into a Demonic Blood Wolf.

However, a Dark Golden Ape could transform into a demonic ape at will!


The Dark Golden Ape’s body type had become very similar to that of a human.



The ape reached behind it with one hand before pulling in one quick sharp motion.

Its tail was then detached from its body and transformed into a dark golden stick!

Everyone was astonished by that turn of events.

They had never seen or heard of such an exotic beast with such a strange ability!


The Dark Golden Ape rushed toward Qi Ying before sending its stick crashing down upon him.

The attack fell with devastating power!

Qi Ying raised his left hand to block the strike.


The stick crashed heavily into his palm.

In that instant, Qi Ying felt as if a massive mountain had fallen upon his hand.

His entire arm instantly went numb.


Qi Ying let loose a loud cry as True Energy exploded beneath his feet.

Within his dantian, the four energy vortexes rotated at an extremely high speed. He injected all of the energy within his body into his left hand before pressing upward with all his might.


His silver glove finally separated from the golden stick.

The Dark Golden Ape performed a few somersaults in the air with its stick in its hand, before making a stable landing.

Qi Ying flexed his left hand as he appraised his opponent with a grave expression.

Following its Demonic Ape Transformation, the Dark Golden Ape had become far too powerful!

That attack it had just unleashed was definitely not inferior to a full-force strike from an average Ninth Energy Martial Stage warrior.

In fact, that stick had fallen upon him with almost half of the power displayed by Duan Hongxue’s Black Tiger Battle Spirit.

Thankfully, he had injected a large amount of True Energy into his left arm in advance, and the bone density had improved slightly, following the fractures he had suffered not too long ago. Otherwise, he would have most likely suffered a broken arm again.

“You’re not the only one with a stick!”

Qi Ying reached behind him and a sheet of cloth fluttered to the ground, revealing a golden staff with patterns of dragons and tigers engraved upon it.

“It’s a staff!”

“That appears to be quite a superb treasured tool.”

“Stick vs staff… Who is going to come out on top?”

The spectators had thought that Qi Ying was carrying a spear, but to their surprise, it was a staff instead.

Both the Dark Golden Ape and Qi Ying were armed, and their fight was beginning to look like a match between warriors rather than a colosseum battle.



Both of them raised their weapons in unison before clashing together once again.


Thud! Thud!

A string of dull thumps rang out.

Following its Demonic Ape Transformation, the Dark Golden Ape’s speed and power had improved drastically. Furthermore, using its tail as a weapon increased its attack range, thereby making it a truly formidable enemy.

Its attacks were very heavy and powerful, as if it were wielding a small mountain rather than a stick.

However, Qi Ying managed to fight with it on equal footing!

The spectators could see two figures colliding over and over again, both of whom were wielding stick-like weapons. When those weapons clashed, a sound akin to that of a clap of thunder would erupt, sending shivers running down the onlookers’ spines.

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