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The Deity of War – Chapter 68 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 68

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 68: A New Secret

Qi Ying was extremely satisfied by the current battle.

He was able to fight to his heart’s content with the Dark Golden Ape as his opponent.

He was like a dam that was on the brink of overflowing, when a crack suddenly appeared and the trapped water came surging forth in an unobstructed downpour.

With his staff in his hand, he completely disregarded things like technique and timing… All he was doing was purely attacking!

He attacked relentlessly and in a frenzied manner, just as the Dark Golden Ape was in retaliation!

He had perfectly captured the element of insanity that characterized the staff!

Bam bam bam! 

Qi Ying clashed with the Dark Golden Ape over and over again.

Both of them were expending energy at an extremely fast rate.

Qi Ying was circulating all of the True Energy within his body, and his rate of exertion was further exacerbated by the fact that his left hand was absorbing a portion of his energy.

Meanwhile, the Dark Golden Ape’s was also overexerting the power of its Demonic Ape Transformation, and it wouldn’t be able to keep that up for much longer.

“No more fun and games; I’m going to get serious now!”


Qi Ying sprang forward and simultaneously evaded a sweeping strike from the Dark Golden Ape.

True Energy then exploded at the tip of his toes, sending his entire body rising into the air.

He raised his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff high into the air with both hands!

A layer of purple True Energy appeared over the staff, creating an intermingling purple and golden light.

Peerless Staff Strike!

The staff fell with overwhelming force!

The Dark Golden Ape raised its stick to defend itself.


The Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff crashed heavily into its tail stick.

The Dark Golden Ape’s muscles bulged even further, and extreme vascularity was beginning to appear on its body beneath its fur, thereby indicating that it was under great strain.

Crack crack!

The ground beneath its feet began to crack open as it sank into the soil below the stone layer.

At that moment, Qi Ying lifted his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff and descended from up above. During his descent, he lashed out with a vicious kick that connected directly with the Dark Golden Ape’s waist.

The ape was exerting all of its force in a vertical direction in order to combat Qi Ying’s Peerless Staff Strike, so it was virtually defenseless against any horizontal force.

Thus, the kick immediately sent it flying!


The Dark Golden Ape’s rammed into the battle cage.


Qi Ying transformed into a black shadow again and instantly arrived before it.

He raised his staff and launched a new barrage of attacks!

Bam bam bam bam bam!

The Dark Golden Ape was struck several dozens of times in a split second, and even though it possessed great defensive prowess, the attacks were still significantly impeding its True Energy circulation.


Its voice began to grow more feeble as it reverted back to its original diminutive stature. As for its golden tail stick, that shrank into something that resembled a wilted weed.

The Demonic Ape Transformation was actually a beast technique that could only be unleashed after a long period of energy accumulation.

All of the Dark Golden Ape’s excess energy was stored in its tail.

When unleashing its Demonic Ape Transformation, the energy within its tail was released into its body, thereby resulting in the metamorphosis. At the same time, the tail could be used as a weapon.

If it wanted to unleash that beast technique again, it would have to wait until it grew another tail, before accruing sufficient energy again.

The Dark Golden Ape laid sprawled in a corner of the battle cage, completely unable to move. Only its heaving chest indicated that it was still alive.

“That was brilliant!”

“The Nameless Warrior won again!”

“Just how powerful is he?”

The entire Colosseum erupted into a frenzy.

As for the Wang, Sun, and An families, as well as all of the other powers from the Celestial River County that had come to observe Qi Ying, many thoughts were running through their minds.

A fifteen-year-old boy with such exceptional power was unheard of throughout the history of the entire county.

They were all wondering what standpoint they should take when it came to Qi Ying. Should they try to kill him before he became too powerful, support him in his meteoric rise, or just remain neutral… 

However, Qi Ying didn’t care about all that.

There was no need for him to conceal his true power anymore.

The Celestial River County Youth Battle Tournament was imminent, and he had to become stronger!

Just as he was about to leave the battle cage, Qi Ying was struck by a sense of dizziness, and he could feel his chronic condition arising again.

Despite that, he didn’t immediately take any pills as he wanted to confirm something.

Thus, he grabbed onto the Dark Golden Ape with his left hand.

A scorching surge of warmth immediately flowed through his entire body.

He had suddenly received a large burst of power influx!

“It worked!”

Qi Ying could feel that his symptoms had been alleviated slightly, so he immediately withdrew his left hand. Upon doing so, he discovered that the frail Dark Golden Ape had become even more feeble, and the fur on its body had lost a lot of its former luster.

‘What kind of a freak am I?’ 

Qi Ying sat on the horse-drawn carriage back to the Lu mansion, and he sighed internally as he stared at his left hand.

He had finally discovered another one of his left hand’s secrets.

It seemed that whenever his left hand relapsed, he could draw upon the power of warriors or beasts with it in order to replenish his own energy.

Furthermore, it was even more effective than taking pills!

Something similar had occurred back when he had abducted Duan Gucheng. On that occasion, he had absorbed quite a bit of energy, thereby completely destroying Duan Gucheng’s future cultivation potential.

At the time, he hadn’t realized what had happened, but thinking back, he realized that his left hand had quite possibly been the culprit.

That suspicion had been confirmed, following his experiment on the Dark Golden Ape!

It was another amazing discovery, and it would perhaps be quite a useful one in the future!

That night.

All of the major powers in the county were in an uproar.

They had previously been uncertain about Qi Ying’s true power, but they had finally gotten an opportunity to witness that in person.

All of them were shocked.

From that display, it appeared that Qi Ying was no weaker than a Ninth Energy Martial Stage warrior!

Most importantly, he was only fifteen!

There probably weren’t even that many prodigies from the capital city that could match his insane aptitude.

As for those freaks who had reached the Spirit Martial Stage at just fifteen or sixteen years of age, they were at the very tip of the pyramid, and too far above the rest for worthwhile comparisons to be made.

Qi Ying was the number one prodigy in the entire Celestial River County!

At the Wang family estate.

There were several dozen people gathered in their conference hall.

Aside from the higher-ups from the Wang family, there were also representatives from the Sun family present.

Everyone wore grave expressions as they looked and nodded at one another.

“Have you decided?”

“I have. I had my doubts in the past about joining forces with the Duan family, but there is no need for any further deliberation now!”

The leaders and elders from the two families finally came to a unanimous agreement.

“We can’t allow any more powerful forces to establish themselves in the Celestial River County! The Colosseum and Qi Ying must be eradicated as soon as possible!”

At the An family’s territory.

The higher-ups were also holding a meeting.

An Jiahe stroked his beard and mused with narrowed eyes, “Our An family must stay out of this matter! Tell every family member that there is no need to become too close with Qi Ying, but do not make him an enemy either… The Duan, Wang, and Sun families are going to suffer in the near future!”

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