The Deity of War – Chapter 74

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Translator: Johnchen
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Chapter 74: Dark Tier Treasured Tool?


A sinister smile appeared on Xue Yuesha’s face as the crimson blade projection hurtled toward Qi Ying.

The attack was simply too fast for him to evade.

Even if he were to throw himself to the side, he would definitely lose his balance in the process.

In that case, another slash of his saber would get the job done.


A resounding boom erupted.

“What?!” Xue Yuesha’s eyes widened abruptly in disbelief.

Qi Ying had just crushed the blade projection with a single hand!

‘What the hell?’

He was just a kid at the Fourth Energy Martial Stage!

Xue Yuesha didn’t know Qi Ying. As a warrior who constantly hid himself from the public eye, he had actually only arrived in the Celestial River County two days prior. The extent of his knowledge on Qi Ying was that he was a very talented young man, with exceptional melee combat abilities, and was capable of defeating warriors at the Seventh and Eighth Energy Martial Stages.

So how was he able to crush a Spirit Martial Stage warrior’s attack with his bare hand? That was simply incredible!

No one had told him that Qi Ying’s left hand seemed to be capable of blocking any attack.

Thus, Xue Yuesha was completely stunned.

It didn’t make any sense!

Even a warrior at the Ninth Energy Martial Stage wearing a full suit of treasured armor would be unable to block that attack, unless they were wearing something of truly outstanding quality on their hand.


Xue Yuesha’s eyes fell upon Qi Ying’s silver glove.

Could it be…

That glove was some type of extremely valuable treasured tool?

Xue Yuesha was unable to identify what tier the glove was at, but for a Fourth Energy Martial Stage warrior to be able to block his attack using the glove, it was an indication that it was at least a Dark Tier Low Rank treasured tool, or perhaps even a Dark Tier Intermediate-Rank one.

It must have been the case that he was simply unable to bring out the true power of that treasured tool, thereby making it difficult to gauge the item’s tier!

“What an unexpected surprise!”

Xue Yuesha licked his lips.

He was a wanted fugitive, accepting an assassination job. The reason he was taking the risk was because he had spent too many crystals, and was in desperate need for more.

Otherwise, a proud assassin like him would never take on a job to kill a Fourth Energy Martial Stage weakling.

As such, he was naturally quite excited by the prospect of obtaining a Dark Tier treasured tool if he were to complete his mission. That would come in addition to the reward that was to be given to him by his employer. Even if he couldn’t use that Dark Tier treasured tool himself, he would still be able to sell it for a good price in the black market.


Xue Yuesha shot forth in pursuit.

Upon sensing his approach, Qi Ying immediately circulated all of the True Energy within his body without any reservation.

His opponent was insanely powerful, and even the slightest mistake could lead to his downfall!

He was able to match some Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors in battle, but that was only due to a combination of his strength, speed, and his ability to accurately capture opportunities during battle.

But when confronted by an enemy like Xue Yuesha, who was vastly more powerful than him, the aforementioned ability wouldn’t help him in the slightest!


Qi Ying unleashed his Flowing Shadow Strike with all his might, and fled for his life.

He was running directly toward the place where the black-robed guards were situated.

If he were to run in another direction, there was no way he would be able to outspeed his assailant.

As such, he could only rush toward the black-robed guards, as well as Lu Zuo and Lu You, so he could seek help from them!

“Surround him!”

The three black-robed guards and Lu You had all recovered from the shockwaves unleashed by Xue Yuesha’s Battle Spirit Technique, and they rushed into battle again.

Sword projections and saber projections hurtled through the air!

“How annoying!”

A cold light appeared in Xue Yuesha’s eyes.

The more time was wasted, the lower the probability that he would be able to succeed in his mission.

He had to secure his reward and that glove!

All those who stood in his way could go die!


Xue Yuesha flashed through the air, leaving an afterimage in his wake.

In the next instant, he appeared beside one of the black-robed guards.


A head flew into the sky amid the sound of a blade tearing through flesh and bone!


A fountain of blood erupted, and the other black-robed guards roared in unison, “Brother Three!”

The black-robed guards were all top-tier warriors that Master Thirteen had gathered from all over the Celestial River County. They were only guards at the Colosseum, but even if they were to leave Master Thirteen, they would be powerful beings who could easily make a name for themselves.

Throughout the years, they had developed a strong relationship with one another.

During the course of the battle, one of them had been slain, while the other had had his arm chopped off. As such, the remaining two were naturally extremely furious.


One of the black-robed guards let loose a feral roar as red True Energy enveloped his body. He stomped a foot into the ground and rose into the sky with his sword pointing directly at Xue Yuesha.


Lu You immediately tried to stop him.


“What an insolent fool!”

Red light erupted from the Blood Moon behind Xue Yuesha again, and a crescent blade projection fell from the sky.


The black-robed guard’s sword was sliced cleanly in half.

The blade projection continued downward and struck the black-robed guard’s body.

However, after it sliced through his black robes, a suit of red treasured armor was revealed.


The guard was forced to plummet to the ground by the attack, sending puffs of dust and debris flying in all directions, but he sustained no grievous wounds.

“This is bad…”

Qi Ying’s brows were tightly furrowed.

They might not be able to last until Master Thirteen arrived!

Xue Yuesha was far too powerful for the remaining two black-robed guards and Lu You to deal with. They were not going to last very long at all.

He had to think of a way to kill Xue Yuesha!

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to Qi Ying.

Even though he didn’t know whether it would work, he could only take a gamble!

“Everyone, please restrict him to the best of your abilities!”

Qi Ying yelled as he raised his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff.



The black-robed guards and Lu You didn’t know what Qi Ying was plotting, but restricting Xue Yuesha and awaiting the arrival of Master Thirteen did indeed seem to be the only viable course of action.

Otherwise, they were all going to die!

Whoosh whoosh!

The three of them immediately began to attack Xue Yuesha.

They formed a triangular formation, and covered for one another as they engaged Xue Yuesha in guerilla warfare.

Furthermore, Qi Ying also joined in on the battle.


He swung his staff toward Xue Yuesha with tremendous force.

Peerless Staff Strike!

That devastating attack was powerful enough to bash a Ninth Energy Martial Stage warrior to death, and even a Spirit Martial Stage warrior would not want to take it head-on.

Xue Yuesha evaded the attack with ease and chuckled coldly, “You’ve got some power, but you’re as slow as a snail!”


He swung his scimitar at Qi Ying.


Lu You unleashed a fist projection to cut off Xue Yuesha’s attack.

Qi Ying took the opportunity to leap high into the air again!

Peerless Staff Strike!


He missed once again.

At Xue Yuesha’s speed, evading a Peerless Staff Strike was a piece of cake.

‘What a stupid kid! That battle technique expends a large amount of True Energy, and he’s materializing a suit of True Energy armor while using his movement techniques… He won’t be able to last long at all like that!’

Xue Yuesha wore an expression of mockery on his face.

‘The kid is digging a hole for himself!’

Xue Yuesha’s assessment was indeed correct. Every staff strike unleashed by Qi Ying expended a vast amount of True Energy.

After a few attacks, he was gasping for breath and could barely even move anymore.


Xue Yuesha cackled as he circulated his Spiritual Energy to materialize a barrier around him, keeping all of the oncoming attacks at bay. He then slashed his saber toward Qi Ying, who was too exhausted to evade.

At that moment.

“It’s time!”

A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Qi Ying’s face.

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