The Deity of War – Chapter 75

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 75: Evil Technique

In the eyes of Xue Yuesha, Qi Ying was like a panicked rabbit whose defense was filled with holes. He had expended all of his energy by spamming his battle techniques, and it would be a simple task to kill him.


Xue Yuesha stepped forward and threw a feint to bypass the black-robed guards and Lu You. At the same time, he raised his crimson scimitar and brought it down in one violent motion!

Qi Ying suddenly raised his left hand and silver light flashed past!


The scimitar struck his glove, and sparks flew through the air!

‘Insolent little brat!’ 

Xue Yuesha chuckled coldly in his heart as he angled his blade to slide along the glove, cutting down toward Qi Ying’s forearm.

The glove was clearly a powerful treasured tool that could stop his attacks, but the rest of his body was undoubtedly extremely vulnerable!

With that in mind, his scimitar sliced into Qi Ying’s forearm.

However, the events that unfolded next came as a complete shock to Xue Yuesha.


He felt as if his weapon had struck an indestructible piece of dark metal, and it was unable to even cut through Qi Ying’s skin!

“What’s going on?” 

Xue Yuesha was still reeling from shock when a silver gloved hand suddenly clamped down upon his wrist!

All of a sudden, his body was completely immobilized.

He felt like something had closed around his throat, making it difficult for him to even breathe.

Furthermore, the Spiritual Energy within his body rushed toward his wrist like a turbulent flood, before being extracted from his body at an extremely alarming rate.

It was as if someone had stuck a pipe directly into his meridians, and was sucking away all of his energy!

‘What the hell?!’

Xue Yuesha was rooted to the spot like a statue.

Qi Ying stood before him with tightly gritted teeth. The veins on his forehead bulged, and he was pouring with sweat!

Whoosh whoosh!

Enormous bursts of power were flowing into Qi Ying’s body in an unstoppable frenzy.

All of the energy being extracted from Xue Yuesha’s body was traveling into his meridians!

Even though Qi Ying’s meridians were far more powerful than those of the average Fourth Energy Martial Stage warrior, the nature of Spiritual Energy was also completely different from that of True Energy! The bodies of Spirit Martial Stage warriors had all been refined by the vital energy of heaven and earth, thereby allowing them to handle Spiritual Energy. Normal Energy Martial Stage warriors simply wouldn’t be able to absorb such volatile energy.

However, Qi Ying’s left hand was contributing greatly to his efforts!

Over ninety percent of the energy he absorbed was taken by his left hand. As such, the energy didn’t linger for too long in his meridians, and therefore didn’t get the chance to overload the energy circulation system in his body.

At the same time, that mysterious grey light lit up in his blood again.

The turbulent Spiritual Energy was quickly broken down by the grey light, before merging flawlessly into Qi Ying’s body.


An immense amount of energy transformed into True Energy before rushing into his dantian.

Within his dantian, his fourth energy vortex was quickly completely filled!


Qi Ying let loose an involuntary cry of excitement.

In contrast, Xue Yuesha was feeling extremely shocked and horrified. 

‘What the hell is going on? Could it be that this little brat is somehow absorbing my energy? But I’ve only heard of banned evil techniques with similar effects. On top of that, he’s already absorbed so much Spiritual Energy; how has he not self-detonated from overload yet?!’ 


If things continued like that, Xue Yuesha was going to be sucked dry. Thus, he let loose a loud roar and unleashed all of his power to spur his Battle Spirit into action.


Dazzling light erupted from the Blood Moon behind him.

The remaining Spiritual Energy within his body immediately erupted forth like an earth-shattering wave.

Right at that moment, Xue Yuesha suddenly noticed an almost imperceptible shadow flying through the air, traveling directly toward his throat!

He wanted to evade, but he didn’t have any energy left that could support him!


An extremely thin blade passed through Xue Yuesha’s head.


His head then exploded like a watermelon.

Intracranial fluids splattered in all directions while a fountain of blood gushed forth!


The painful swelling sensation in Qi Ying’s body suddenly disappeared, and he exclaimed involuntarily with relief.


A white-robed figure suddenly fell from the sky under the bright moonlight!

Xue Yuesha?!”

Master Thirteen’s brows furrowed at the sight of the headless body.

Someone had hired the most notorious assassin in the surrounding counties!

Even if he were the one that had been attacked, it would have been a very perilous situation for him.

Master Thirteen looked around at everyone and asked, “What happened? And Qi Ying, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Qi Ying replied as he panted heavily.

The remaining three black-robed guards, Lu You, and Lu Feifei all gathered around.

The black-robed guard with a severed forearm wore a grief-stricken expression on his face. “We were suddenly attacked by Xue Yuesha… and Brother Three has passed away!”

“What?!” Master Thirteen glanced at the black-robed corpse on the ground, and a hint of sorrow also appeared in his eyes. He strode over to him and laid a gentle hand on his body.

“Farewell, Black Three.”

The four black-robed guards were all powerful beings that he had subdued over the years in the Celestial River County.

All of them shared a strong relationship.

As such, the death of one of them must have been a heavy blow to the others.

Lu You said in a grim voice, “Xue Yuesha had not appeared for a long time… Who would have thought that we would encounter him today… We were caught completely off guard and were no match for him.”

Master Thirteen mused, “Looking at the entire Celestial River County, there is only one power capable of contacting Xue Yuesha, and are willing to pay the price for him to assassinate us; it must be the Duan family!”

Flames of fury were ignited in everyone’s eyes upon hearing that.

The Duan family was essentially handing out a declaration of war!

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely grave.

Yan Thirteen paused momentarily before continuing, “Let’s go back. Tomorrow is a very important day. We must avenge Black Three, but we must do it in a smart way… Qi Ying, what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Qi Ying hurriedly stood up from beside Xue Yuesha’s body, and he was holding a red ring in his hand as he replied, “I found a spatial ring on Xue Yuesha’s body. There seems to be quite a lot of treasures inside.”

“By the way, how did you guys restrict Xue Yuesha just then?” Master Thirteen turned to Qi Ying.

When he had arrived, he clearly saw that Xue Yuesha was already immobilized, which was why he was able to kill him so easily.

“I’m not sure.”

Qi Ying shrugged and played dumb. He refrained from telling everyone about the newly discovered secret of his left arm.

“Oh… Alright then… Let’s go back! We’ll discuss everything further when we get back.”

Master Thirteen didn’t insist on forcing an answer out of Qi Ying.

He knew that Qi Ying must have been keeping some secrets.

After all, he was raised by such a powerful being… How could he not have some trump cards that would save him in dire situations?

Everyone quickly buried the bodies of Black Three and Xue Yuesha.

The horse-drawn carriage had been destroyed, and the legs of the horses had been broken. Thus, the two relatively unscathed black-robed guards carried the unconscious Lu Zuo, while Lu You carried Lu Feifei, and Master Thirteen carried Qi Ying. They quickly traversed through the forest to the nearby Myriad Spring Brothel for some rest and recuperation.

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