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The Deity of War – Chapter 76 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 76

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 76: Stolen Ability

At the Myriad Spring Brothel.

The place was normally filled with gorgeous women and intoxicated male guests, but all of that had been cleared away.

After Lu Feifei and Master Thirteen had arrived, the Myriad Spring Brothel was immediately closed for business, and the guests were all kicked out.

Within a booth.

Master Thirteen eyes were closed, and he had one hand resting on Qi Ying’s forehead. Moments later, he opened his eyes and smiled. “Very good. You didn’t sustain any injuries, but your cultivation base has further improved. You are now only a hair’s breadth away from the Fifth Energy Martial Stage.”

Master Thirteen then pulled out a green jade vial and said, “There are three Energy Breakthrough Pills in here. They are similar to Energy Blast Pills, but their effect is more volatile, so you can take them and try to reach the Fifth Energy Martial Stage by tomorrow morning!”


Qi Ying nodded and didn’t refuse the jade vial. At the same time, he offered the red ring he had found on Xue Yuesha’s body to Master Thirteen. “Master Thirteen, this…”

However, Master Thirteen waved a nonchalant hand. “You can take all of Xue Yuesha’s belongings. He had already fallen so far that he was willing to accept a job to assassinate you, so he must have been close to broke anyway. In that case, nothing he owned would interest me. Stay up and cultivate tonight. Try to maintain a good condition, and I’ll take you to the academy tomorrow morning!”

Qi Ying didn’t stay in the Myriad Spring Brothel. Instead, he went to the South Lake outside of the building in order to maximize the effects of his cultivation.

Under the moonlight, the South Lake shimmered as fish leaped out from time to time, sending ripples running across the surface of the water.

Qi Ying took a deep breath, and a layer of purple mist gradually appeared around him.

He opened the green jade vial, and poured out three large red pills from within, each of which was about the size of a pigeon egg.

Those were Energy Breakthrough Pills!

They were the upgraded version of the Energy Explosion Pills, and the unstable version of the Energy Blast Pills.

Just one Energy Breakthrough Pill was worth tens of thousands of crystals, and very few people had access to such precious cultivation pills in the entire Celestial River County.

Even the likes of Duan Gucheng were only given pills like those frequently after he had reached the Sixth or Seventh Energy Martial Stage.

However, Qi Ying was going to take them just then, at the Fourth Energy Martial Stage!

He was taking all three at once to try and progress to the Fifth Energy Martial Stage!




All three Energy Breakthrough Pills were swallowed in quick succession.

True Energy enveloped them, and they quickly broke down before transforming into essence that flowed into his meridians.


All of a sudden, the energy within Qi Ying’s body began to surge like a violent flood again.

If a normal Fourth Energy Martial Stage warrior were to take three Energy Breakthrough Pills at once, their meridians would be severely damaged, and there was a good chance that they would even self-detonate and die.

However, after converting the energy he had absorbed from Xue Yuesha, Qi Ying’s meridians were fortified even more, so they could easily handle the power of three Energy Breakthrough Pills!

Within his meridians, energy flowed like relentless rivers.

Even though his left hand absorbed a large portion of that energy, there was still more than enough for him leftover!

Within his dantian, a fifth energy vortex slowly began to appear, but it was not very stable.

Qi Ying rose into the air and began to practice both the internal and external sections of his Purple Energy Cultivation Method, thereby urging his newest energy vortex to stabilize itself as quickly as possible.

Whoosh whoosh! 

Qi Ying’s True Energy began to circulate more freely and quickly within his body.

Finally, in a certain instant, Qi Ying sensed that the circulation of his True Energy reached a brand new state!


An explosive boom erupted as the fifth energy vortex completely took shape in his dantian.

The five energy vortexes rotated relentlessly, improving the quality and quantity of his True Energy as a result.

The Purple Energy Cultivation Method had always had a strong focus on energy accumulation. As such, those who used it generally had more abundant True Energy than other warriors of the same level.

Furthermore, Qi Ying’s meridians had always been quite wide, and his left hand was able to purify True Energy. As such, the quality of his True Energy was comparable to that of normal Seventh Energy Martial Stage warriors.

However, the quantity was still slightly lacking, and his rate of expenditure was also quite high.


Qi Ying practiced the Purple Energy Cultivation Method for about a dozen more cycles to stabilize his cultivation base.

He clenched his fists and tightened his body, upon which a series of cracks and pops erupted from his joints.

“Huh… What’s this thing?”

Qi Ying used his internal inspection skill and focused his attention on a spot above his energy vortexes.

A ball of viscous red substance could be seen there, and it looked a little like blood plasma.

Qi Ying didn’t know when that thing had appeared in his dantian, but he was certain that it had not been present the night prior.

After some careful observation, Qi Ying raised an eyebrow and murmured to himself, “That thing contains Xue Yuesha’s aura!”

Thinking back, he recalled that some sort of scorching substance had flowed into his body following the death of Xue Yuesha, and that substance wasn’t broken down and absorbed by his blood.

Could that be what that was?

“What does it do?” Qi Ying tried to use his True Energy to make contact with the red blood plasma.

In the instant his purple True Energy reached the blood plasma, a small drop of the latter flowed into Qi Ying’s meridians.

His entire body was instantly struck by a scorching sensation.


Qi Ying couldn’t help but spring into the air to use up all of the excess energy that had suddenly appeared.


To his surprise, his strength seemed to have increased significantly, and he reached heights of thirty to forty feet; twice of what he was capable of in the past!


Qi Ying landed on the ground and almost toppled over.

“Flowing Shadow Strike!”

Qi Ying unleashed his battle technique.


He traveled a distance of twenty feet in the blink of an eye.

“So fast!”

Even Qi Ying himself was quite stunned.

Was there supposed to be that much of an enhancement from the Fourth to the Fifth Energy Martial Stage?

At that moment, the scorching sensation suddenly disappeared.

Qi Ying tested his Flowing Shadow Strike and jumping height again, and the results were a little surprising. His physical capabilities had indeed improved compared to when he was at the Fourth Energy Martial Stage, but to a far lesser extent than the increase he had just exhibited.

“I recall that Xue Yuesha was enhanced to a similar extent when using his Blood Moon Battle Spirit. He was able to increase his speed and power drastically for short bursts… Could it be that I stole the ability of his Blood Moon?”

Qi Ying was taken aback by that notion.

Not only could he steal energy, it appeared that he could also steal abilities!

He only had to extract a small portion of that red substance in his dantian and the effect was akin to when Xue Yuesha summoned his Blood Moon Battle Spirit. That meant that he was able to massively enhance his speed and power for a short time, but his rate of energy expenditure also spiked immensely.

That was another trump card!

“As the saying goes, one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great ordeal… Xue Yuesha really has done me a favor here… Let’s see what he has in his spatial ring!”

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